PSA: DeSoto at Cedar Hill 6pm ESPN

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Hornoholic, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Hornoholic

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    DeSoto at Cedar Hill in a clash of Texas rivals. DeSoto CB Adrian White and WR Darius Terrell, along with Cedar Hill LB Aaron Benson, are among those who have committed to the University of Texas.

    should be a good 1.
  2. CanaTigers

    CanaTigers 2,500+ Posts

    Huge rivalry game, Desoto hates losing to CHill. But I am still taking CHill to win this one. A ton of future college players on both sides.
  3. everybodygodeep

    everybodygodeep 500+ Posts

    White Terrell and Benson all playing excellent.
  4. jamaebarrow

    jamaebarrow 100+ Posts

    Terrell doesn't seem very fast...
  5. HTownSmitty

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  6. BigWill

    BigWill 2,500+ Posts

    the aggy recruit that was injured looked like the second best RB on his team.
  7. Handler XIII

    Handler XIII 1,000+ Posts

    Does Desoto's coach always make dumb decisions like he did tonight?
  8. FootballFrank

    FootballFrank < 25 Posts

    Fun and entertaining game to watch. Pretty good play for first game of the year. Pretty poor coaching by Desoto really hurt the team. Talent all over the field.
  9. RomaVicta

    RomaVicta 5,000+ Posts

    Either of those teams would have not merely thrashed but probably eaten the team from my school in the 70s. It's amazing how much better the game is now.
  10. BigWill

    BigWill 2,500+ Posts

    70's?'re old.
  11. RomaVicta

    RomaVicta 5,000+ Posts

    Speak up, sonny, I can't hear ye.
  12. Uninformed

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    70's? DUDE...YOU'RE OLD.

    Just kidding.
  13. Dude

    Dude 1,000+ Posts

    DeSoto's coach should have his head in a sling, not his arm. The UT commits were looking good.
  14. cochamps

    cochamps 2,500+ Posts

    Terrell is projected to play TE in college.
  15. adUTleander

    adUTleander 250+ Posts

    He seems like an exact replica of Jermichael Finley, at least from his attributes. I didn't get a chance to see him play though.
  16. Hornius Emeritus

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    He's plenty fast. At least he was when I saw him play basketball this past spring.
  17. RomaVicta

    RomaVicta 5,000+ Posts


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