Pryor to tOSU

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LagoHorn, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I can't wait to see him lose to an SEC team in the MNC.
  3. ptownhorn

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    at least he would be playing in the championship
  4. longhornfan2818

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    Ohio State will continue to be overrated. The will sail through the weak *** big 11 then get thumped when they play a real team.
  5. hornpharmd

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    wow, so Mallett wasn't just transferring due to Pryor. More bad news for Rich Rod.
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  7. THEU

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    I just don't understand this. What serious QB competition would he have faced at Michigain? It seems that Rich Rod's offense is taylor made to his physical abilities. I am just puzzled by this decision. I don't wish the kid anything but good for him though.
  8. ptownhorn

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    maybe there is hotter *** at OSU
  9. hornpharmd

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    tOSU got Clarrett thru 1.5 years of college I believe.
  10. Chingowbrowncow

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  11. unpaintedhuffhines

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    "the university of Ohio St"

    ha. I'm sure the buckeyes loved that, but I'm sure they could give a **** since he chose them
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    I think his "University of ...The Ohio ..." was to mislead people just for a second or two.
  17. jt09

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    how about calling coach tressell, "tress"? that was a nice touch.
  18. homerwight

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    Ching, you're a freakin poet! No offense was intended. The only critique I have is that Ozone and Turbo are winners. They saved the Rec Center and RP might be flippin' burgers soon.
  19. unpaintedhuffhines

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  20. RockyBalboa

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    How much of a consideration was Texas? You'd think Mack would have a great recruiting pitch since he's already shown that he can take a QB like Prior and win a national championship.

    I didn't follow his recruiting at all, so I'm clueless on who was a contender for him.
  21. RabidLonghorn

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    You would think the whupping OSU got the last two years in the title game would make him think twice:
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    They deserve each other.
  25. random horn

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    I hadn't heard of the guy until the he was mentioned on PTI. Didn't some other goober do a big announcement a couple years ago and go to Penn St.?
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    He must really love the bucknutz. Ii only took him a month and a half extra to commit.

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    Nice catch Shark. He'll burn up the slow Big 11 defenses.
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    wasn't Breakin' 2 the one where they danced on the ceiling? that was pretty cool

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