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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    NOLA will certainly be a "neutral site", IF "neutral" means 75,000 drunk coonasses versus 5,000 fans that don't know their school song, but learned to spell the name of their school only because of the fight song - although learning that "whooo" is not the last letter in "FLORIDA STATE", is a graduate course in Tallahassee.
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    Anybody remember Montreal meander? Well he is playing safety for the giants
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    Snyder deserves every penny K State pays him and lots more. He turned K State from a football ******** to a competitive program. One wonders what he could have done at an Ohio State or a Tennessee. I don't think he would fit here - except winning makes everything a good fit.
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    Why am I not surprised?
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    At least they are not predicting a $EC Championship game Part 2.

    Alabama is the reigning champ with no observable weakness again. OK

    If not for brain farts by Sam and the Texas coaching staff last year Texas would have beat ou, and we would have been spared the ou choke job in their CFP game last year. With a new QB who will be playing his first and last season, and again a questionable defense why ou? This might be a case of disrespect for the PAC-12 and/or not wanting to predict the failure that was a game featuring two teams that had already played.

    Until they get their house straightened out predicting anything out of tOSU (other than not going 0-12) will be an issue.

    Sons of Clem apparently must be better thought of than anything the PAC-12 can produce.
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    I'll take the Sugar Bowl. :)
    Saw a talking head on ESPN College Football Live pick Texas as his dark horse to make the playoffs.
    Not sure why all the love.
    Hope we can live up to it.
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    I thought Bill Snyder died like 10 years ago

    What is he? Some sort of wizard???
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    I think so.

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    Sure do miss this video game ...
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    Seems odd

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    Thanks for sharing - THIS is on my calendar for viewing next week! :hookem:
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    It's the time of year for wild predictions that no one will remember. That means you go find the team with the highest ceiling that's not a conventional pick. With Texas' athletes and potential, there's no question they are physically capable of putting it all together, winning the Big XII and playing in the championship. Now... whether they'll actually do that or not is an entirely different question.

    I miss that game. But sometimes the simulations are a little bizarre and glitchy. In USC's first series, they got called for two penalties, and I'm pretty sure they didn't actually get marked off in penalty yards. (Maybe I just wasn't paying close attention.) What was really fun was when USC came to the line of scrimmage with 13 seconds on the play clock, and sat there in position doing absolutely nothing until they got a delay call.
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    LSU seems to be having trouble keeping a qb on roster just lost 2 in 2 days
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    They will pull someone off Bourbon Street and still beat aggy.
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    Random observation: I'm watching a replay of the '77 Texas-Arkansas game, and before the kickoff, someone apparently let a possum loose on the field (guess which fan based probably did that...) Anyway, the official not only didn't bat an eye, but walked over, scooped it up by the tail and carried it off the field.
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    I always assumed it was somebody’s lunch that got away.
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    Minn Football has tattoo story night. See what happens next :hookem:

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    The SWC with Piggy and UH was peak fun times for us in terms of fan experience. So much better than what we have now. Yes, we make more money now, but its not the same game day experience. Basketball and baseball were a better fan experience then too. Road games were easy to get to, and we already had ou in Dallas. I sometimes feel a little bad for the UT folks too young to know how much fun conference play can really be.
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    I'll deposit this here...............

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    Our little conference is now mulletless

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    Oh the humanity! What are we to do?

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