'Quality Seafood' off Airport

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by TheFied, May 7, 2007.

  1. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    Went there 2 weeks ago for dinner on Monday night. I think it was half off crawfish, they sell it boiled by the pound.

    Oh my. Good stuff.
  2. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    I went there last Tuesday for dinner and the had $2 any fish taco, $2 draft beers, and crawfish for $4 a pound. Needless to say it was a great dinner. The blackened catfish tacos I had were amazing.
  3. chitwood

    chitwood 250+ Posts

    Had dinner there last week--crawfish, oysters, gumbo. All of it was excellent.
  4. K-Man

    K-Man 250+ Posts

    Yes, and Live Oak beers on tap. Hell yeah
  5. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    always was afraid of this place. I'll go give it a shot.
  6. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    The place seems like a locals dive. Not sure if you go there to see people or to be seen...

    But their crawfish were excellent. They get their shipments on Mondays, I believe. They had fresh crawfish with some great spices and they had fresh oysters and some great peel and eat shrimp.
  7. doylehargraves

    doylehargraves 500+ Posts

    It's very good.
  8. Orange&White

    Orange&White 1,000+ Posts

    Definitely NOT for "being seen".

    Definitely FOR eating good, cheap food.
  9. 1918Speedway

    1918Speedway 250+ Posts

    I must have driven by that place a million times, but never stopped. Guess I need to try it.
  10. Traffic

    Traffic 500+ Posts

    I thought it was just a fish market. I didn't realize they had a restaurant.
  11. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    I talked to some employees last week and they said they did a huge interior renovation 1.5 years ago to make the restaurant a lot nicer.
  12. hornimal

    hornimal 500+ Posts

    yes, that place used to be a real **** hole. stopped by earlier this year to pick up some mudbugs for a boil and was blown away at home nice and well-stocked with spices they were.
  13. plumborange

    plumborange < 25 Posts

    Cup of gumbo and a crab cake for under $6...cant beat it
  14. orangebones

    orangebones 500+ Posts

    i go there pretty regularly for oysters...mmmmmm.....
  15. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    had lunch today...enjoyed it. Inside is so much nicer than the exterior leads on. Cool spot for a beer and some scrimps.
  16. Tex Pete

    Tex Pete 1,000+ Posts

    My dad's been buying seafood in there for many years.

    I took him in there for a bite a few weeks back. I thought it was really good, and inexpensive, too. [​IMG]
  17. PipFunatUT

    PipFunatUT 500+ Posts

    went there recently... the gumbo was not good and well to be honest most of the food i had was not that great... i am a true coonass though so i might just be used to the real thing... made me sad though...
  18. utexas_61

    utexas_61 500+ Posts

    went last night and got 2 blackened catfish tacos and the crab cake. both were tits. i give it two fishy thumbs up
  19. hornian

    hornian 1,000+ Posts

  20. westtechsan

    westtechsan < 25 Posts

    The place looks better than it used to inside and out.

    I tend to like to like the grilled items better than the fried food. Thier best deal is thier daily special. Often they offer sea scallops, salmon, or swordfish for under $10.

    You get the best service at the bar. Definately an Old Austin place.
  21. Horn_Spanker

    Horn_Spanker 250+ Posts

  22. orange-explosion

    orange-explosion 25+ Posts

    Used to always shop at the market. They have an email club (or at least used to) with weekly discounts. Recommended.
  23. NBMisha

    NBMisha 500+ Posts

    Stopped there after the game Sat. Grilled shrimp were excellent. Atmosphere is just perfect for my taste, in semi dive. I'm one who has driven by for decades, but that was my first stop. Always thought it was retail not restaurant.
  24. rage-a-holic

    rage-a-holic 250+ Posts

    went there a few days ago with people from work. decent food, but the portions were very small for the price.

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