R.I.P. Charlie Watts

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Hideo Gump Jr., Aug 24, 2021.

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    Yes RIP. Very sad we are really starting to lose many of these rock legends...

    You should Google or browse and read his bio or at least Wikipedia. I did shortly after I learned he died. Very interesting and a lot I did not know about his past and stuff about him & the Stones.
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    I saw them only one time live, and they put on a great show. Charlie was the stable iron man throughout the entirety of the Stones.

    Story from a cable documentary—Mick stumbles into the hotel very drunk and loudly yells “Where’s my drummer?!?!” over and over, up and down the hallway. Charlie hears Mick, gets up, dresses up in the nicest clothes he had available, brushes his hair, and goes out to meet Mick. Charlie then decks Mick and knocks him to the floor, and says: “I’m not your drummer. You’re my singer! Don’t ever forget it!”
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    He was a great one on the traps.

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