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    So I'm proposing to my girlfriend soon. I'm asking her dad for his blessing on thursday, i already know he'll say yes. But how long should I wait after asking him to propose to her? Would it be alright to do it this weekend or should I wait longer?
  2. ask him and tell him you've had plans to do it this weekend and wanted to make sure everything was right before getting his blessing.

    do whatever you can to have the both sets of parents be there the moments after you propose. that'd blow her mind away.
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    don't do it.
  4. A. BETTIK

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    The longer you wait after asking the blessing the greater the chance your future wife will use that against you in a future argument years hence. On the other hand, at the same time, she is just as likely to parley that into a step or two up the Female Pecking Order when gabbing with her girlfriends.
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    I would have been mad as hell if either set of parents had been there.

    I think this weekend is the perfect time! Make it special [​IMG]
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    [Queen]Another one bites the dust...[/Queen]
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    Great going Frank. You get one "girl" the rest of your life. Way to work it through. [​IMG]
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    You don't know what happiness is until you're married.

    And then it's too late.
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    industry standard 6 days
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    If you are going to be this stupid at least have a long engagement- you'll at least get some loving while she still cares enough to please you.
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    Son, what makes you think you are good enough to marry my daughter?
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    Is she hot?

    Is the mom hot?
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    My only suggestion is make sure you guys are the best of friends as well as lovers. Take any pre marriage counseling you can get, as it's amazing how different folks expectations are about marriage sometimes then they haven't discussed things as mundane as separate or commingled checking, trash take out, who scrubs the tub. Sounds silly but that's the sort of silly **** that can run either party the wrong way. I also agree that a long engagement is perfectly fine and probably preferable.


    .... take a good long look at her mother's ankles before making your final decision! [​IMG]
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    I got engaged in May. I waited two weeks after getting her dad's blessing before popping the question. Her parents (and her) live in Dallas and I had to have her mom get the size on one of her rings so that I could have the correct size for the engagement ring.

    My suggestion to you is that if you want to keep the whole thing a secret, ask your girlfriend as soon as you can after talking to her father. I specifically asked her mom not to tell ANYBODY until my now fiancee had a chance to call everyone and tell them herself. Of course her mom said 'yes' then immediately went and told pretty much everyone she knew. Kinda sucked for my fiance, but at least her ring was the correct size.
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    This is the most ridiculous thread I have ever read! Grow up and be a man...
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    Definitely propose in front of the parents.
    Film it.
    If she says no, post video.
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    Call me old school, but whatever happened to clubbing the object of your devotion over the head and dragging her back to your cave?
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    My EX-fiance proposed to me in front of his mom and stepdad while his mom was videoing the proposal in Key West. That was the most on the spot thing EVER!!!! HENCE EX FIANCE!!!

    DON'T DO THIS!!! Keep it to yourselves!!
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    Just work it out with the parents, and let them tell her who she will be marrying. Works in India. Give them a nice dowry.
    That way you won't have any anxiety over planning the engagement surprise.
  25. geez... tough crowd here. didn't we have this thread awhile back and everyone roughed up the person who said he wanted to invite both parents?

    you people are not gellin'
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    I find it funny how having the parents be there soon after the proposal got interpreted as having them watch the proposal.

    And I know some people are cynical about marriage, and maybe I'm just suffering from "no voice intonation over the internet" syndrome and the comments were just in jest, but telling someone you don't know that he is making a stupid decision by getting engaged seems like a....well, a stupid decision.
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    Your doing this during FOOTBALL SEASON?

    I think you lack the proper FOCUSNESS!
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    Hey, there isn't anything wrong with doing it during football season. My husband proposed to me during a UT football game and it wasn't even halftime! [​IMG]
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    One thing to remember:

    Scientist discovered a food that cuts a woman's sexual appetite by 98%...

    It's called wedding cake [​IMG]
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    Wait until this thread ends up on page 2

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