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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by NJlonghorn, Dec 3, 2013.

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    I could do without the name calling. However, it has been going on in both directions since the board's inception.
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    really? You have a problem with me calling BO a POS?
    If you take into account nothing but his LIES
    His lies over and over, lies in all aspects of his public statements from areas that may not seem important ( example his most recent lie about ' uncle Omar) to his lies regarding national security to his lies about obamacare
    and there are many many more proven lies
    BO is a horrid person to be our POTUS
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    I do not agree with this in any way regarding BO
    " Like it or not, he is your president, and he has earned the right to be treated with respect, if only superficially."

    NO he has not earned one iota of respect. The Office og POTUS sill has respect but the man currently holding that office has done nothing to earn respect.
    I disagreed with most of Clinton's policies but he did have my respect as the officeholder.
    some of the reasons I don't respect BO are petty, His acts of pettiness and my reaction to them but some are the sad way he mocks what he should hold proudly

    This POS from even before he took office did nothing but insult and try to denigrate those who disagree with him, saying if we ( who differ ) bring a knife he and his supporters should bring a gun
    saying we who differ are '"enemies" etc . etc
    Is that the kind of behavior toward people who might disagree with you you think 'earns" respect?

    Add to that his incessant lying including lies that his own past words expose as lies

    some of the reason are his ineptness
    and acting like he doesn't know what is going on( Fast and Furious, Benghazie ( do you respect a POTUS who went to bed not knowing the fate of his own ambassador?) the IRS scandals ,and now obamacare until as he expects us to believe he " hears " about it from the media.

    Do you respect BO even as you watch him show no regard for our constitution?

    It is because I hold the office of POTUS in such regard it is hard to watch what this man is doing in the name of the office
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    The points you make present viable reasons to criticize not only Obama's policies but also him personally. While I think you overstate some of the points, I am inclined to agree with you by and large.

    That said, I don't understand why you feel the need to dilute your message by using juvenile, vulgar names. Doing so undermines your credibility and makes moderates like me hope they can find a way to justify disagreeing with you.
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    this "Doing so undermines your credibility and makes moderates like me hope they can find a way to justify disagreeing with you. " perplexes me.

    You hope you can find a way to disagree with my views and if you can would that mean you weren't moderate anymore but aligned with the leftist side?
    I" would hope " you look at the facts and make up your mind based on those rather than on whether you like or don't like how I refer to the man.

    Hoe does what I call him alter the facts?
    Either he has lied or he has not
    Either he has repeatedly insulted Americans who disagredd with him and his policies or he has not
    Either he has repeatedly denied any knowledge of incidents prior to learning of them from the media or he has not.

    I like that you are moderate and seem open minded. It is interesting to me that what I call that man would spur you to find a way " justify disagreeing" with me in spite of facts.
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    ^^^ That isn't what he is saying. Look at it from the opposite perspective. What if by sheer luck, Roger35 made a good point? Most would ignore it simply because of the messenger.
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    6721 -- Assume someone comes to you with a sales pitch. Five facts you know for sure in the presentation are correct. Seven you identify as unmitigated puffery and three you don't know for sure. You feel better about that salesman than one is less enthusiastic, but listens to you and gives you factural information you trust?

    When I read 'POS," "Liar" and "Worst President Ever" I suspect it comes from someone who hasn't done meaningful analysis nor is scrupulously fair in his presentation.

    Just for an exercise in fairness, look over Romney's repeated promises that he would win the election and what he would accomplish when he did. He didn't win (was he lying ... or just stating an opninion) If Romeny were telling the truth with all his campaign promises, we just rejected a Presidential candidate who would probably have been the best American leader since Lincoln, maybe ever. I don't detest Romney or see him as a liar. Any presidential candidacy based on absolute honesty would be doomed, Democrat or Republican.
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    Are the cameras on?

    "I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration even calling him disparaging names somehow your views are not relevant. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate disagree and disparage with the same caliber of names we have been called by this administration.
    No matter whom is in office or their political affiliation, every American has the right to debate, protest, and make their voices heard in any manner that is not illegal when they do not agree with an administrations policies.

    I do not and will not call fellow posters disparaging names but I will the man willfully tearing down our country

    If my use of POS and BO makes anyone reading the post discredit the facts it says more about the reader than me.
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    ^^ Well said. [​IMG]
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    TP'ers who're ashamed to admit they belong to an extremist wing, bent on destroying a Presidency and in the process, the country.

    A group of angry, frustrated, paranoid internet posters, deluding themselves into believing that THEY are the majority, and therefore 'possess' the clout (read bulk, en-masse barrage of posts) to de-legitimize the REAL majority and the President.

    A fringe group who are so extreme, that even THEIR official mouthpiece removes the capability to post unhinged messages on their MB.

    The amount of vitriol and hypocrisy flowing from these posters is astounding. Yet, it has not reached 'critical mass'. A mass at which the 'coup de grace' is delivered to ONCE AGAIN prove the utter fallacy of their 'arguments'. Until such time, let the games continue....[​IMG]

    As a forewarning, this 'piece of work' post will recieve additional attention:

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    Please, so you think anyone on a chatroom will read someone else's posts and say, well gee I wanted to be against BO but that poster called him a POS ?

    wouldn't you want someone to do some research on their own?

    Calling BO a Liar is 6th grade? Where does that put haiilary, al Gore, harry reid, dick durbin Debbie wasserman shultz pete stark?
    and of course GOP as well
    They are did it in front of a mic
    I did it here in a chat room

    If my use of POS and liar are all that are keeping " moderates" from seeing the truth about BO I really really feel sad for them

    here is an example to support my opinion
    BO remembers Dec 07.1941 with a pic of him
    Bo remembers Nelson Mandela with a pic of BO

    The POS is narcissistic and a liar
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    What's also frustrating in these threads is the following paradigm that liberals view the world:

    W was a moron and a liar, but Obama is brilliant, but was just uninformed about a few key things.

    As the proverb now made famous by Ray Lewis says, "only a fool trips on what's behind him," I'm focused on the here, now, and the future. But liberals LOVE to bring up how moronic and how devious a liar W was to deflect criticism, even when it's constructive, of Obama. And the moronic liar thing doesn't even make sense. Obama, on the other hand, any critical analysis of his (mis)statements and your labeled an educationally challenged hater. He's so brilliant, we should be thanking our stars to have such an "intellectual" in the White House. And in spite of a mountain of evidence produced by the like of NBC, NY Times, and CNN...he never lied about anything.

    For the few who see this as just how the game is played, the defense of Obama's...mis-statements is, "every politician lies. That's been happening forever," my response is #1 - that's bull, and #2 if every politician lies is one's cover for Obama, then this country was robbed by Obama and his supporters of an opportunity to move forward.
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    leaving aside the posts in here I am really amazed and maybe a touch skeptical that moderates in say NJ would be more turned off by hyperbole coming from conservatives than by actions, lies/ misstatements,. abuse of power and even the insults towards conservatives by the Pres.

    so you think a Sean Hannity saying the pres lied about being able to keep your doctor bothers ' moderates' more than the reality that you can't keep your doc, your insurance, that you won't save $2500?

    Why do you think these ' moderates" are only bothered by ' hyperbole' by known conservatives and are not bothered by the filth coming from many left talking heads and even from Dem Pol leaders including the Pres?

    So a conservative says the pres LIED when he said we could keep our policies. docs. And it has turned out to be true
    Are the ' moderates" more upset by the use of the word lie than they are by the reality?

    if that is true perhaps they really weren't all that moderate after all.
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    I didn't go to Columbia. It's a great school, although I think Alexander Hamilton would be rolling around in his grave given the philosophies of the University now.

    I went to Yale, and I became more conservative in my time there. The majority of my classmates came from established families and the best private schools in New England. They all had that attitude I described above, knowing what's best for people because they were so much more informed and educated. If the rest of the country were a white-washed Kennedy version of Red Sox Nation, or a contrived GAP Commercial United Nations, sure. But I was one of only 5 or 6 in my class that ever shopped at a Walmart.

    I didn't mean that Texas is friendlier because it's red. That's just based off numerous polls from travel and lifestyle pubs. Although, I think there's a good correlation between the two.

    The point is, people are just different. And that's okay. New York City and Berkley should be liberal. I for sure don't think the average Manhattanite should own a gun. They should do whatever the hell they want to do. As a Texan, I don't even mind having to subsidize some of these states. But there's no reciprocal feeling of letting Texas just be Texas...they want us to be California.
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    Man - I bet you have a great story, texas_ex2000. At least you didn't go to school with those snobby Harvard pricks amiright? [​IMG]

    And - I agree and will add to your point. A lot of folks tend to compartmentalize everyone when the reality is not true. People are complex and, in general, rational caring beings. It's important to know that and not see every issue (or person) as the black and white caricature we want them to be (except for Harvard pricks).
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    Roger are you for realz? seriously yo

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