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  1. LagoHorn

    LagoHorn 250+ Posts

    I went to Polvo's (South 1st) for the first time last night and thought the food was really really good. I read some reviews today where many people have complained about the service/drunk owner ruining the experience. Anyone had any bad experiences there?
  2. swTXSU

    swTXSU 100+ Posts

    No bad experiences, except for eating too many peppers and carrots from the salsa bar.

    I usually don't frequent the place for dinner, just lunch.
  3. Benson32

    Benson32 1,000+ Posts

    polvos is one of the best tex-mex places in austin, i dont care what anyone says.
  4. LagoHorn

    LagoHorn 250+ Posts

    The reviews are pretty much 5 star or 1 star [​IMG]

    The Link
  5. DeadHeadHorn

    DeadHeadHorn 500+ Posts

    Great food, great margaritas. Some of the best salsa in the world.
    My beef is only with their gratuity policy, which is added to any party of 4 or more
    . A four-top? Are you kidding me? Then the waiter fails to tell you that they've got this abnormal policy, in the hopes of ringing up a 40% tip.

    That pissed me right off.

    But yeah, the food kicks ***.
  6. KaiserSoze

    KaiserSoze 250+ Posts

    I've been there quite a few times for lunch and dinner... have always had a good experience.
  7. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn 1,000+ Posts

    food is good. Sorry to hear about the gratuity thing.
  8. Mr.Wizard

    Mr.Wizard 1,000+ Posts

    I like the place and go during the slow hours, when that place is packed, service dives.
  9. Traffic

    Traffic 500+ Posts

    I want to hear more about the drunk owner.

    We've been twice, max. The food didn't blow us away, so we haven't been back in years. Maybe we'll give it another shot.

    Any favorite dishes?
  10. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn 1,000+ Posts

    Pappas monterrey. Potatoes pan fried with pickled veg and salsa.
  11. austintexas

    austintexas Guest

    best carne guisada in town. hands down. i get the cheese enchiladas with carne guisada sauce. wow.
  12. capnamerca

    capnamerca 500+ Posts

    the cerveza fajiltas are dominate (sic) (and for HF, they don't even serve a chicken variety, beef only). I love the fish plates, I forget the name - comes with a topping.

    And I second the carne guisada sauce on enchiladas. I also adore their con carne/queso sauces.
  13. johnny chimpo

    johnny chimpo 500+ Posts

    My favorite mexican food in Austin. I think the best deal is 2 pastor tacos w/rice for 5$. All their enchiladas are good, same with the queso and ceviche.

    Watch the gratutiy thing though, my wife and I have noticed they will add it on when it's only the two of us on a few occassions. Sneaky ********!
  14. Skipper

    Skipper 100+ Posts

    My question is, with all the good Mexican food places in Austin, why would any place intentionally piss people off by jacking with the gratuity?
  15. rtchorn

    rtchorn 250+ Posts

    I have consumed many pitchers of margaritas at Polvo's. Their food is decent, but there are a **** ton of better places in that area of Austin.
  16. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

  17. Benson32

    Benson32 1,000+ Posts

    welp, i dont know the difference. i like maudies as well.
  18. tropheus

    tropheus 1,000+ Posts

    best CCQ I've had in town -- of course, you have to add all the stuff they give you on the side -- tomoates, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, ground beef, guac and I'm sure some other items.
  19. swTXSU

    swTXSU 100+ Posts

    DeadHead - thanks for the tip on the gratuity. I've been there a couple of times and thought the bill wasn't right, could have been that.

    We were ready for them today though, they probably cheated themselves out of a couple extra bucks. Everybody in my party usually throws down 2-3 bucks as a tip depending on service level.

    Beef Chile Relleno kicked *** and I love the marinated pepper carrots.

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