Predictions: TX vs oSu

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by sinless1, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. sinless1

    sinless1 500+ Posts

    Texas 45
    oSu 13

    - Robinson throws two pics and loses his helmet on a Kindle sack.
    - Colt completes 82% of his passes and is awarded a Nobel prize.
    - Gilbert starts the fourth qtr

    Please go out on a limb and share your own thoughts!
  2. yelladawgdem

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    Cold, windy, damp, alot of drunks. Horns win 44-24. Pokes score on a home run trick play and mop up TD at the end. Horns have 6 minute edge in TOP, most of our points and yards come in a 20 minute period in the second and third quarters. The officiating will be better than any SEC game as well as the USC-Oregon game that most of the country will end up watching after about 9:15 CDT. Other than that, who knows.
  3. Bevo-Stevo

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    I was thinking this same score roughly. I think if the offense is clicking, Texas puts 41 on them. The way the defense has been playing, if they continue to play to that level, OSU 17. Hook 'Em!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. coolhorn

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    okie lite's gonna come out all jacked up in their Halloween-colored unis, and if we're not on our game, may jump up on us by a touchdown and field goal.

    However, our defense is gonna wear on 'em, and I look for Texas to grind out a 7-10 point win. It'll be the usual nailbiter because this is a very good okie lite team, even without Bryant, Pettigrew, and perhaps Hunter. They play defense up in Stillwater now.
  5. Hu_Fan

    Hu_Fan Guest

    I could be way wrong on this, but I'm going out on a limb and predict a rare shutout.

    In a statement game on the road... Horns blank 13th-14th ranked Cowboys in a prime time telecast and start the national talk about "How good can this Texas defense be? Damn good!"

    Horns 47-0
    7 TDs, FG, safety
    special teams scores
    defense gets two scores
  6. TexasGolf

    TexasGolf 2,500+ Posts

    31 to 21 Horns

  7. MATTerHORN69

    MATTerHORN69 100+ Posts

    Texas 27
    Okie St 17
  8. Lat22

    Lat22 1,000+ Posts

    I hate these threads. You're just asking for it.
  9. Barton Hills

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  10. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    Horns win but only by 7-10 points. The national media jumps over Texas for its lackluster win against what it sees as subpar competition. Meanwhile Alabama squeaks by LSU in what is deemed the game of the century and jumps solidly into #1 in all polls. Florida remains #2 and ahead of Texas b/c, well, they are in the SEC.
  11. South Austin

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  12. TexLaw04

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    South Austin beat me to it. [​IMG]

    My guess: a bit lower scoring than people expect. We win, 31-20.
  13. Alto Relex

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    45-24 seems about right. Texas is peaking at exactly the right time and OSU will pop like a balloon once we start to roll ahead, aka the first quarter.
  14. DRAG69

    DRAG69 1,000+ Posts

    No way OSU scores 20 points on our defense.

    Texas 37
    OSU 13
  15. Pancho Negro

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  16. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    "Horns - 5
    "Boys - 2

    We score early on a safety and kick a field goal late.
    oSu hits 2 free throws before the half.
  17. ACuriae

    ACuriae 500+ Posts

    Doomed. DOOOOOOOMMMED, I tell you.

    Zero aggy - eleventy billion
    The Good Guys - negative eleventy billion
  18. PhantomHorn

    PhantomHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Texas 40
    OSU 24

    It may play out similar to the Tech game in September.
  19. 210-816-Horn

    210-816-Horn 250+ Posts

    Ribs smoked by 6pm and drunk by kickoff!!!!!
  20. longtex

    longtex Guest

    Luigi and Fingers say Texas by 10 (okay, 9 1/2 for dose of youse who ain't happy wid "tie goes to da house").
  21. GHoward

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  22. TULPoke

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  23. NEWDOC2002

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  24. Full Flask

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    I don't see how people are predicting that we will score 47 pts. This is a better defense than Missouri, and they will be jacked up at home (18th in run defense and 34th in pass efficiency defense). This is one of their biggest games ever. And Texas' offense, while looking better (in one game), is hardly a juggernaut.

    But I think our defense is for real, and OSU's offense is also not near what it was last year.

    I look for a hard fought defensive battle that's close at the half, with Texas coming out in the 3rd quarter and putting together a couple of scoring drives to build a lead. And then Gundy will abandon the running game, which puts them in long yardage situations on 2nd and 3rd down. Texas' defense pins their ears back and puts the pressure on Zac. He throws a couple of picks, and Texas ices the win.

    Texas 27
    OSU 17
  25. pjohnson

    pjohnson 100+ Posts

    Horns 38

    Pokes 17
  26. The Horn Identity

    The Horn Identity 500+ Posts

    I'm hoping the memory of TT last year will actually help us meet the intensity that OSU is bound to bring.

    Our offense isn't getting enough credit. Texas averages 41.9 that's 17.3 more than what their opponents give up. Their defense allows 20.0 that's -5.7 what their opponents normally score. So, on a neutral field, we should score 36-37 points

    Meanwhile Oklahoma St. averages 37.0 that's 5.9 more than what their opponents give up. Our defense is stout allowing only 13.6 that's -14.0 what our opponents normally score. So, they should score more like 20-23.

    The IPS has us winning 34-24 with a 5 point HF advantage. Depends how much homefield advantage (which should be substantial given the big game atmosphere, at night, on Holloween, with the history of this game). Might be a little closer than that.
  27. drborange

    drborange 500+ Posts

    UT 27 OSU 13
  28. St.L.H.orn

    St.L.H.orn 25+ Posts

    I think pokes will score more than people are expecting tomorrow.

    Texas in a close one. 31-28.
  29. sinless1

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