Podcast interview with Megan Bartlett

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    A great interview:
    Taryn Papa Talks The Voice and Megan Bartlett Talks Texas Softball 2021 - Fastpitch Softball News, College Softball, Club Softball
    Her portion starts at the 33:30 portion of the playback.

    Confirmed that Bartlett and Singleton split defensive duties where she takes outfield and he takes infield. Mmmmm.

    She states that they have 25 players, but one is out with an injury and so they'll be going with 24 players when the season starts. Which player was in a boot in the pictures?

    I was reminded that she got a law degree AND passed the bar. Lite discussion on how that's used in softball.

    She's an Indiana girl and it's obvious she's loving soaking up the sun in Austin.
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    It's Cassie Roche who is in the boot
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    A very dynamic lady and a very powerful interview! Texas is in good hands!

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