Preseason Big 12 POTY/FOTY/Newcomer

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Chasity may be deserving but I think this Longhorn squad is too deep and too talented for Chasity to be Freshman of the Year at the end of the season. The team has Brooke and Sug in front of Chasity to get enough minutes to win the award at the end of the year. Which is a good thing to have.
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    I thought the same about Chasity's minutes but it could be a case of who has the potential to put up the biggest numbers in limited time in what looks to be a conference where not many freshman will get a lot of run this year.
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    Congrats to all, especially our 'Horns!

    It's a testament to Chasity's skill that she was voted FOY, especially when she has two very talented freshmen teammates who could very well win the award, too. While chances are against her being an immediate starter, I won't underestimate that she wins a starting job by the time conference play begins; I think she has that potential. Regardless, I think she will see a lot of court time at both PG and SG.

    In the end, it probably gets awarded to whichever freshman has the highest scoring average. Baylor has a couple of freshmen who are likely to be starters; so, surprised the coaches didn't vote in their favor.
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    Fun to play with predictions.

    FOY - Agree with Moo. I am impressed that the coaches have such high expectations for Chasity considering that she will play on a team rich in guards. Then again, she has a skill the Horns needed more of last year - perimeter shooting. Other potential candidates: (1) Morris is a highly regarded point guard joining a Baylor team that returns zero true point guards. So Landrum played what minutes she got last year on the wing. Wallace, an excellent player, may start the season as the starting point guard, but she is not a natural at the position. Morris could well gain the starting job before the end of the year. (2) Didi Richards is another highly regarded player joining a Baylor team that lost three starters including Alexis Prince. Richards is a smooth athlete who, I think, excels at defense. From what I've seen, she scores more going to the basket than on making shots from the perimeter. (3) Ana Llanusa should walk right into a starting job at the 2 or 3 for Oklahoma who has only 9 healthy players to start the season. She probably will be counted on to score.
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    Newcomer of the Year -- Jatarie White? I really hope so. The likelihood of Texas having a great season increases a lot if White can be solid in the paint. Challengers? Maybe Naomi Davenport at West Virginia, a first team JUCO all-American at Trinity Community College. WVU returns 4 starters, losing only Lanay Montgomery, a center. But Davenport has an opportunity to get a lot of minutes and possibly even earn a starting job. WVU had several really good payers last year but lacked any depth. The best guard off the bench transferred out.
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    Great analysis. Agree that OU may garner the FOY with Llanusa....opportunity is so crucial.

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