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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Dr. D, Apr 12, 2017.

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    If I'm Jordan Holmes and I saw tape of the McDonald's All-American Game, I'm going to be in the gym the next six months shooting 500 threes a day. There's going to be quite a lot of talent and ego competing for minutes---at every position. Hope they can keep everybody happy. The current transfer mania is a cautionary note. Also I would love for the staff to tinker with going "small" by putting Booth and Holmes on the floor with three guards on the floor.
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    My suggestion for this off season is for EVERYONE to join Brooke and RUN, RUN, RUN !!!
    It's for EVERYONE to be ready to play 50 minutes per game.
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    I know it was an innocent mistake, but let's try to get our players' names right -- "Jordan Hosey" and "Joyner Holmes"; there is no "Jordan Holmes" . . . :smile1:
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    OK, If I'm Joyner Holmes and I saw a tape of the McDonald's All American Game, I would be in the gym for the next six months shooting 500 threes a day.
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    It would be nice to see Joyner hit some threes but I'd rather her work on that jump shot from the free throw line and the elbow.
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    Joyner doesn't have to worry about playing time if she stays focused.
    Besides her shooting, I would like for her to focus on shot selection as well and staying attentive on defense.
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    Joyner's midrange game was better in high school. It almost seemed to be as if she were having some trouble adjusting to the upper body strength acquired on the 40 acres. I whole-heartedly feel she'll be fine if she keeps working hard.
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    We as fans probably have different ideas of how we think an individual Longhorn hoopster should develop while in college versus how they perform on the court in actual games.

    What I mean by this is that I wanted Joyner Holmes to play more down low and shoot nothing by layups and putbacks as that would have helped the team get through some scoring droughts and perhaps win a few more games. Selfishly, I didn't want her to be shooting mid-range jumpers as those just aren't high percentage shots for her; while she'd hit a few now and then, the opponent was happy giving her those shots versus trying to get closer to the basket before shooting.

    But, what I want doesn't help Joyner develop as a player and prepare her for a professional career. I can only assume that based on what types of shots she makes consistently in practice, those are the shots the coaches are fine with Joyner taking in actual games. It could be that what she is doing in practice just isn't yet translating to actual games as her consistency isn't there. Perhaps next season we see her having more success with her mid-range shooting.

    As for her 3-pointing shooting, I think she made one this past season (last second shot against NC State). She attempted one early against Stanford (ill-advised, IMO), and maybe a couple more during the early part of the season. I could be wrong on those numbers. To "develop" and make herself a more draftable player for the pro leagues, this is an area where she has work to do if she wants to be a stretch-four power forward (like Tina Thompson). But, there's also the chance that she just doesn't become that type of player. Could be that at some point she has to accept that she is more of a traditional power forward and strive to establish position down low.

    I realize our roster listed Joyner as a G/F, and she does have some good handles for a player her size. But, just because a player is listed as a guard (like Brianna, I think), that doesn't guarantee they are a good mid-range shooter.

    There have been comparisons made between Joyner and Nneka Enemkpali, but I think that is based on strength and athleticism for a power forward. They are players with completely different skill sets, yet played the same position under Coach A. Don't recall Nneka ever stepping out to attempt mid-range jumpers. I still believe that if Joyner played down low as much as Nneka did in her career, she'd probably average 4-6 points more per game than she did this past season. But again, that is my selfish preference so we could get easy buckets when needed.
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    The reason I would love to see her improve her midrange jumper is the sagging defense you mentioned. If she could consistently hit from the free throw line area, her defender couldn't afford to sag and would allow the post player more one on one opportunities - great recipe for a very effective high-low game.
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    I think the fact that Texas wasn't a very good perimeter jump shooting team sometimes prevented Joyner from having the space and room to post up on the low block. But there's no question that she needs to improve on her low post back to the basket game. These are the things that Joyner needs to work on and improve in to be the great player that she has the potential to be.

    . Conditioning
    . Her back to the basket low post game
    . Putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim more and not always settling on the jump shot
    . Her 12 to 15 foot jump shot catching and shooting and off the dribble
    . Being more active on offense and defense/rebounding
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