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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NJlonghorn, Feb 20, 2019.

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    I think a round-robin is by far the superior way to go with conference schedules, but I do miss having 4 games ooc (especially since with a round-robin your schedule varies less from year to year). If only we could just have 9-team conferences across the board. Like that will ever happen.
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    LSU Game Time & TV is set --
    When - 6:30 PM CT
    Who - ABC
    Where - DKR
    Key Factor Going In - Beverage of Choice
    Highly Compensated Expert Commentary - Might be a good idea to keep Bevo and the other mascot on opposite sidelines this time


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    Here are ABC's first 3 Saturday Night games

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    This got me thinking, because in my head, it was like "Mack hated OOS recruits, and we didn't get anyone from those places."

    So I did some math. In 16 seasons, he signed 33 OOS recruits... some of which were transfers for scholarships. But before that would-be 17th season, he actually had SEVEN in the works when Charlie took over, including Poona, Andrew Beck, Chris Nelson, etc. That's like 18 percent of his OOS recruits in one class and he didn't even get to coach them. He was finally catching on to what everyone was telling him to do, but Charlie rubbed the TX HS coaches the wrong way in continuing what Mack was starting.

    I think the Internet has changed the hows and whys of recruiting for sure. Coaches now understand that there's more to recruiting than VHS tapes. And I think that TX HS coaches are more on board with these changes than they used to be, especially when Charlie would go after 6 Florida players in 2014 and piss off every AD from Dalhart to Port Isabel. Herman is honest about the process and if that means scheduling out geographically desirable recruiting grounds, I'm all for it.

    As for the contributions of Mack's OOS recruits, I'd say Simms, Studdard, Sendlein, and Lamarr Houston come to mind as top notch. But we didn't get jack **** from Florida until Charlie got here. Mack's guys were all Colorado (Scaife, Studdard) and Louisiana (Geiggar, Pittman) with some AZ sprinkled in the form of the Sendleins.
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    I have never considered Studdard and Sendlein "out of state recruits" since both David & Robin were major contributors in their years on the Forty Acres.
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    Only two fro La? That private Christian school in New Orleans only produced two? hunh
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    Pittman and Pittman and Stevie Lee and Geiggar all come to mind, so it was at least 4
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    Yeah I was just giving examples. I don't really want to pull up the rosters again, but here's what I remember:
    NJ - Simms
    AZ - Sendleins (honorary Texans)
    TN - Eric Hall
    CO - Scaife, A. Satchell, T. Holloway, Lamarr Houston, Studdard (honorary Texan)
    OK - Pickryl, both Doirons, Josh Turner, DeMarco Cobbs
    LA - Geiggar, Stevie Lee, Shiro Davis, the Pittmans, one of the kickers and one of the punters
    CA - G. Swaim, Kaelen Jakes (who I think lived in Texas most of his life before going to California), Nate Boyer (sort of because he eventually got the schollie), Whiteley (via Canada)
    NM - Aaron Lewis
    OH - Jordan Hicks

    From that last group that Strong got credit for, it included Jermaine Roberts (LA), Beck (FL), Alex Anderson (LA), Poona (SC), and Nellie Rub (FL)
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    "Maybe the Mack Brown years rubbed off on me"

    By this, I mean always be thinking of recruiting in everything you do, and put a major emphasis on recruiting. I know MB was mostly an in-state recruiter and didn't get a high % of out-of-state recruits.
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    The Pittmans, Geiggar and Lee are from Evangel in Shreveport...Shiro went to Woodlawn in Shreveport (Bradshaw and Joe Fergusons old school).....John Curtis is the New Orleans school.
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    thanks man. right...Shreveport :hookem:

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