Poooooor Aggy

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TexasGolf, Jan 7, 2011.

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    big 12 goes 3 & 5

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    At least they're losing with class. Oh wait, nevermind.
  4. Mesohorny

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    they're back

    poor aggy
  5. Chance74

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    At least they played in a bowl game this year.....
  6. BurntOrangeGuy

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    .....at least they won halftime!
  7. vculou

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    Yeah the aggy rose to the top tonight .. a real bunch of floaters in The Jerrah bowl...

  8. tholly

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    3-5 ain't bad for the B12 this yr. Really a down yr where no one deserved top 10. Baylor and nebbish embarrassed and aggie outmanned by a very good team on their game. Kst lost a tough one and Mizzu lost one they shouldn't have. But overall 4-4 was about all you could've hoped for or expected. I believe this makes sec 4-4. Not sure which conference has the best record, though it really isn't a true indicator of much anyway. Pretty sure B10 went from best to worst records in bowls in 1 yr...
  9. 4th_floor

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    Keep Mike Sherman! Coach for life!
  10. 84 Horn

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    almost a top 20 finish in their "banner" year......keep Mike!
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    In reply to:

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    I would like to see a comparison of the aggy hotties as opposed to the LSU hotties. Wonder who won that!!!
  15. Bevo5

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    Nobody should be talking **** about the aggies performance in the bowl.

    They went to one.

    I hate the aggies as much as any of you but we have no business talking **** until we win a couple games.
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    Generally, I hate it when people on this board call people out for acting like aggy.
    This post, however, is decidedly, undebateably aggy.
  18. L4UT

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    while i agree with this thread being aggyish - it is so appropriate - all the aggys talking about their banner year, national championships that are on the way , etc - i just sat back an smiled - then last nite the true aggy tradition came through in a big time way - remember aggy you beat texas, ou, nebraska, and tech all in the same year probably for the first time ever - and what did it get you - not even a spot in the top 20 - how long til that happens again - while aggy loves to throw stones at texas and deservingly so this year, at least we have a past that has tradition of winning on a national stage - the aggy defense made the lsu offense look like boise st -that might be the most points lsu scorerd all year - their offense hasn't been good this year at all
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    We like Mike!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    This thread is so aggy it just whooped.
  21. FWHORN

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    Thread is very aggy, they went to a bowl, we didnt.
  22. geezerhorn

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    We have no room to bad mouth aggy performance after our own Poop-fest this year.

    That being said it is not incorrect to point out that inevitably aggy will throw his chest out the minute he has any success, especially if he can beat the Horns, and immediately lay claim to an impending streak of national if not world domination.......

    Soon to be followed by an embarrassing loss in front of the world.

    Reality is not aggy's friend.
  23. 1sahorn

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    check out texags (sorry, hyper-link not functioning)post Cotton Bowl, some of the funniest stuff i've ever seen. go to forum football threads and take your pick. funny seeing them whine about cheap shots after their "Cart McCoy" crap and national t.v. showing testicular extraction of nebbie player in pile-up. props to them for a decent year, wet toilet paper to them for their hypocritic myopia re: cheap shots/dirty play.
  24. mop

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    someone should bust out with their bowl record over the past 20 years or something. wait...i will do it

    they are 3-12 in 15 bowl games going back to 1990.
  25. AustinTejasFan

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    "Nobody should be talking **** about the aggies performance in the bowl. "

    You're right. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a bowl game so much.
  26. HousHorn09

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    lot of anger in you houshorn.
  28. Clean

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    Anybody who visited TexAgs before/after last year's MNC game or before/after our CWS finals against LSU has absolutely no sympathyfor aggy. I wish they'd have lost by much more than they did. F 'em.
  29. huisache

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    Texags is not representative of their fan base and you could pick some egregious aholes on this board as well.

    They had a lot better year than expected; we did not.

    They were doing pretty good until their middle linebacker went down and then LesMiles, the perfect coach for a place like Louisiana, went to work on their weak spot. KInd of like Paterno did to us in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back or like Notre Damn did to us in the Cotton Bowl when our all American middle linebacker got injured.

    The ags played ok last night considering LSU had better personnel.

    My hat is off to Sherman. Considering the recruiting results they have had the last few years, they had a very good season. Now recruiting should pick up some.
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