QB Battle

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Who Wins the QB Battle

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  1. Casey Thompson

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  2. Hudson Card

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  1. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Casey is very good, maybe even exceptional, at the intangibles a winning QB brings to the team.

    However you want to describe it: feel for the game, leadership, making something happen, inspiring, chemistry with his WRs and TEs--especially Worthy, situational awareness -- this includes the oft-overlooked clock management aspect of a QB. Some QBs just have IT. Casey has IT.

    Not this "IT":
  2. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    I'm sorry you feel that way.

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  3. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 2,500+ Posts

    Casey vs Hudson is similar to Sam vs Shane. In both instances there’s good qualities in the “backup” but the guy who gets the nod seems to create more when things don’t go as planned.
  4. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    Yea, not really.
    Shane was recruited for an entirely different offensive scheme.
    Sam was the QB/RB that Herman needed for his scheme.
    Shane wasn't physically built for that.
    If Herman keeps Sterlin Gilbert as OC I bet Shane starts over Sam.
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  5. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 2,500+ Posts

    Good points, Moon. I'm not going by scheme, just the ability to evade. It's early for Hudson but my comparison is that, similar to Shane, he's more frequently tackled/sacked if the throwing lane/pass protection isn't there. So, regardless of offensive scheme, if the receivers are covered and the rush is on, Sam (and now Casey) seem to be better at getting out of there....
  6. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    But Sam was sacked quite a bit actually.
    He had a tendency to hold onto the ball to long.
    I think Shane was just as capable of evading a pass rush and finding open green space.
    But Same could break tackles and run over people.
    I think Card's decision making process needs to improve.
    Yet, even Sark pointed out an instance in the TCU game where rather then step up into the pocket and take off, Casey took a sack.
    I tend to wonder, as another poster pointed out, what would Card look like now had he remained the starter and had the extra experience under his belt.
    I don't think our win/loss record would look any different.
    Fortunately, that's not my decision to make.
    Sark is the QB whisperer and I trust his decision.
    If Casey pulls off anything close to the Alamo Bowl today then we beat the land thieves.
  7. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 5,000+ Posts

    Yes but i opine that Card wil eventually will develope pocket awareness and be more adept to escaping. He is not as quick as Thompson but he is a very mobile when he needs to be.
  8. gahornphan

    gahornphan 500+ Posts

    Just my opinion, but I think we can close this thread.
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  9. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    Oh, I think we all know there's no battle at this point.
    But their talent level is so close it's a fun discussion.
    In Sark we trust. ;)
  10. mb227

    mb227 de Plorable

    Not so fast, my friend...as Corso would utter.
  11. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Sark is a great OC. Still learning to be a HC.
  12. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    We suck. Bottom line. Goddamned losers today giving up a huge lead. F me for getting excited. What an *******.
  13. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    Why don't you move on to a different team then?
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  14. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    We just don't have the horses yet.
    Especially on defense.
    We'll get there.
  15. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 2,500+ Posts

    I believe Hudson would perhaps have been fatally injured today….they were coming with their ears pinned back…
  16. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    I don't think so.
    Casey had one good scramble really.
    Card doesn't get beat up any worse than Casey.
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