Predict Horns vs USC Trojans

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Once they send you the super secret escape route, please pm me your location so I can closely follow you out. Maybe I'll buy a USC shirt and follow out the 60,000 regulars that leave the stadium safely every couple weeks. You know, incognito.
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  2. LonghornCatholic

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    I don't know where the Metro Station is, but draw you a box of Vermont to the West, Jefferson to the north, Figueroa to the east, and MLK to the South. I wouldn't walk anywhere outside that box, particularly to the West or South. Later at night, I would probably gravitate to Exposition as quickly as possible. This big an event, the drivebys on the 110 aren't likely to too bad.
  4. HornDawg1957

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    Thanks for the info! The Metro station is on Exposition, midway between Vermont and Figueroa, so I think I'll be good.
  5. SabreHorn

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    You should be ok, although I have no knowledge of where it stops getting to Exposition Park.

    Other option is to take Uber or similar, give the guy half of a hundred dollar bill and tell him he gets the other half when he picks you up.
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  6. LonghornCatholic

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  7. madcow

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    Gets out of hand early ... stays that way through out ... 45-17 USC
  8. Horn2RunAgain

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    Good guys 20, bad guys 45

    A learning experience.
  9. LonghornCatholic

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    Game starts at 5 so hopefully it's still light out when game ends. If for some reason I don't make it, tell the world my story :hookem:
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    While taking the family to Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc., I got off the freeway in the middle of LA to get gas. Then I couldn't figure out how to get back on the freeway. The damn freeway was elevated over the slum where the gas station was and there were no access roads per se. It wasn't quite the "Family Vacation" scene where the locals stole Chevy's hub caps, but it was pretty close. I saw a Priest walking on the sidewalk and pulled over for directions. His first words to me were, "you shouldn't be here". Luckily he knew how to get back on the freeway. That was in broad daylight.

    SC 49, UT 21
  11. Dionysus

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    @Clean I had a business trip to LA several years ago and experienced the freeway system there. It is a mess and not at all easy to find your way back on once you exit. I ended up in an area that didn't look good and had a tough time getting back on route to the airport. Worst freeway situation I have ever seen.
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    Just got my ticket. Assuming I make it to the stadium okay, I'll be there to root for the 'Horns. If I don't make it out of LA alive, well, I hope Texas gives me one more happy memory to take with me.

    Hook 'em!
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  13. longhorn47

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    LC, I think the game starts at 5:30 (at least according to the schedule on The sun sets in LA around 7:00, so I think it will definitely be dark by the time the game ends.
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  14. uisge beatha

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    What the Hell ...

    You know what, we could win by 17

    45 - 28
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  15. easy

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  16. horninchicago

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    Don't be an idoit. We will be pwn3ed.
  17. horninchicago

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    In a surprise move, Texas was able to enroll the entire 22 players from the tOSU 2014 NC team. We have a chance. [sarc]
  18. mb227

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    This gruntles me greatly.
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  19. mb227

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    Buechele must be feeling better...line on the game has been locked.
  20. SabreHorn

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    Bad idea. There's a tattoo parlor on Figueroa, which would offer them freebies, so they would miss the game,
  21. mb227

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    Bovada has opened the game again...line down to 15.5 and -110 both sides of it. O/U has moved to 68, with the under at -115 (over is -105). No money line yet...halftime lines are 8 and 34.5
  22. easy

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    Don't know if it gamesmanship or not but talk of a handful of USC players being out due to injury
  23. Badass

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    Horns win, last second FG, 38-37
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  24. -Texas-

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    Playing for nothing but pride, USC will eke out a win 38-35.
  25. militaryhorn

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    I did my part by picking USC on both my pick'ems and gave 10 point confidence on one of them.

    Hoping for a little reverse psychology

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