Protecting our 1st Amendment Rights

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Phil Elliott, May 22, 2020.

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    On the evening of Tuesday, March 10, 61 singers gathered for choir practice just north of Seattle. It was a standard rehearsal, as members sang in close quarters, shared snacks, and stacked chairs together at the end of the two-and-a-half-hour session.

    Five days later, the choir director sent an urgent email to the group. Several members had developed fevers, she said. The following Tuesday’s rehearsal was canceled. But by then, it was too late. Fifty-three of the 61 singers became ill, making for an “attack rate” of 87 percent. Three members of the choir were hospitalized. Two died.
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    Dear Diary...
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    That is a sad story about the choir but it happened on March 10 when people like Cuomo DeBlasio etc etc were saying there was nothing to be concerned about.

    Gov Inslee did not order lockdown until March 23
    LH when you try a gotcha get your facts straight first
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    that is a 3.77% kill rate. Should we really be that worried about a virus that only kills less that 4% of the people who catch it? I'm willing to bet those two had underlying health concerns.

    I hope we can start going out and 87% of the population does get it. The vast majority will get better and create a significant population with antibodies that the rest of us can draw upon when we get it.

    If you are old, and sick and have underlying health concerns, don't go out, stay away from people and when you finally do get it, hopefully there will be enough people out there able to donate their plasma that you can get a transfusion full of antibodies and you will get better.
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    LH forgot to mention that the Gov of Wash. did not lock down the state until 2 weeks later
    So LH's lame attempt to do a gotcha on a church failed
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    March 9 - New York reported 142 confirmed cases, according to Cuomo.

    Cuomo continued to urge the federal government to approve testing in the state. At the time, Northwell Health, the state's largest health care provider, was completing 75 to 80 samples of manual testing per day, but automated testing on thousands of samples per day still lacked federal approval.

    Trump tweeted fatality rates about the flu, seemingly comparing the two diseases. Health experts have noted that coronavirus is not like the flu.

    March 10 - New York reported 173 confirmed cases, according to Cuomo.

    With the majority still in Westchester County in New Rochelle, Cuomo closed down the schools, houses of worship and large gatherings within a mile radius of the city from March 12 to March 25.

    "As the number of positive cases rises, I am urging all New Yorkers to remember the bottom line: We talk about all this stuff to keep the public informed -- not to incite fear -- and if you are not a member of the vulnerable population then there is no reason for excess anxiety," Cuomo said.

    Trump, however, struck a more optimistic tone: "It hit the world, and we're prepared and we're doing a great job with it, and it will go away, stay calm, it will go away."

    March 11 - Confirmed cases in New York rose to 216, according to Cuomo, who also said the state had contracted 28 private labs to conduct testing.

    "We're continuing to prioritize ramping up testing capacity because the more people you identify as having the virus, the better you can contain it," Cuomo said.

    Trump meanwhile acknowledged in a memo an anticipated shortage of respirators.

    "Unfortunately, at present, public health experts anticipate shortages in the supply of personal respiratory devices (respirators) available for use by health care workers in mitigating further transmission of COVID-19," Trump wrote to his secretaries of health and human services and of labor.

    Trump's campaign also was continuing to hold rallies, despite Dr. Anthony Fauci's earlier recommendation people stay away from large crowds.
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    That church story Is a bit bizarre. Might as well say everyone got infected by those numbers but it says had a fever, etc not that everyone got tested and was positive for covid. Makes me wonder if anything can be that infectious why have we all not gotten it or there were more than one very sock person in that rehearsal group.
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    Dear diary, these guys on Hornfans just don't get it. I have been writing Corona virus fan fiction for the last 24 hours, but they just won't budge. Life is so not fair!
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    You are a sad little person aren't you? Pretending you don't know there was ZERO wrong with that choir practice. A sad thing that so many people got sick.
    You posted that on March 10 61 people attended choir practice north of Seattle. 53 became ill. 2 died
    You forgot to mention the fact that at the time there was no lockdown or restriction in place.
    Inslee did not issue stay at home order until March23.

    You tried to discredit my pointing your error out to you by posting what Cuomo did, Pay Attention. Cuomo barred large gatherings on March12. 2 days after the choir practice in Washington state.

    what in your mind was the point of you posting that story?
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    Some people need to politicize a virus to get Trump. It’s all they have. Sad.
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    back before he began impersonating a conservative to get elected, the swine played golf with Bill Clinton and other degenerates. He was a wealthy New York socialite who did a cameo in a Woody Allen in which he played a rich megalomaniac named Donald Trump. He cheated on his clothes horse gold digging wives and bragged about how people like him could molest women---though he did not say he had done so, just that he could. Swell guy. Of a piece with other recent degenerates to hold that office. But there is a precedent for such behavior----George Washington did this zhit all the time too.
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    Trump banging the Christian drum on a Friday so he could play golf on Sunday was so predictable. The sheep are buying from the wolf.
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    Do you have a link for that?
    I know he played Sat

    I found it
    What a horrid man

    btw Upholding the first does not make it mandatory
    but I agree bad optic
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    Link? He made a big push for "First Amendment" rights on Friday so Americans could go to church. He played golf Saturday and Sunday. For the first time in about 10 weeks. It's simple deduction, Watson.

    How many pastors have died from COVID-19? How many have died proclaiming that their church services would not be impacted by COVID?
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    I corrected my question.
    and agreed it is bad optics because haters like you will seize on on it.

    BUT be honest. What he did is what he is allowed to to and he also tried to make sure others could do what they are allowed to do, worship without government interference .
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    Non Sequitur. But I'll play.

    Very few. 1.
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    a$m going full USSR. These are the guys who point their fingers at the hippies at UT and say they are oh so much more conservative and such. If you are one of us, you can't explain it. If you are not one of us, you can't understand it. Blah, blah, blah:

    Social Media & Soft Totalitarianism | The American Conservative
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    Better the wolf than the slave trader.

    Left reminds me of Disney's version of Pinocchio. The scene where the bad boys would go to Pleasure Island. Go on, drink the free beer, make a jackass out of yourself, you will become slaves to the man and his beast of burden with your choices.
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    For the first time since the bonfire I have sympathy for aggy.
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    I was thinking of getting one of those voice command things for my house. I'm dam happy I didn't. Now I want no part of that crap. Now I'm going to disable SURI on my tablet.
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    Well what is wrong with me cause I thought that article posted by PE pointed out some significant concerns. Certainly things that bother me.
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    Parents tell ur kids scratch a$m off ur list of colleges to apply to. Problem solved.

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