Pirates near deal with Colton Cain

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by cochamps, Jul 24, 2009.

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    sounds like he will never make it to the 40 [​IMG]
    The Link
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    How ironic is it that one of the Pirates main front office guys used to be in the MLB office to enforce slot, and now there are few teams that piss on the slotting system more than the Pirates.
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    This is from Alan Trubow from today;

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    Thanks for posting db. That sounds better than the ESPN blurb.
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    I trust Alan over ESPN

    Here is the link forgot to post it earlier;


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    nice update, thanks for posting.
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    And Cain, a 6-3, 225-pound left-handed from Waxahachie with a scholarship in hand from Texas, was engaged in talks with the Pirates before his family took a brief hiatus for a trout-fishing vacation. Keith Cain, Colton's father, said they expected to reconvene negotiations Aug. 1.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well Cain Good Luck to You it would have been fun to watch you play at the Disch!
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    db - Any word on Belt or the outfielder from Austin McCallum?
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    Between grades and MLB bid-sniping, I think I'll just whine quietly until August 17th.
  14. cochamps

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    eff MLB and the pirates....
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    They just said on Baseball Tonight that he got $1.125 MM, which I'm pretty sure was more than several of the low first round picks. So, I guess it's hard to blame him for taking the bonus.

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