President Biden Accountability Thread

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by 2003TexasGrad, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. nashhorn

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    SH they said it was for technology (computers) and beautification of campus, yep really said beautification.
  2. Seattle Husker

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    Who said that? Nothing I've read said that $$ to schools was for anything other than Covid risk mitigation. It may that I'm not fully informed but I haven't read that. "Beautification" doesn't pass the smell test for me.
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  3. nashhorn

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    Question was on fundraisers funds, not the so called stimulus.
  4. Seattle Husker

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    Ahhhh...that's not a surprise from a student fundraiser.
  5. humahuma

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    One thing about President Trump you knew who was in charge, With Biden his handlers are in charge and I have no idea who those people are.
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  6. WorsterMan

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    Understand I may be off a day....

    Day 49 on deck for no POTUS press conference....
  7. mchammer

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  8. Mr. Deez

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    Yep. Everytime I think of the bad stuff the Democrats are doing, I just think, "but we had the greatest Twitter troll in the history of the internet" for 4 years. Makes it all worthwhile.
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  9. Horn2RunAgain

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    Then these cities have made decisions in the past that put their children in harm's way, if that's the case. Why are we to bail out these cities (like Cleveland for example? ). You're rewarding their incompetence and /or corruption by paying for their infrastructure

    I see it as paying a drug addict so he can get another fix, or in this case 1000s of fixes. Why should he turn his life around when red state $ will bail him out

    Time after time
  10. Horn6721

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    Biden to force USTaxpayer to pay for gender reassignment surgery for active duty and veterans.
    Wonder if the Dems/lefties on here support that.
    Husker? Bubba? Huisache?
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  11. Seattle Husker

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    Communities should have predicted a virus like COVID that requires special types of HVACs? Are you serious?

    If you think Red States in general are net payers of federal tax revenue rather than receivers then you are severely uninformed. Link from 2019.

  12. mchammer

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    Heavily dependent on military spending. Look at NC.
  13. mchammer

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  14. Horn2RunAgain

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    Where did I say they should have "predicted" a virus like covid?

    Why would some communities need "special" types of HVACs as opposed to say, McKinney or Sunnyvale, TX? Communities run by responsible local govts will bail out those who are run by irresponsible people and politicians. Someone is bailing out another. Plain and simple. The ISD I pay taxes to won't get a dime of this payout, or, only a tiny fraction of what Cleveland or Dallas or Chicago or any irresponsibly run city govt or ISD.

    And yes, I'm serious, Mr running with scissors guy
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  15. bystander

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  16. bystander

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    She is an idiot, a liar and corrupt as hell. She glossed over Yellen's connections with Citadel, the hedge fund in the middle of the Reddit Meme stock debacle by focusing on her being the first woman to blah blah blah.

    Liberals are 100% political.

    They went to Laredo recently and failed to alert Henry Cuellar, the DEMOCRAT representative.

    Henry Cuellar: Biden admin came to my district and thinks they know the border better after a few hours

    They have a political agenda and hide behind making Trump out to be a ruthless Nazi. Liberals are the enemy of our country. There is no doubt and Biden is no moderate. He may have been over the course of his career but he is taking orders from others. Just look at this:

    Biden not yet holding a formal news conference raises accountability questions
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  17. mchammer

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  18. X Misn Tx

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    Thanks for this!

    I'm so against this whole "gotta be $2,000!" people who are cruising along at $70,000 with no impact on their income don't need to be given a couple of thousand dollars because people are sick. stupid.

    I'm actually for increasing unemployment (I care less about $300/wk vs $400/wk) so that people who did lost their jobs can maintain until next winter.

    I don't know the national data on how many schools have been closed still. Why is there so much money needed for them to reopen? Honest question really.

    I'd clear $500B off of that. I'm not super in favor of low balling the number for political reasons. But it has to be leaner. Most of those who get the checks, don't need them. That's my biggest frustration.
  19. 2003TexasGrad

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  20. nashhorn

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    People getting checks is my least frustration in the mess cause dang it, it’s our money anyway. It’s all the other that pisses me off. Unemployment can be understood but the ‘bump’ not so much. And anyone that think HVAC improvement is a Covid solution is foolish or just fooling themselves. Open the schools!
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  21. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Personally I don’t think Biden really has a clue what’s going on which is one (out of many) reason they do not allow him to speak off script.
  22. Monahorns

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    HVAC improvement can be a big improvement for making in-door spaces less likely vectors for infection. I have been reading about that for at least 6 months. Ventilation and air flow can disperse and remove virus.

    I don't think anything needs to remain closed until ventilation can be implemented but it would be good moving forward for all types of diseases.
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  23. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Disperse yes, remove? Not so simple I’m thinking.
    I can appreciate the contention of improvement to the entire inside environment (with a very costly system) for future benefit but do not believe it will effect a virus we are going to be over by June/July timeframe.
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  24. Seattle Husker

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    Let's be clear, this part of the giveaway is nothing more than a stimulus bill to spur the economy, which seems to be the MO for EVERY new administration. Stimulate the economy during year 1 so that you have an economic record to run on in year 3-4 for reelection. As far as stimulus go, I'd much rather give it to the people at the bottom that will spend it right away rathe than those at the top that will save/invest but really only add to an already robust portfolio. The bar for receipt of this money is too high, IMHO. I would have set the income bar somewhere less than $50k/individual.

    Agree. This is a better way, IMHO. A family member, conservative, who runs ~10 hotels told me that some of those they laid off don't want to return because these unemployment boosts have resulted in them making MORE than when they were working. To me that says that our minimum wage is too low but something to consider. Unemployment should never be more profitable than working.

    Not sure how many schools are still closed but over 90% can't hit the minimum CDC recommendations for in-person school whether that's HVAC improvements, Social distancing (my son's HS has 1800+ students in a building designed for far fewer) or masks/cleaning. All of that stuff costs $$$ after schools have been forced to make huge investments in technology to support remote teaching. Someone mentioned above "that's what bonds are for" and I'd simply respond with how long will that take and how successful will that be in the current economic climate? Putting a bond on the ballot now doesn't help the kids get back into the classroom any sooner.
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  25. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    You think we'll be over this by June/July? With new variants emerging all the time?
  26. Horn2RunAgain

    Horn2RunAgain 1,000+ Posts

    All that has to be done, is re-open the economy. No need to spend 2Trillion of *our* money to do it.

    That much is "clear".., and come 2022 and 2024 I believe most people will vote accordingly. The current admin's steps have been a hinderance, just stay on the pre covid Trump path and the economy is humming along just fine
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  27. Horn2RunAgain

    Horn2RunAgain 1,000+ Posts

    Using a bazooka to kill a gnat. Sorry, not a smart approach.

    COVID-19 Deaths by Age
  28. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    And if the economic recovery studders conservatives will be the first to point to the economy as a reason NOT to vote for the D POTUS candidate, just as the D's would do. Rather than hope the economy picks up they get a much safer bet at the expense of future generations.

    As an aside, I must have missed your criticism the massive tax cuts while increasing spending under the prior administration that had an equal impact on the national debt.
  29. OUBubba

    OUBubba Reluctant and Bullied Sponsor

    I think we all don't know the impact this has had on municipal and state budgets at this point.
  30. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad 10,000,000+ Posts

    Unfortunately it will take a year or two before we fully realize the consequences of this massive bill.

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