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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Seattle Husker, May 27, 2021.

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    How is energy part of this? You didn't edumacate me.
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    It is sad how few people recognize that the energy policy pronouncements by a sitting President have reverberating effects throughout the process.

    SlowJoe actually approved actions on day one which substantially impaired US interests in the petroleum world. He gave carte blanche to OPEC to bend the United States over and move us towards a repeat of 1975 and 1979.

    Gas in Texas did not go up a buck and a half per gallon just because people were back at work. People in THIS State had been living life since long before SlowJoe assumed office in January. The policies of SlowJoe have been harming this nation for close to ten months officially and more than a year unofficially...
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    If fuel prices double, costs increase substantially to farmers (food) and transportation to get it to consumers. It’s really basic economics and if schools in Oklahoma do not teach that, it explains your views. Add in regulations on truckers which forced many out of the industry, you have a double whammy. Just because my new treadmill is sitting on a ship off of the coast of California does not really indicate inflation.
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    I think higher energy costs were what Oklahoma needed. We were paying depressed prices for oil. Hell, it was trading at a negative for a day under the last guy. That's no good for anyone in this region. Trump bent over to the Saudis to get the cheap oil. That's not good for anyone anywhere.

    You said that Biden shut off the supply of energy. I didn't infer that to relate to the cost per barrel of oil. I guess I don't speak Texan.
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    God bless you, I glad you have a job you are good at. Who bent over backwards and asked OPEC to pump more oil?
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    Oil prices and other inflation is happening around the world, but each central bank is responsible. The Federal Reserve and the ECB and the Chinese bank are the biggest culprits. Every President has played their role in screwing us over with inflation. Even 2% year over a decade is a big problem. But because of Trump's trillions and Biden's trillion we are WAY over 2%.

    7% inflation over 10 years means your money in the bank loses half of its value.
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    Is that the same news organization banned from the Rittenhouse trial? Asking for a a friend. Trump should have closed the pipeline here and give Putin his own I guess.
  9. OUBubba

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    You should just scream FAKE NEWS! and move along. (it sounds better in the original German)

    Why Trump is pressing Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices: Kemp
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  11. mb227

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    Curious how you chose to omit that the article purports to have been from April 2020, right as the world went into shut-down mode. Instead, you post a link to intentionally mislead people into believing this was current events.

    Oh of course in doing so, you ALSO show that you don't understand how a commodity price which is artificially depressed by world events is ALSO not good for a nation or the sector dependent upon certain price points to at least break even...
  12. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    Low oil prices = bad for oil producers but good for the rest of us. Low oil prices eventually lead to fewer oil producers, which eventually leads to higher oil prices

    High oil prices = good for oil producers but bad for the rest of us. High oil prices lead to higher cost to produce, which leads to more inflation

    Energy security on the other hand, is a winner no matter the oil price. That is where DJT had it right and Biden has it so wrong. Biden is getting in the way of domestic production, which hurts us no matter the price of oil. I have no problem with regulations that do more to ensure that oil, oil pipelines, etc are built and managed with the utmost concern towards efficiency and ecological soundness, but to cut them off altogether so they can force Alt fuels is just dumb.
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  13. mb227

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    And yet, people like you somehow believe the inflated prices under Obummer were a good you pull out an article from 2018 when Trump was trying to HELP the American citizens and the American economy.

    And again you do so with no acknowledgement in your post that the article dated to 2018.

    The okie clown show continued...I guess you have to follow in the footsteps of the departed left coaster...
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  14. humahuma

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    U.S. will import 62% more crude by 2022 due to domestic production declines, says EIA.

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    Jamaal Koshogi was a US Journalist, not citizen. That's my error. He could have been your or my neighbor. He dared speak out against the Saudi regime. He has two children who are citizens.
  16. OUBubba

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    Nut new wells are up, right?. It will take some time to get production into gas tanks.
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    Damn, you caught it. I was going to rag you, Okie. :p
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    It would have been fully deserved. You played your hand too strong. You should have done like a check raise with a "what are you babbling on about?". Do better. :)
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    A momentary lapse of judgment. Won't happen again. :)
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  20. Mr. Deez

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    How to screw up after '22 and lose the '24 election - make these assclowns the faces of the party.

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  21. Garmel

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    However you feel about them they are correct on this FBI January 6th stuff. We can't get basic answers to many questions like how many agents were in the crowd. It's BS that we have people still stuck in jail for nearly a year for just trespassing.
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  22. Mr. Deez

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    I have little doubt that FBI personnel were at the January 6 attack as undercover agents. The FBI infiltrates and sometimes gets involved in goofy stuff like that to help them build evidence against the responsible possible defendants. However, if the public gives Republicans control of Congress, do you really think making a big issue of the January 6 attack and being concerned about the well-being of the attackers is high on their priority list? I doubt it.
  23. mb227

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    Same people upset that Bannon's trial is seven months away have precisely zero concerns about those still in custody for events almost a year after arrest...
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  24. Garmel

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    Yes, but there is also possible evidence the FBI was iniating stuff there too and it needs to be investigated. Most of the so called attackers did nothing except enter the building and many were also invited in. These people have been in jail for 11 months and still haven't seen a judge. Do you think that's appropriate? Now, I do think the ones who committed violence should be heavily punished, not the trespassers. I think republican voters do care about justice.
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  25. Mr. Deez

    Mr. Deez Beer Prophet

    I have heard evidence that done were there. I have not seen any to suggest that they started anything illegal.

    It depends on the specifics but generally no. However, there is a judicial remedy for this. It doesn't require Congress's involvement. In fact, Congress can't do anything about it (separation of powers).

    I don't think they care to get tangled up in this. Here's the problem. They can't do anything to mess with the process. All they can do is grandstand, and it will lead to a bunch of Republicans defending and associating with the January 6 attackers. It's awful optics with no upside.
  26. Garmel

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    This Ray Epps guy is extremely suspicious and this needs to be investigated. Also, Garland was asked point blank about how many agents were in the crowd and he didn't answer it.
    Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol - Revolver

    House reps have no official power but getting out the word from a congressman doesn't hurt. Letting the public know what's happening to these people is important and I don't think most people are bothered about trying to get justice for persecuted folk. I also don't think most people buy into the "insurrection" nonsense either and they see it as democrats trying to punish the political opposition, which it is.
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  27. Mr. Deez

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    A few things on this. First, though Garland has shown himself to be a partisan hack and not the fair-minded, independent guy he was spun to be during his SCOTUS nomination, I don't blame him for not publicly commenting on the matter. It is an ongoing prosecution, and keeping quiet about that sort of thing is pretty standard. I can't fault him for that.

    Second, the article doesn't establish proof of an FBI connection with Epps. However, I will admit that what it indicates (presuming it's all true) is suspicious. Like I said above, it would not surprise me if some of those present were connected to the FBI. In fact, I'd be more surprised if they were not.

    Is this particular guy part of the FBI? Maybe, maybe not. We don't know. It's also entirely possible that he wasn't there for the FBI but has become a snitch - meaning that he is cooperating with the FBI to help bust others who were involved. That would explain why he isn't on the "Most Wanted" list anymore. Frankly, if he was there as a FBI figure, it would make little sense for him to have ever been on the list.

    Third, if Epps or the others who encouraged people to enter the Capitol were acting for the FBI, the defendants have a judicial remedy. They can plead entrapment and argue that point in court. It's a complete defense to the prosecution - meaning it totally gets them out of trouble. If I represented them, it would certainly be on my radar.

    If you're really worried about these defendants, let their lawyers argue their points in court and publicize them. I'm sure they'll do that when the time comes if they can build an entrapment defense. We don't need our political figures getting tangled up in it. The hairy viking dude who's going to the slammer may have gotten a longer-than-fair sentence in relative terms, but do I want to politically associate myself with him and others like him? No.

    There are competing narratives about January 6. Obviously the media and Democrats say it's the worst act of violence since 9/11, that it's the biggest threat to the republic since the Civil War, that not only Trump but the entire conservative movement is complicit in it, and that because of the threat any opposition to or criticism of Democrats and their agenda is bad and dangerous. They're trying to repeat the post-Watergate 1974 election strategy when the entire GOP was baselessly stained with Watergate and Democrats gained 49 House seats.

    Another narrative comes from Gaetz and this gang of clowns. They argue that these people may have done something a little bad but that it's not a big deal, that the people doing it had a just cause, that the government was the real bad actor, that they're being treated unfairly, and that the Party should make it a priority to sorta vindicate them. It's similar to how Democrats and the media viewed the BLM and Antifa rioters.

    The rest of the GOP (other than Cheney and Kinzinger who don't necessarily endorse all of the Democratic narrative but basically acquiesce to it) suggests that it was a bigger deal than Gaetz's gang of clowns says and was done without a just cause but that it was never a serious threat, that we should let the process play it in court, and that we should largely move on from it and focus on the Democrats' political vulnerabilities and stupid moves.

    I think most of the public views it closest to the mainstream GOP's view if not perfectly aligned. I think they think it was very bad, blame Trump to a point, and certainly have no sympathy for those involved but mostly think it was just a bunch of yahoos doing something stupid and scary in the immediate term but never a real threat to the country that would warrant some big response or giving Democrats some kind of special pass to be crazy. I think the McAuliffe election is indicative of this view.

    I think we should largely follow the mainstream GOP's approach. Let the process in court and move on. These people may have some legitimate complaints, but they will have a chance to raise those complaints in the appropriate forum. Furthermore, they aren't the hill our party or movement should risk dying on.
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  28. humahuma

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    Rep Omar commenting on Jan 6 “some people did something.”
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  29. Seattle Husker

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    Yes, this is loony. Here is the resolution that passed the RNC committee to censure Reps Cheney and Kinzinger.

    Other than admitting that the RNC exists for the sole purpose of electing R's, not for actually governing, here is the key passage:

    It's a complete white washing of what occurred on Jan. 6th.

    To recap:
    -138 police officers were injured.
    -5 people died.
    -The U.S. Capitol was desecrated.
    -A constitutional process was halted.
    -750 people were arrested.
    -200 are sentenced (so far)
    -over 50 conspiracy charges
    -11 sedition charges
    - Fake electors exposed who were part of the effort to overturn the election

    @bystander You often point to the power of AOC as an example of "totalitarianism" but here you have the actual Republican party enforcing "group think" on a few members. With AOC you have the desire or potential for "totalitarianism". With the RNC it's now official procedure.
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  30. theiioftx

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    As I have stated before, I do not condone anyone who stormed the capitol. They should be prosecuted, but I am not sure lengthy jail terms are warranted. I do think the democrats are blowing it out of proportion.

    And in the end, insurrections might not always be bad. What if the Uhghurs start an insurrection in China? Would that be bad? I also think it is good that politicians who consistently advocate against the constitution know that they could face the people if they go too far. Do you also compare it to Pearl Harbor or 911? Idiocy if you do.

    One of the five was a protester shot by Capitol police. I think the others committed suicide which is a terrible tragedy. There has been no investigation into her death. She was in a place she should not have been, so I have no sympathy for her. If she had been black BLM though, I can promise you there would be outrage.

    Many more police were injured by the 2020 BLM riots and many more people died. Billions of dollars in property damages. Take your BS to the Left Wing Looniness thread.
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