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    Having a great game for Seattle so far tonight.
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  2. stanhin

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    Incredible defensive TD by SF. They were in the process of sacking Wilson when they pulled the ball out of his hands; it was caught by an offensive lineman; and then SF punched the ball out of his grasp, picked it up off the ground, and ran it in for TD.
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    SF got out to a 10-0 lead, then fell behind by 11, and now has come back to tie the game with six minutes left. Good game. Goodwin was targeted three times in the first few minutes of the game, but no catches (he probably should have caught one of the three), Since then, no targets, and he's only been on the field for a handful of plays, even though SF's top receiver, Sanders, was knocked out of the game fairly early. Not looking good for Marquise.
  4. stanhin

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    Seattle kicks field goal to take 3 point lead; kicking off to SF with 1:45 left in game.

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    Looks like Diggs is doing fine on his new team. Nice pic to set up 2nd half TD.
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    SF made good last minute drive to set up for 47 yard field goal try by substitute rookie kicker as time expires. Good!!! Tie game with one second left. That substitute rookie was just brought in recently because SF's regular kicker is injured, and he is perfect tonight so far--three field goals. Heading to overtime. Seattle gets the ball first. No score. SF gets ball back. The rookie gets another chance at a field goal in overtime. About a 47 yard field goal try to win the game. He finally choked and just punched it way left. Seattle gets ball back with 3 minutes left in overtime. SF holds again and gets ball back with about 1:45 in overtime. 3 and out. Seattle will get the ball back yet again at its own 35 or so with a minute and 25 seconds left.
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    Great game, looked like playoff intensity.
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    Actually, it looks like the offensive lineman took it away from Wilson.

    Anyway, Wilson got the last laugh.
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    He might not be as physically talented as Casey Hampton, but he's got that frame and motor. Never seems to slow down or give up on any play.
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    Aggies laughed at him as B12 Def POY
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    The kiss of greatness!
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