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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by kbrown, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. AustinHorn24

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    OU won't be missing both of their starting tackles in the rematch game, if there is one.

    Oklahoma lost the turnover battle -2 and STILL won.

    This "ifs and buts" game goes both ways.
  2. Statalyzer

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    So, the game was actually as close as the score, because the score was the same as the score?
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  3. Austin_Bill

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    Our center is a senior and a good leader. He is not a dominate blocker and got his *** kicked last week, but he is still the best center we've had in over 10 years. We will miss Shackleford next year. I actually think we will likely move Kerstetter to C because we just don't have one we can trust.

    I'm sorry, this is just a stupid post, Why doesn't Herman just quit and let someone else coach the team?

    When it comes to talent, Texas and blowu are virtually the same talent wise. To believe otherwise is fantasy.

    I do. I saw enough of the B12 Championship game and this game to realize that the Refs are giving every advantage possible to getting blowu into the playoffs.

    The sooner we are out of this conference the better. I'm sick of having to face both blowu and the refs every time we play them.

    After the game I was most pissed at our coaches for letting him play. If our coaches don't respect the health of our players, why should the Refs or the other team.

    blowu wasn't missing their starting tackles last week, that was a BS ploy by Riley to keep our coaches guessing. It's one of those "Art of War" things. Pretend you are weak where you are strong, and pretend you are strong where you are weak.
  4. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill 1,000+ Posts

    Of all the things about the loss last week that pissed me off

    1. playing Foster is by far the worst decision we made. As I said above, if we don't respect the health of our players why should we expect the Big 12 refs or the opposing teams do so. He had no reason being out there.

    2. We talked so much crap to come out and lay and egg like we did. We made them look way better than they are.

    3. Blocking. we looked like we have never done it before. 9 sacks is just crazy.

    4. Refs - we need to understand and accept that when we face these guys, we are going to not only be playing against them, but also the refs. This is the world we live in, and we just have to make them call the game level or put the whole big 12 on notice that we will leave and destroy your conference. I don't expect special treatment, I expect a unbiased official crew.
  5. nashhorn

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    Same, well that and the loss.
  6. VYFan

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    Usually that “not as close as the score showed” applies when there is a blowout in the making—say 31 to nothing, and the team in the lead coasts in with backups and the score ends up 38-28 or something. A game that is 10-10 in the 3rd and 20-17 in the 4th is not one where OU just let up and let us have points that didn’t matter—even the last TD in my opinion.

    But yes, perhaps I am arguing a tautology.
  7. Statalyzer

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    Oh that's fair, this definitely isn't that situation and yeah, usually it means something like how Auburn 28, A&M 20, doesn't really reflect that A&M wasn't in a close game in the 4th quarter. Or back when we lost to UCLA 49-31 but it was 35-3 at one point.

    After all, the point is to score, so scoring is probably a better measure of how close the game is than anything else. And we were in the game with OU all the way until the end. But I don't think we played in a manner that was likely to lose by 7 most of the time. Maybe there's a better way to say that than "Not as close as the score", but if you kept rewinding time to Saturday morning but ensured that both teams would play in a similar manner as in reality, I would expect most of the games to be more like 20 points than 7.
  8. ViperHorn

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    An oddity is developing:
    • Texas loses to LSU on 07 September
    • Texas loses to ou on 12 October
    • Texas loses to ou in the CCG
    • Texas loses to LSU in the Sugar Bowl
    Texas end up 10-4, but only loses to two teams. Texas doesn't need to be a part of this type of weird records.
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  9. MajesticII

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    I don't think Texas loses to LSU in a rematch, if they get one. Texas should have most everyone healthy by the bowl game. If Herman puts a good game plan together Texas should beat LSU by 10 to 17 points. Should have beaten them the first time. The only reason Texas won't beat OU in the CCG is 1) may not get there 2) refs will not allow OU to miss out on play-offs just like last year. The ESPN powers want a Tua vs Hurts matchup in the play-offs. They will not let anyone beat OU until then.
  10. AC

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    Knee jerk again. Refs can’t decide who wins most games. But I do think the 2018 ccg should have been a 1-2 point game not a 12 point game. But OU would have won either way. Refs jobed us on a touchdown and gave OU a TD drive that we could/should have held to a FG. Anyway, I think we beat OU in a rematch. If the reps change the outcome of the game. We need to file a grievance with the Big12.

    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    sorry, I am not buying a conspiracy theory...there are fifty cameras recording anything and everything….
  12. zuckercanyon

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    I fear we will lose two more this season if injuries don't fully get healed. There'll be some teams that get hot in the second half (or have a great game against us, which teams do most of the time anyway).
  13. nashhorn

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    This is true but if not reviewable it does not matter. I’m telling you on camera I saw a deliberate face mask on Eagles, after and away from the play, by #4 that was somehow completely missed. It infuriated me no end. Only saw it when I watched the game on DVR, didn’t catch it live - just like ref. But I’m not being paid to watch like the ref is.
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    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    This is true....we'll just have to get so good that we can score 50 points to their 49....I would settle for that!
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  15. MajesticII

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    Cameras don't matter..... Even reviewable plays refs can cheat. I've seen many plays get reversed that shouldn't or many get left as called when they should be reversed. Then you have those plays that are not reviewable at all..... refs can cheat like hell and there is nothing anyone can do about it. They can get away with cheating. They fine coaches and ADs when they call refs out. It doesn't take much to turn a game when teams are equal in talent, and takes very little when the team they want to win is better anyway.
  16. dukesteer

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    Or, we go 1 & 1 against both LSU & OU...
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  17. AustinHorn24

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    Upon rewatching the game tape it's obvious OU cheated in other areas as well.

    OU had 12 players on the field on at least 3 plays that the refs missed.

    Also in addition to the 2 dozen holding penalties that the refs missed, OU also had 4 false start penalties that were not called in that game.


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