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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Dr. D, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Joyner looks like she's lost a little weight!
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    I agree. In every tape or pic of Joyner I've seen lately, she looks like she has lost weight.
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    This is the first time I ever recall seeing weights published for college women. Joyner at a trim 195 - no wonder she is an athletic force around the basket. Sug at a svelte 140 says a lot about her improvement from last year.
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    Not sure how reliable those numbers are - not because of the weight but the height. Joyner is listed at 6-3 (legit) but it has Sug at 6-0. Just looking at the picture at the top of this page shows there's more than a 3 inch height difference.
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    Not if you count the 'do!

    It's refreshing to be able to even discuss the accuracy of weight reports.
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    That was the first thing I noticed...Sug had grown 3"!!
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    Now that we know Joyner won't be available until late December at the earliest, I have to believe the front court starters will look like this:

    Center -- Jatarie White or Caron-Goudreau (I meant Audrey-Ann)
    PF -- Rellah Boothe
    SF -- Ariel Atkins

    With Atkins sliding over from shooting guard to small forward, I think that allows us to play more of our guards, and that is the strength of this team (assuming the 2 freshmen adjust well to the college game).

    SG - Brooke McCarty
    PG - Alecia Sutton (although I expect Chasity Patterson to seriously contend for the starter spot)

    I think our success in non-conference games in November and December will be based on how much the freshmen can contribute; we need their scoring ability for sure; and, we need Rellah Boothe to help in the rebounding department. If Rellah and Destiny can improve their conditioning in the next five months, then that will allow them to see more minutes on the court.

    Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I expect us to take (and make) more 3-pointers than any squad we've had in recent memory. If we do, a lot less ZONE defenses against us!
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    Shoot (pun intended), with Brooke, Ariel, and Sug already able to shoot the 3's with open looks, adding Chasity, Destiny and Rellah will be hard to stop. Hope the coaches are working hard on an offense that spreads the court because it should be potent!
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    Agree, except it will be Audrey, not Khale helping at Center. Khale has to get past the injury bug that has been nagging her.
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    Thanks; wrong twin name :)
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    Moooooo, I think your analysis about starters, etc. is probably right on. I don't know about Rellah, but I imagine Destiny's conditioning is excellent, what with her summer of 3X3 under Kara Lawson. She just seems like someone who would have a great work ethic to me.
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    I think Jatarie White is a shoe in at the 5. I agree with the rest of the lineup, but think Audrey Anne will also play the 4 alot. Rellah is so skilled and this will give her the opportunity to grow quickly. Patterson will play alot and will bring instant offense, but Alecia "Sug" Sutton is going to start at the PG position IMO hands down. Sug Sutton is a VERY VERY SPECIAL player and will show it this year. I think Patterson gets alot of playing time at the 1 and 2. We FINALLY have SHOOTERS at every position. Destiny Littleton can "light it up". Me thinks it will be raining 3s. This is going to be fun......

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