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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Oct 15, 2020.

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    Question right back at you...

    Can you quote youself where you showed equal disdain for state parties censoring LA Senator Bill Cassidy for his vote for Trump's impeachment?

    The extremists have gotten hold of state parties is the only answer I have. "Totalitarianism" is hyperbole.
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    What a jerk-off this guy is. This story illustrates two remarkable things. First, the guy obviously filed the bill in bad faith. He intended to file a gotcha bill that would embarrass pro-lifers into looking like hypocrites. When he found out they genuinely liked his bill, instead of touting it as an example of him building a bipartisan consensus on a contentious issue, he backed out because it did more to make crackpots on his own side look bad and did the pathetic, politically correct apology and self-flagellation. In other words, this guy had a chance to look like a genuine statesman, and instead he ended up looking like a slimy assclown no longer respected or trusted by either side.

    Second, how did this go so wrong for this douche? Ultimately, it happened because he bought the media narrative on why pro-lifers believe as they do. He genuinely thought that opposition to abortion is a sexist plot by men to "control women" and skirt responsibility. If that were true, then his bill would have had the desired effect. Pro-lifers would have been massively conflicted and wrung their hands about what to do and ended up opposing the bill. Obviously that didn't happen, because the assumption is and always has been ********.

    It's an example of what's usually a major liberal advantage (over-the-top media bias) actually hurting them. The media always frames them in the most moral and righteous way and their opposition in the most evil and badly-intentioned way - we're always racists and misogynists. They simply don't know their opposition very well, and it leads to miscalculations like this.

    Honestly, I'm a little surprised an older, veteran Democratic state legislator didn't pull this guy aside and tell him, "the anti-woman thing is just ******** we spout to piss single women off at Republicans. We may disagree with them, but they're pro-life for sincere reasons. Your bill is going to make us look bad, not them."
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  3. Mr. Deez

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    Yep. I think the Democrats are screwing themselves by taking a dump on Manchin and Sinema and could throw away the Senate before the election if they're not careful with Manchin - Sinema couldn't credibly switch parties and keep her seat but Manchin could.

    However, I don't think Republicans can get too righteous about it when less than a year ago, they were taking a dump on anyone who wasn't sufficiently loyal to Trump. At least Democrats are doing it about an actual issue. It's still dumb, but it's at least about a matter of public policy. We did it about personal loyalty to a guy.

    Both parties should be more willing to tolerate dissent whether we're talking about issues or support for leadership.
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    I will admit to an inconsistency.

    I don't like party politics. At the time of the impeachment I believe there was a political knife fight going on as the Left was after Trump from day one. To oppose the removal of the President is to be contrasted in this instance to an objection to the accumulation of power, as I see in the demagogic voting rights act. So what's worse? The overthrow of a President or a bill? Which requires more of a shock to the conscience to be censured for opposing the matter?

    I believe the term totalitarian to be appropriate for a certain segment of the Left. I believe Maxine Waters, the Crew, AOC etc are totalitarians and I believe they are intimidating the traditional Democrat power base because they will destroy anyone who is in their way.

    I completely believe that is who they are and how they act.

    By the way, the FBI just raided Henry Cuellar's home. Henry is the Democrat house representative from Laredo and a swath of South Texas. He was previously opposed in the primary by an AOC acolyte. She was supported by the far left Liberal machine, just like they're supporting Beto. In other words, his opponent was the exact same vile attack dog Liberal. Cuellar won the primary much to the consternation of someone in New York. And that someone along with her associates want to get rid of him because he's not as hard-core as they are about immigration and climate change.

    We'll see if Henry did something wrong, meaning this is all just a coincidence. But the timing is suspect. As was the money Biden's son took from Ukraine. As was AOC was when she was partying in Florida while wanting mask mandates and the like. Lot's of examples probably on both sides.

    So, yeah, I'm inconsistent. I'd like to see all representatives vote their conscience without pressure from the party because to me, the party IS the corruption (think Tammany Hall) and their goals are about the accumulation of power and not a Democracy.
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  6. bystander

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    Progressives Are Betting That The Uncertain FBI Activity Around Rep. Henry Cuellar Could Help Push Him Out Of Office

    This is how it's played. Laredo has had corruption since it was founded. It's ALWAYS been Democrat. Suddenly they are attacking their own. This is the type of behavior I'm talking about and it's no coincidence. All of it. This is the power of Biden's Administration on behalf of the Liberal Left.

    They are the enemy of Democracy (if the people's will in an election means anything at all) and yet they have the arrogance to say they are protecting it.

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    Fortunately they are stupid. Progs will push one of their own which will lose the general election.
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    It's called the KGBI for a reason - state security force for the Democrat party.

    Will be a hoot if the Democrats nominate some communist loon for that seat, only to lose it in the general, which is entirely likely. Border communities don't like being overrun by millions of illegals anymore than anyone else would.
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  9. 2003TexasGrad

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    It’s all BS. Here’s one reason:

    And in Generation Z, bisexual people make up an even greater share of the LGBT community — 72 percent said they identify as bisexual.

    Traditionally, bi folks were smaller percentage than gay or lesbian. In fact for years people even questioned if bi was real (just closeted gay folks). This is proof it’s nothing more than propaganda.

    Here’s more:
    And among bisexual people with partners, almost nine in 10 are married or in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, Pew found.

    Okay so they are not really gay. So absurd. Here’s more:

    New survey data also released Wednesday from Gallup found that 17 percent of bisexual adults are married to a spouse of the opposite sex, while 1 percent are married to a spouse of the same sex. Meanwhile, 13 percent live with an opposite-sex domestic partner, while 3 percent live with a domestic partner of the same sex.

    So, 1-3% of declared bi’s are really bi and even then they may be gay, not bi.
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  12. Mr. Deez

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    What that tells me is that there's significant social pressure to say that you're open to having gay sex. If you claim to be fully and unapologetically straight, that's probably frowned upon at least to some degree, because it's "close-minded" in the wrong direction. However, when actually pressed, very few are actually going that route.

    "Yes, I'm bi. I'm open to relationships with men or women. I'm not close-minded like my parents and grandparents were."

    "Ok, this is a nice guy. You ready to blow him?"

    "Oh, hell no. But if he's nice, I'll bet his sister is nice. Do you have her number?"
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    I hope so but the resentment towards white people is pronounced in South Texas and Liberals know how to push their buttons.
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    Was going to poop that article but felt 03 might take it wrong but I poop the article not the messenger. Makes me sick to read that crap.
  15. Seattle Husker

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    I'm not a fan of party politics either thus have vacillated my party registration from Republican (early 90's) to Democrat to now Independent.

    You don't think Cassidy listened to all the evidence in the Ukraine/Trump Impeachment and made his own decision? I don't think he bucked his party for political reasons but I'm confident he voted to impeach based on his conscience which is laudable just as Sinema and Manchin now, even if I may disagree with them. Keep in mind, Cassidy had no prior public beef with Trump before voting for impeachment.

    I do appreciate your acknowledgment of inconsistency and think it may be swayed by your view on the subject.

    What you are describing is party politics. The party brow beats their own to get alignment to vote on bills/issues their party has prioritized. This occurs in all political parties. The only different between The Crew and the MAGA R's (MGT, Boebert, Gaetz) is that the prior is aligned to a set of issues (typically SJW) and the latter is aligned to an individual. Both represent the extremes of the parties. Calling them "totalitarian" when neither group is actually in leadership and able to implement their plans is hyperbole.

    But do you want them to vote their conscience? How much did you care the Cassidy was censored for voting his conscience? You downplayed it by calling it a "political knife fight". Clearly the Senator felt the charges were serious and warranted voting for impeachment.
  16. Seattle Husker

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    I'm not well educated on Henry Cuellar. I'm taken back by the acquiescence that corruption is OK. Shouldn't the Justice Dept try to root out corruption wherever it exists, D-R-Green...regardless of party?

    There isn't much worse crimes than the violation of public trust by using your Congressional office for personal gain. Not saying Cuellar did that but if he did then he deserves whatever punishment he receives.
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  17. mchammer

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    More red pilling:

  18. 2003TexasGrad

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  20. 2003TexasGrad

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    I would have hoped a local "news" organization would have at least tried to be neutral. Austin still has a lot of conservative viewers shocking as that may seem to some.
  21. nashhorn

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    I’d agree he has some wires crossed.
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  22. Horn6721

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    He is 22 and says he was raised as a boy until about 20 yrs ago?
  23. 2003TexasGrad

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    20 years old. Must be an editing error. Not surprising.
  24. mb227

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    Austin? No. Travis County? Yeah, I agree with you...but I doubt KVUE is their local news of choice.
  25. guy4321

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    He didn't want to be the next Manchin - censured for working with Republicans.
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  26. mchammer

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    This is akin to every new investor who says they can handle market risk, right up to a 40-50% drop in the market which causes them to **** in their pants, sometimes literally.
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  27. Mr. Deez

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    I don't think that was his concern. He could have gone that route, but I don't think it was his intention. His intention was to screw with pro-lifers. He was just too dumb and brainwashed to know how to do it.
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  28. guy4321

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    Fair point. It would take brain cells to think far enough ahead that
    - this would help my opponents
    - working with them would anger my party
    - that could lead to censuring
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    The only appropriate response to this is who effing cares about this person? Is it really so important to give mediocre male athletes the chance to win championships in women's divisions? No consideration should be given to men who do this for clearly professional reasons.
  30. horninchicago

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    And it is even more odd that in these cases, women are put on the back seat.

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