PSA: Shut up w/ the mudhole

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by drewdizzle, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. drewdizzle

    drewdizzle 25+ Posts

    Please stop saying we're going ot 'mudhole' TCU or anybody else other than Rice, UNT, et al.

    After saying we're going to mudhole K. State and A&M, I'd say its a friggin' jinx. Shut up, please.... ty.
  2. PipFunatUT

    PipFunatUT 500+ Posts

    we will mudhole tcu... they suck.. i started looking up stats from last few years not impressive.. tech ou and aggy are better teams next year
  3. PipFunatUT

    PipFunatUT 500+ Posts

  4. Randy_Allen_Fan

    Randy_Allen_Fan 25+ Posts

    mudhole = acceptable

    chat = jinx
  5. theropods

    theropods 250+ Posts

    Should we mudhole the chat?
  6. IPoopOnWhoop

    IPoopOnWhoop < 25 Posts

  7. hollisdude

    hollisdude 500+ Posts

    Dude ... the mudhole factor is way over 99.2% for us mudholists. I take offense to your anti-mudhole stance. TCU has a mudhole coming.
  8. Staley

    Staley 100+ Posts

    mudholes don't even take affect until mid august.
  9. That's Right

    That's Right 500+ Posts

    we will stomp a ******* mudhole in TCU's collective ***. rook.
  10. origino

    origino 250+ Posts

    this post needs a mudhole stomped in it.
  11. Ron_Mexico

    Ron_Mexico First Time Poster

  12. Tex Pete

    Tex Pete 1,000+ Posts

    Because we've lost soooooo many games over the last few years. [​IMG]
  13. Kwisatz

    Kwisatz 500+ Posts

    Also, make sure if you are watching the game and Texas has the lead, DO NOT MOVE AN INCH! Simply shifting your weight can be catastrophic. And make damn sure you don't go to the bathroom.

    Now if Texas is losing go change your clothes and open a fresh beer IMMEDIATELY!

    That is all.
  14. Chooky

    Chooky 100+ Posts

    Ah. The old "mudhole" posts by horndfl/close to jumping were the gifts of this board when the Horns were only a few days away from a big game. The mudhole posts were colorful and humorous diatribes that were ultimately packed with savvy breakdowns between the strenghts and weaknesses of another team, accompanied with detailed descriptions and solid breakdowns of individual players. While I truly enjoyed the "mudhole" posts, they weren't the guy's best work. His best stuff was when he'd hone in on one specific aspect of the team and scrutinize and celebrate with maximum effort. Actually, any post from horndfl would light this board up like a Christmas tree. Even just reading a response to a thread by dfl was a treasure. He always provided solid insight and was mainly just flat-out entertaining.

    That makes me wonder about what happened to all of the homerun hitters from yester ago.

    We lost ol' Phx, bless him. What the Hell ever happened to Scipio Tex?

    I would literally pay a monthly fee if someone could harness those guys in an internet posting sweatshop and force them to churn something out at least once a week. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  15. longerhorn

    longerhorn 25+ Posts

    ^ same here. The horndfls, scipio tex, etc.were awesome posts. the people not on the board during those times missed out big time. I fully expect to see a horndfl/close to jumping mudhole post on TCU.
  16. Mack Tripper

    Mack Tripper 500+ Posts

    Someone needs to mudhold this noob.
  17. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

    I have personally mudholed mudholes in a very angry way and I am not ashamed of my mudholing technique
  18. The Peoples Elbow

    The Peoples Elbow 250+ Posts

    i am here in support of the mudhole. i award this thread one star.

    carry on.
  19. VoodooChi|d

    VoodooChi|d 500+ Posts

    I also support mudholes and hope we continue to administer them.
  20. Chooky

    Chooky 100+ Posts

    Everyone should ease off of the original poster. I've seen the dude post before, and I'd imagine that if he'd been around he would have taken delight in the mudhole posts like the rest of us. I see his angle. I want to rip my fingernails off when I have to glance twice at the word "idiot" to see if someone wrote "idoit." Catch phrase repetition drains all humans. Once agian, few people, if any, derived enmity at the smart energy that horndfl and his mudhole business brought to the board.

    Where is that cat?

    Anyway, speaking of ghosts, the bonus to those threads were when HenryJames would chime in with something random, seemingly just to pester horndfl. Then you'd see guys like scally and sizzlechest bounce in only to cast hilarious gestures of insincerity to everyone. That would then be followed by dfl. ignoring that and then proceeding to categorically rape almost everyone of the rest of his dissenters with a laser-guided eloquence. After wading through that, someone like Doperbo, Scipio or Phx. would just sprinkle the mountain with more great football takes and observations.

    If there had ever been a popcorn vendor in the vicinity of my monitor while I stumbled upon one of those threads he would've made a killing.
  21. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

  22. The Peoples Elbow

    The Peoples Elbow 250+ Posts

    if you don't like mudholes, i offer buttfucking into oblivion as a synonymous alternative

    we are going to buttfuck tcu into oblivion
  23. S197HQQKEM

    S197HQQKEM 500+ Posts

    That would be a SMOOOOOOOOOTH buttfucking.

  24. mez2

    mez2 100+ Posts

    all your mudholes are belong to us
  25. hollisdude

    hollisdude 500+ Posts

    Chooky strolling down Nostalgia Lane, looking left, looking right ... wistfully.
  26. Ignatius

    Ignatius 1,000+ Posts

    What was the original mudhole game post? I want to say it was the year we lost to Stanford...
  27. wherzwaldo

    wherzwaldo 1,000+ Posts

    Arkansas 2003 was the original mudhole post, as far as I'm aware. The [​IMG] that ensued afterward was the stuff of legends.

    DFL still posts anti-Astros rants occasionally on the baseball board, but I haven't seen him elsewhere, nor have I seen evidence of him in a few months.
  28. TheGallopinGoose

    TheGallopinGoose 2,500+ Posts

    Is it all-right to use "mudhole" in the past tense? (As in, "We stomped a mudhole in Sam Houston State" or "Elbow Drop Guy stomped a mudhole in Albert the Alligator")
  29. Burnt_Orange_Sky

    Burnt_Orange_Sky < 25 Posts

    If mudhole becomes illegal.....only outlaws will have mudhole. [​IMG]
  30. orangebones

    orangebones 500+ Posts

    the original poster is a tcu apologist...mudhole mudhole mudhole

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