Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Austin_Bill, Apr 28, 2020.

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    Interesting that in that vid they both agree they would not shoot at someone. over property, making the point if someone wants your car let them take it.
    How do you know that is all they are going to do when they are coming at you?
    I don't see it as shooting to protect property. I see it as protecting my or others life
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    I think it's question each person has to make for themselves. What is too far. I draw the line in this way. I need my car to care for my family and do my job. without it, I'm screwed. If they want to take my car and I'm armed I have to defend my right to keep my car. So I would shoot to protect my right to that car. Same as if I lived in the 1800's and someone wanted to steal my horse. Of course I will always defend my home and my family and use deadly force to protect them. Now with that said, If I am being mugged and someone wants my wallet, I'd probably just give it to them. There is nothing in my wallet worth killing someone over. That same mugger threatens my wife and it's on like Donkey Kong.

    When you buy a gun, the first thing you will do is start to think of all the scenarios you might be forced to use it. Then you have to determine if it is prudent or lawful in that scenario to use deadly force. Finally you will likely apply your own moral code to how and when you will use this force.

    I think they were coming from this place when they made the statement they would just let them take the car.
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    I just purchased a Fostech Echo Trigger for my AR for those that don't know, it is a binary trigger that fires a single shot when you pull the trigger but it also fires a second shot when you release the trigger. It's the closest thing to rapid fire you can legally get. here is a video on this badass trigger.

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    NICS checks up 61% YOY in Sept, continuing the record-breaking pace
    An estimated 28.8M guns have been sold through Sept 2020
    Which already surpasses 2019's record totals, with 3 months to go

    Given that we have been assured protests are peaceful, I dont know what could possibly be leading to such a surge ......

    Gun Purchases Are Breaking All-Time Records This Year After Rioting
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    Good luck with that.
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    Government: “we are here to have you register your AR 15.”

    Me: “I don’t have one, I sold it to oububba”
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    Apparently mine was originally purchased by a sheriff in East Texas. It’s not stolen - just random trades and purchases.
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    I remember a boating accident...I just don't remember the lake. If you can find that lake, you can find the guns.

    What's that? Police report? Nah. They weren't stolen. It was a simple boating accident. Capsized and then we turned it back over...there were no injuries, so no need to get authorities involved.
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    Think poll tax... now we have gun tax... disenfranchising the poor? Only the rich and elite can own what the Constitution guarantees?
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  11. Joe Fan

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    I think they are just trying to find new inventive ways of circumventing the 2A, Heller, et al. If this fails, it will be something else
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    For you legal scholars, would this be something that could be initiated via executive order, or would this require a new law to be passed?
  13. bystander

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    It's my opinion that it would require a bill from Congress because it's a tax, similar to the individual mandate (which Obama denied was a tax but was bailed out by the Supreme Court).

    I suppose we could call it a fee. But it's not universal such as having to pay a fee for a social security card. But that reimburses the government for printing and overhead. This is not reimbursing the government for any out of pocket costs for on demand service.
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    I only have two samari swords. I’ve already identified my republican friend who gets to put me down. He will be gentle. He helped me with a dog awhile back.
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    The only automatics I had were an Mp40 and a Mg42. Great fun to use, but really tore through the ammo. I sold them some years back to a movie production company for a nice sum. Still have a K98 Mauser (1941 issue) with bayonet and an M1 Garand (1943 issue). Much easier on the cost of ammo.
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