Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Austin_Bill, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Austin_Bill

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    You damn right!!!
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    The silver lining in all these riots is that it convinced a lot of folks about the importance of the 2nd amendment. There is a growing segment of our population that feels empowered to commit violent acts. It's very clear that counting on law enforcement to protect you, your family, and your property is very foolish. Many of my agnostic neighbors are now looking educate themselves on firearms to protect their household.
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  3. Austin_Bill

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    What a major turn of thinking this is? Hope they also vote to keep those rights.

    I'm going to continue to keep this thread going as long as I can, simply because there are too many people like LH who are uneducated on guns and are trying to take away our right to control government and protect ourselves.

    Willing to bet this post gets a Laugh out of him but this isn't over one bit. Now they want to take away police. Fine, take them away and you are left with more guns in the community and much more violent killings.

    I really hope black people will understand this. The DNC is using you like pawns, your lives are going to be sacrificed by the DNC in their attempt to gain control. What do you think will happen when cops are off the streets? No accountability for criminals who is the #1 killer of black people, it's other black people. Now you will have nothing to get these guys off the streets, so you end up with vendetta justice. You killed my dog, I'm gonna slay your cat.

    I'm hoping another black panther movement will be started. What will happen in white neighborhoods is you will have more segregation than ever. Cops will protect White people because that is their pay check. There will be 10 cops in every white neighborhood compared to the 1 cop in every black or Latino neighborhood. It's like we are going back to the days of Greek City States. Who is going to open up a business in a black neighborhood when they know what will happen. All of this because dumbass Democrates whats to cut the cops out. Be my guest, it's not happening in Texas. I'm sure we will get more Red Americans moving away from places like the Peoples Republic of California to Texas looking for Law and order. New York will burn as will boston, baltimore and every other major east coast city looking to do this.

    When all this happens the people will turn on their local leaders who will have their own police force. Enjoy what you are creating, we have our guns and will will have our peace.
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  4. huisache

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    I tried to explain to some people who have never handled guns why Biden’s proposal re teaching cops to shoot perps in the leg rather than the torso is insane. They just didn’t get it.
    As the number of hunters and rural raised people decline we are going to lose a lot more of the legislative battles
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  5. Austin_Bill

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    That is why you never give an inch in gun control, everything is off limits. I will not comply is more than a slogan, it's the line we draw in the sand. This is our right and they cannot take it away unless we let them.

    When black men first got the right to vote, it was black women standing outside with shotguns that protected them when the KKK came to stop them. This isn't about color, this is about the Left wanting to enslave everyone and create their own social elite. First step, get rid of the guns. It's what the Communist did in Russia and in China. Not going to happen here.

    Hell the very first gun laws happened in California because the Black Panthers not only organized, but they openly had guns. Black people with guns scared the hell out of white people there, sadly including their governor, Ronald Reagan.

    I will gladly give up my guns when our Lord and Savior returns and tells all of us to turn our swords into plowshares.
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  6. nashhorn

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    Hui I guess those folks who think ‘shoot the leg’ watched the same westerns I did when the good guys only shot the guns out of the bad guys hands! Those were the days.
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  7. Austin_Bill

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    If you shot someone in the leg with a Desert Eagle, not only would his leg be blown off, but the impact of the hit would destroy all his organs.

    Some day I will own a Desert Eagle.
  8. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    ......and if you miss the smaller target the other guy blows you away.

    Don't pull a gun but don't shoot to wound
  9. Austin_Bill

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    Aim for his Johnson, It's smaller than his leg, but most misses tend to be up. People tend to go down when their dick is blown off.


    standard shooting should always be 2 in the chest 1 in the nose. Unless there is a hostage situation, 1 in the eye or nose area will drop him before he can do anything other than fall to the ground.
  10. OrangeShogun

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    Bill, while I applaud your vocal support for 2A, the statement above about shooting someone in the leg with a Desert Eagle is far from true and quite preposterous. With that said, carry on!
  11. LongestHorn

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  12. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill 2,500+ Posts

    The math behind the claim is that the size of the projectile is .50 caliber. That is huge, and when fired it leaves the gun traveling at around 1900 ft/s giving it a power of around 3796 Joules of power. The percussion of that kind of power hitting a human body is enough to destroy organs that were not otherwise touched by the bullet. The claim came from ballistics tests. Looking for a link referencing the tests.
  13. Driver 8

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    What gun would Jesus prefer?
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  14. Galvestonhorn

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    Jesus wouldn’t need a gun. They’d get knocked on their *** by his presence.
  15. Austin_Bill

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    First off Jesus would have a light saber not some silly gun. Second, when Jesus tells you no need for guns, I'm good with that. Most important I'd also get rid of my guns if I had a light sabor.
  16. OrangeShogun

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    No sir. Decades of hand loading ammo and shooting game animals with said ammo confirms that shooting something in the leg, regardless of how large/powerful the round will not destroy all their other organs. The leg, particularly if heavy bone is struck, will certainly be destroyed, but not other organs. Now had you been more specific and said a well placed center mass shot, and limited the organs in question to those in the chest cavity, well, now you're onto something. Again, I salute your staunch defense of 2A.
  17. dukesteer

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    Looking for input:

    For the first time in my life I am seriously considering purchasing a self-defense weapon, or two. I have done very little shooting but did try a few different options during a couple of indoor range visits over the past two years.

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  18. OrangeShogun

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    Good quality 12 or 20 gauge shotgun and a quality, reliable handgun in .38/9mm or larger caliber. Learn their operation until you are intimately familiar. There's an old adage that goes something like, "beware the man with one gun, because he probably knows how to use it."
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  19. iatrogenic

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    12ga pump shotgun. The pump action noise is a good deterrent by itself. Excellent home defense.

    For the road: .40 cal Glock pistola. 16 rounds. Reliable action and good stopping force. Carried by Feds and local cops both. Be careful where you put your hands or the slide will rip your skin.

    Have an experienced shooter train you on both. Wear ear protection when learning.
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  20. horninchicago

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    Same here.
  21. OrangeShogun

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    Are you "legally allowed" to posses a firearm in Chicago?
  22. horninchicago

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    Yes. I'm in the burbs but yes the SCOTUS made it so several years ago, I believe. Must apply for a FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) card. Easy to get, really. It's the concealer's;ed carry that is much more involved.

    Believe it or not, there is a gun store about 2 miles from me.
  23. huisache

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    for the home a pump action 12 gauge and for the auto a .38 five shot S&W. Small, light and effective at close range and not as likely to hurt somebody downrange like the heavier loads.
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  24. SlothHorn

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    Lol. You'll love my story. Let me preface it by stating that I grew up in a very left-wing, anti-gun family. Once in the real world, I obtained my own, separate beliefs.

    Anyway. About 5 years ago, I decided to buy a Glock and take a carry class (another state). My daughter - whose boyfriend was a few months away from graduating high school and joining the Marines - went with me. Once I purchased the gun, the two of us went to the gun range out back. Before lining up for the first shot, she told me she didn't think I was holding the gun correctly. Sure enough, slide slices the **** out of my hand. To make matters worse, I had to go back to the front desk and ask if they had any bandages.

    I'm good now, but that first foray into gun ownership was quite a lesson.
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  25. iatrogenic

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    Now you just need to get "scope eye" and you will be all set!
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  26. Austin_Bill

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    Every home needs the following

    Shotgun - Nothing says you fooked like the sound of a shotgun getting cocked.
    9mm - Most common handgun round.
    45 acp - greater stopping power than a 9mm, but generally hold fewer rounds.
    .556 - This is your AR15, accurate and generally makes people think twice
    7.62 - Your basic AK47, the most common rifle round in the world and sometimes you just need to go back to mother russia

    These are your basic weapons to keep the bad guys out. For the more discerning connoisseur of the phew phew.

    6.65 Creedmore - it's in the middle of the AK and the AR and it more accurate than you will ever be with more stopping power than the AR.
    .338 Lapua - Will take down a very big man at about 1500 meters, if you can actually hit him.
    50 BMG - Shoots through engine blocks and makes people explode at the same time.
    50 Beowolf - Little brother to the .338 Lapua and can be an accessory to you AR15.

    I'll probably come up with more later...
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