PSA: Free cab rides in Austin - Sober Ride

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Longhorn_Fan68, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Longhorn_Fan68

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    Up to $30. Please take advantage of this.
    The Link

  2. TxStHorn

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    Great advice - thanks!
  3. AustinBadger

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    Amen. I live downtown and here are a lot people already out.

    Be smart getting home. Don't need any tragedies to start 08.

  4. VoodooChi|d

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    Put it in my phonebook in case I need it tonight... thanks...
  5. l00p

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    Walked in the door twenty minutes ago and there were several people where I was that will hopefully use this service. I was the designated driver for my group. Came home and had two Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits. A great way to start off a new year.
  6. Lonestarman

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  7. Orange&White

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    Just think...What if M.A.D.D. used its millions of dollars to subsidies cab rides, like in this instance, rather than focusing all of its energy (and money) on arresting people who drink one beer and drive home?
  8. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Just think, what if there were no stupid jackasses in the world who have more than one beer and go out and kill people, get into accidents and put countless people in jeapordy every single day. Wow, the money our court system would save. We could free up officers for other things. That would rock!!!

    I know a few people who have been arrested for DWI. I am pretty sure we all know some. I don't know any of them that had one beer and then got arrested. If you are the type that one beer pushes your limit, then don't drink at all in public or if you will drive for awhile. It's really easy.
  9. Orange&White

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    I'd be more than happy to continue tis discussion on another thread in the appropriate forum.

    In the past 6 months I have met 5 people who were arrested for DWI AFTER submitting to a breathalyzer in which they blew UNDER the legal .08 limit. In each case, the person was ultimately found not guilty or the charges were dropped, but not before each of them had to spend $2500 to $6500 to defend themselves.

    The list of criticisms of MADD is massive and growing larger and very well documented. You can look it up if you'd like. The original founder of the group has left it and denounces the organization as "Neo-prohibitionist". Most of the entities that "rate" charities rate MADD very poorly because more than 80% of their "donations" are used to generate more donations rather than actually fighting drunk drivers.

    I DO NOT advocate or condone drunk driving and to insinuate that I do is ludicrous. I do however believe that as long as a person is responsible enough to stay under the legal limit, they should not be railroaded by a corrupt system. And, I was merely pointing out that if all of MADDs lobbying money and all of the money spent on enforcement was actually used to get people home safely, everyone would end up happier and safer.
  10. l00p

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    I guess the obvious is to not drink if you go out if you plan to drive. Personally I don't see where taking a risk, wondering if you ate enough or if enough time has passed and other things are worth it. Simple solution is to not drink in that scenario or get a cab or have a trusted ride home. .00 is much different than .08. That is unless a person cannot have fun without alcohol but that is another story.

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