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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by coolhorn, May 19, 2012.

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    I'm not sure if I believe this or not, but West Virginia's Scout site is reporting that both Clemson AND FSU have agreements in principle to leave the ACC and join the Big XII:
    The Link

    I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere else yet, and I haven't seen any comments from the Big XII office, but IF this is true, it's huge news for the Big XII.
  2. Hu_Fan

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    Interesting and intriguing. However, I have this nasty habit of analyzing anything I read online.. call it my Bias Meter.

    On this one...
    - it's only a poster on a forum, but the tone of writing's 'as if' much more ('I know stuff, I'm hearing stuff')
    - as a WVU fan barely wet behind the ears in the conference, is pulling out the "we" word (we, the Big 12)
    - it has all the Realignment Paradigm wordsmithing, to include
    a) big numbers for revenue projection with the new alignment
    b) matter-of-fact minimum numbers on the buy-out

    Someone needs to construct a set of Templates for Realignment Posts.

    Overall these posters need to link to a report unless they are a paid professional doing the reporting and their livelihood is on the line. Or write completely in an IMHO mode. Everything I write is opinion and/or reflections of radio, tv or other, and I can give a link or name the station. I have never said I heard ****. I'm not The Dude.

    One last thing.. I don't like declarations (sans IMHO) in advance of solid announced truths of things by those with the power to make decisions and announce them. It's just creepy and boisterous. It's a form of gossip that you'd say, in modern vernacular, is one-to-many. This isn't whisper down the lane, this is yelling at everybody in town, and it's the bane (to say the least) of social media.

    Idiot say as idiot do.

    So, yeah, speculate, predict, say "Seems to me," "from what I can tell," and all that, but do not ever proclaim and say "I heard." My beef with it is that it's little more than "Hey I know something you don't know. Wanna hear? And you heard it here first."

    Listen, if I as a private citizen knew someone in the right places and knew some real information that has not been made public... I would never tell it. Never. And anyone who does is not in touch with their soul. Silence is one of the highest marks of a true master of life.

    I also read into posts the style and manners of the writing, and this one is -- pardon my French -- a lot like a TexAgs post. I've read hundreds like it on that board. And from my years on this board, Hornfans posters write with a unique style apart from nearly all other fan boards. And it's mature, maybe the most mature in the landscape of fan boards. I get used to it and then cringe when I read this other... stuff.

    The whole of the matter on a board is to write with the tone of an opinion at all times, make it obvious no matter what you are saying that it really isn't something you'd put a gun to your head over -- make it obvious that's all it is, and don't pretend it's more -- boldly and idiotically and madly write your commentaries (as I tend to do) and for anything substantive give your sources. Because if you are not a decision maker or a paid journalist/media, you can't declare a _ _ _ -- unless you're The Dude. [​IMG]

    IMOH [​IMG]

    ps. Okay so I went a little overboard, or over the top. But... some things I'd been wanting to say. In general.
  3. Burnt Orangeman

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    If the network suits say fine big twelve but no additional money it's a dead duck (for now).
  4. OrangeChipper

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    "Silence is one of the highest marks of a true master of life. "

    Well said, Hu Fan. Very nice diatribe.
  5. tholly

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    Reading thru that blog, the tone is already drifting off course. Soon the only focus will be how Texas' greed will destroy the B12 before it gets started
  6. texas_ex2000

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    Good move. Not elite, but solid academics to replace A&M and Missouri. Clemson and South Carolina girls are hot. Beautiful state to visit (despite the NAACP boycott).
  7. Olehornfan

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  8. Olhorn

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    Very very interesting. But it seems like some newspaper would have it if it so.
  9. SHS1984

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    I hope FSU and Clemson join the Big 12.

    I lived in SC for 8 years. You are wrong about Clemson and USC girls. It is not a very good pool of babes. Most of the hot ones are from out of state.

    USC fans are the best in college football. Supporting thier team and filling a large stadium thru years/decades of terrible seasons.

    Clemson fans are the nearest to Aggies I have seen elswhere in the country.
  10. jackden

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    Highly unlikely:

    1)New big 12 commissioner has not arrived yet (the acting commissioner would not make a decision this kind of scale)

    2) If there were negotiations going on, the internet leaks would be everywhere.
  11. PropositionJoe

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    Fsu ans clemson would be fantastic adds both for football and baseball.

    Impressive maneuvering by neinas/bowlsby
  12. fishy

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  13. jackden

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    Bowl game contracts (which can be canceled and will be expired at some point unless extended) and conference expansion are totally different animals.
  14. jackden

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    The Big12-SEC bowl announcement was totally PR; they are just maneuvering to want more say in BCS format
  15. fishy

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    Different yes, undoable, not by a long shot. aggy/corn aggy got no resistance, pitt/cuse got no resistance. It will be extremely difficult for ACC to block a move by 2 of their teams. There is no GOR in the ACC contract so no real way a move could be blocked if such a move is being considered.

    Also consider if the ACC tried legal manuvering to challenge a move. They then bring into question all their dealings with pitt/cuse. They also have 2 extremely unhappy conference mates who will try to torpedo any thing the conference wants. Face it, it is like a bad marriage, better to cut the losses and get out, then to cut off your nose in spite of your face.
  16. OrangeChipper

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    Our new big XII commish is not technically ACTING commish until mid June.

    However, that doesn't mean he has NOTHING to do with any of the goings on. Kinda like a coach that knows he's gonna be the new coach but lets the old coach retire in dignity. New coach is still likely recruiting/maneuvering etc.
  17. PropositionJoe

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    Seems to be some information out there indicating that the horn ad is the lone dissenting vote on this thing happening out of all the current big 12 schools.

    I've read that Mack's dislike of a conference championship game is one of the driving factors.
  18. HornsForever'93

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    Im sure the dissenting vote has more to do with not wanting to share money with extra schools than what Mack desires. But a 9-1 vote should squash that.
  19. fishy

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  20. Branyon

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    Who gives a flip what Mack Brown thinks about conference championship games? His teams have been in only four in twelve years and his teams are 2-2 in bowl games following them. One of those losses likely would have been a win had McCoy not been injured.

    If his teams were playing in the CCG on a regular basis, he'd have a legitimate objection. As is, only OU has suffered from playing frequently in the CCG and I don't recall Stoops whining about them too loudly.
  21. tamster

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    mccoy's team won the Big XII championship game they were in. So did vince's team. We lost to Nebraska at the alamadome (i was there) and to colorado (major almost pulled off the comeback).
  22. tholly

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    At one point, I remember Macks only objection was that the 2 teams with the best records should play instead of division winners...
  23. OrangeChipper

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    Other sources coming out as well.

    Good summary of the issues here:
    The Link
  24. OrangeChipper

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  25. Hu_Fan

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  26. TaylorTRoom

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    Prop Joe, do you have any link? Or is this more of the TAMU bbs bs, thrown against the wall in an attempt to make meaning out of a universe where fleeing to the SEC looks like it might not be the checkmate move.
  27. fishy

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    No links but I do remember Mack saying he liked the idea of no CCG and Stoops said the same thing.
  28. PropositionJoe

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    i get most of the news from twitter. a good guy to follow on all things longhorn sports related is wescott eberts (writer for burnt orange nation). here are some of his tweets:

  29. TexasTower

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    For those that have not figured out how PR works, people often make remarks to the press directly that are not truly what they thinik and feel.

    Texas got beat up a bit during the last round of realignment for being a bully to its conference mates. OU also felt that they had to show their *** and do what Texas said. OU is going to get a "win" in public perception when the conference expands.

    DeLoss and the Texas administration wants what will make the most money and what will make this conference the best.

    Do you think a blockbuster deal like the Big XII-SEC Champions Game happens over night? That has been going on for awhile. What did the Big XII give the SEC to get that game over the ACC?

    Conference realignment may seem like chaos. It has been carefully engineered and there is zero chance Texas has not been there every step of the way.
  30. PropositionJoe

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    this is from orangebloods (so take it for what its worth)


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