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As a DoD civilian, I don't have TriCare. Instead, I have private health insurance like a federal employee would have. However, I've always heard from military personnel and their dependents (who have TriCare) that it's pretty good and relatively widely accepted even overseas. It's not really a company. It's a government-sponsored health plan specifically for the US military and its dependents.

Sounds good man.
Zoom is forcing its employees into the office. Not exactly a glowing review of one's own product. But this is perfect:

Zoom’s chief people officer, Matthew Saxon, explained in a recent Fortune interview. “We are still majority-remote, but I think a lot of people forget our many products and solutions that are only designed for in-office work.”

Then there’s Saxon himself, who works fully remotely from Austin. “I think I can manage people at Zoom effectively while working fully remotely,” he told Fortune.


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