PS3 Headset Question

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by wild_turkey, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. wild_turkey

    wild_turkey 250+ Posts

    Can you use any Bluetooth headset with the PS3? I have a Motorola one that I bought about a year ago for my cell phone. Never really used it, but I tried linking it to the PS3 and couldn't get it to work. Does anyone have a specific headset model that they recommend?
  2. longhorn_nation

    longhorn_nation 25+ Posts

    The guy at GameStop told me any blue tooth would work for the PS3. So it should.
  3. VoodooChi|d

    VoodooChi|d 500+ Posts

    It should work with the moto btooth headset. You need to put the headset in "pairing mode" when you search for it.
  4. wild_turkey

    wild_turkey 250+ Posts

    How exactly do I put the headset into pairing mode? Is that done through the PS3 or through the headset?
  5. hornian

    hornian 1,000+ Posts

    Through the headset. Look for a user manual online if you don't have your original one.
  6. wild_turkey

    wild_turkey 250+ Posts

    Alright I think I figured it out. Thanks for the help.

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