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It's a stretch to add Penn State as a college football blue blood.

Why? They deserve special consideration for being the only school to EVER turn down a chance to play for a National Championship because their coach knew our kids had kicked the **** outa his kids four years before in Hershey.

Throw is the situation in San Antonio "Papa Joe" really was a piece of ****.

At this rate, I kind of just want the commissioners of the B1G, SEC, XII, and ACC to hire a third party to take over the "new" FBS football division and start hammering out the bylaws.

I'm thinking it could be anywhere from 40-80 teams. Don't really care... just start somewhere.
Promotion and relegation rules.
NIL, free agency, transfer, eligibility, "progress towards a degree" rules.
TV or streaming deal for the whole league.
Have ADs and university presidents start shilling for it.
Conference and division alignments.

Just do it already.
Good reason to avoid living in CA.
I think players on opposing teams get hit with those taxes for games played in that once great state because the income is "earned" there. Likewise, players for teams in California get a break when they play in Texas and Florida or other states with no income tax.

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