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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Oct 15, 2020.

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    Anything organization with the word "equity" in it is 100% CRT. Other words that are clues: diversity, inclusion, transformation, social, emotional, critical, and white.

    CRT is way worse than Zinn though. Zinn at least gave a different though biased perspective on history. You could take some lessons from Zinn's history, critically analyze them and actually understand history better. Critically as in logically and intellectually not in terms of Critical Theory.
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    Let's think about this:

    1) History class - yes, teach about the civil war, slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings and other atrocities such as the Tulsa Massacre. No problem with that at all.
    2) What are we going to do about it? This is where the controversy begins. Do we teach children they are inherently racist? Do we teach them that they will be expected to make financial and social sacrifices to level the playing field? Reparations?

    Is #2 CRT or is it both?

    But what about Israel?

    Does BLM support Israel or the Palestinians?

    1) History class - yes, teach about the Holocaust, pogroms and historical anti-semitism
    2) What to do about it? Give them a homeland (analogous to reparations and control of their own destiny) or not? Argue that the Palestinians are innocent victims? But aren't today's white children innocent victims too?

    Is there a parallel by the way black people view themselves and Israel?
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    The problem with today's narrative and emphasis (CRT) is that it is attempting to say "Everything today has a direct and unalterable link to slavery/racism". It is attempting to blame all deficits in achievement from black populations as "systemic racism" rather than admitting that 90% of where you end up today is based on personal actions and choices. While racism most certainly exists from overtly racist acts down to prejudicial and biased thinking, the vast majority of one's trajectory in life is based on personal decisions. The vast majority of interactions that black people have are not with Racists and do not involve race. While it is probably enough to piss you off as a black person, it is not enough to change the course of your life....Unless you decide to make it so yourself. The race baiters in society would have us all believe it is the other way around. However, many studies have shown that poor white populations experience similar outcomes as black populations. Poor decisions >>> Poverty >>> poor decisions. If you want off the Poverty cycle, quit making poor decisions.
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    Beyond the possibility of white people actively and premeditatively holding them back, is there also an argument of the psychological impact of believing this to be true? Is there a "What's the use" mindset that is similar to an inferiority complex that also prevents people from trying (thinking a girl is too pretty for you; that you can't do a certain task etc)?
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    I told you ESG was a money loser:

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    I know it's about three weeks late, but still worth mentioning. A Dallas College professor said:

    "The creation of the Madden video game was not a great development for the U.S. It further glamorized violence and dehumanized black athletes, helping to establish plantation cosplay that has grown worse in the era of fantasy football. It glamorized athletes, using their name for profits while encouraging fans to disregard the humanity. Madden built a digital plantation."

    Texas professor claims 'Madden NFL' games 'dehumanized' Black athletes

    Yea, each one was real sad to get that image likeness check in the mail.
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    and this is the political end product of CRT-like thinking.
    Yellen says US economy 'has never worked fairly for Black Americans' (
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    What bugs me is that 90 percent of the time, claims like this go unchallenged. Nobody who disagrees is given the platform. If Al Sharpton wanted to gain some relevance, he'd let Yellen speak but then allow a prominent black leader to speak in contradiction of her. Make himself a place where there's real discussion of ideas.
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    We are all nutsacks and menstruators now:

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    The sad thing is that people are acting like this is new. This is what females in the UK/EU have been fighting for a decade and in Canada for something like five years now. It has just recently burbled to the surface in the States.

    This is just another example of what happens when people let Woke, Inc. get control and run around unchecked.
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    I prefer to use Invaginated American.
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    Fact-Checking McConnell's Comparison of Black Turnout Rates

    Lot's of angst over McConnell's comments about the voter turnout being very high. The implication in the black community being that there lower turnout is due to suppression and nothing else. But take the time to listen to this speech by Jesse Jackson:

    Jesse Jackson: 'You got a chance, and you got a choice', David and Goliath campaign announcement speech - 1984 — Speakola

    He was basically saying go register. No excuses given. Just do it. Rocks just laying on the ground. Low hanging fruit.
  16. OUBubba

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    The issue with McConnell's thing was not related to the actual data that he delivered. It was his poor delivery. He compared African-American voters to American voters. One could infer that he did not put them in the same universe. Freudian slip? Poor delivery? I will say that Mitch doesn't make a lot of unforced errors.
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    I'm not a huge CRT person. But, we need to allow the teaching of history unless we want to re-live it. We need to teach that the South were anti American. That we practiced genocide despite a Supreme Court ruling otherwise. We need to teach the bad stuff. Again, I grew up with Tulsa as the place I went to for the good stuff and to drink a lot when I was in those years. I first learned about the Tulsa Race Riot after I read up on it after watching the Watchman on HBO a few years ago. I learned that it was our first air assault, we had mass graves, etc.
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    Banning CRT does not preclude the teaching of history. The left needs to just quit with that myth already. What is being banned is the teaching that people are inferior based upon the color of their skin or that kids today are somehow oppressors because of what someone they never knew did something hundreds of years ago.

    If you really want to talk about not paying attention to history and seeing it repeated, then just look at the nonsense around vax mandates...there is a very active push to create second-class citizens by denying access to a number of events or dining establishments. It is indeed how the 'papers please' stuff came to be accepted less than 100 years ago in Germany and other places. We have already seen the creeping incrementalism that extracts a toll upon individual liberty...and yet people won't say 'enough is enough.' The American population has generally become the frog in the pot with the water being turned up to slowly reach the rolling boil...
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    Fatboyz in Speedos!
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    The purpose of CRT is to teach that the USA is an evil country, founded by evil Whites, and so the country needs to be remade to conform to the desires of those pushing it. It's the same concept as Year Zero from The Man in the High Castle, complete with the tearing down of historical monuments.

    As it logical, as both groups are socialist - National Socialist for Year Zero, Democrat Socialist for CRT.
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    ^If you haven't been to the TR National Park in Medora, go! It has to be one of the best-kept secrets in the country.
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    This is the Democrat Party of 2022. They CENSURE a moderate because she won't bow down to party politics.


    @Seattle Husker? @OUBubba ?

    These sick ******** are condemning her for not bowing to THEIR JUDGMENT of right and wrong. If Liberals take over this country then every Liberal is accountable for the corruption that will explode upon us by way of absolute power in the name of equality.

    It sickens me.
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    A. Liz Cheney says “what’s up?”
    B. What are you referencing?
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    Are you still a democrat?
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