Playcalling vs. Performance

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Menjou, Aug 4, 2007.

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    El Guapo,

    Mississippi State matters if you take into consideratino Texas bowl history for the twenty years before. Bottom line is that since that Cotton Bowl loss to Georgia Texas had sucked in bowls games versus ranked opponents. If someone at the start of Mack's first year had said that Texas would win at Nebraska, beat A&M, and then beat a ranked team in a bowl most Horn fans would have been delighted. Guess you are from the crowd that Texas should win because it is Texas which is the very damn logic that drove the program into mediocrity for over twenty years.

    Nebraska in Austin in 1999 was a big game because the Horns were and underdog and I believe the Huskers were in the top 10 at the time. Hell, Texas wasn't even close to the Huskers talent in that game and somehow won. Guess it was all Major and exactly how does losing the in the Big 12 Title game diminish beating a Top 10 durng the season? Hell, at that point and time in the program competing Top 10 schools wasn't a given.

    CU during the regular season was supposed to be a close game and it was an asskicking. Funny thing is Texas was kicking CU's *** worse in that title game until Davis asked Simms to throw a simple crossing route to Scaife. Chris makes an accurate throw and Bo is up the seam for a big gainer and possible score. Instead, Greg Davis must have told Simms to throw the ball behind Bo and instead to the CU linebacker as well as told Chris to make those other terrible throws and Ced to ram Mike Williams with his head down.

    Guess Guapo you are one of the Horn fans that just knew Chris was going to get better under a real coach like Gruden. Funny how Chris makes the same dumb *** throws from time to time like he did in college. Must be the Greg Davis auroa.

    KSU in 2002 was big from the stand point Texas has lost once again to OU and the win in Mahattan wasn't a given. Especially when you consider the first time Mack went to Manhattan and the Horns got their assed kicked and last years result I would say anyone for Texas there is important.

    What I love the most about these threads is everyone talk about all the wasted talent Texas has had other the past nine years, but I were was that talent in 1999. That team had a receiver corp of Caivil, Nunez, Thompson, and Flowers. There is a group of world beaters. Tightend was Mike Jones who was a blazer and the runningback was Hodges Mitchell. Definitely a list of all time Horn greats.

    No denying the talent has improved and there is no doubt Davis and Mack prefer conservative over risky. How much of that is Mack and how much Davis? How much of it is Mack insisting on Texas running the ball and how much would Davis prefer to turn Colt loose and throw forty times a game?

    I don't know those answers and I don't care because no one on this board or any other truly can do a damn thing about it and the bitching gets tiresome.
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    Then if the wheel did not sqeak if would never get greased.
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    If Mack ran his program based upon the opines of the internet posters Greg Davis would have been gone long among others changes.

    This might be a useful forum to allow one to vent, but let's not take ourselves too seriously.
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    Get rid of Mack if he doesn't get rid of Davis? I don't need to respond to anything else you said because you are obviously not well or forgotten just how far this program had fallen.

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