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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Smartest move he can make unless Martell is going there. Selfishly I'd like to see Hurts move to TCU.
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    The sooners luck has to run out at some point. Mark my words.
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    This kid I tell yeah
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    He can ask, and the A's can agree and raise the stakes to $15 million:

    1) $5 million to sign and report to rookie ball

    2) Whatever you get from NFL is offset against our amount

    3) Any time missed offsets our amount $1 million per week

    4) Your $10 million, if earned, is payable as these milestones are reached

    Get your money kid and have the Texas graduates in your family help you invest it. That means no cars over $150,000.
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    Dude has options. I can't hate.
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    That's good to hear. Guy looks like a pretty natural RB and would definitely help with the depth in that room immediately. We desperately need a home run threat in the run game, and we don't seem to have it right now. Just based on what I've seen, Smith does look more like a slot receiver guy who can make plays outside in the run game, whereas Whittington looks like he could have a more rounded game between the tackles and getting outside.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the emphasis on Herman needing a dual threat has mostly come from the media. My guess is that if Rising were the guy, it wouldn't be that difficult for him to shift toward a more passer-oriented concept.

    I think the main reason that Sam has been such a perfect fit for this team is that right now, this o-line hasn't been consistently able to line up and just run the ball at people (Georgia notwithstanding - we can't play SEC defenses EVERY week! :D ) We really needed Sam's legs to open the run game up a little. With improved line play and better backs, I do think we could run something that doesn't require the QB to carry the ball 10 times a game. Sounds like that has been one of Rising's concerns about the offense so far.
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    From TFB:

    I can tell you that the Sugar Bowl win and Texas’ ability to get certain young players on the field was big for them with certain young players. There were rumblings of a few higher profile freshmen who were considering a transfer but now that issue seems to have been assuaged. There is still one player who I am awaiting word on as to whether he will return. If I hear that he won’t be, I’ll pass the name along.

    Ayodele Adeoye is one of those names who was considering looking into a transfer, but now they expect him to stay to stay.

    Open Post | Monday, January 14th - The Football Brainiacs - UT Edition
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    Joe, I had a feeling after you posted the teaser that it might be either Adeoye or Overshown. Hope they both stay.

    I remember TH singling out Adeoye when talking about the 2018 class, that he was a full sized man. For that reason I had thought that Adeoye would have been more visible this past season, and taken more than a few snaps at LB. I have to wonder...either he isn’t coming up to speed quickly enough, or simply, he doesn’t have the foot speed.
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    Adeoye had the injury too.
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    One time Longhorn

  12. Joe Fan

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    Yep. On AA, maybe its getting in there for a year and just realizing it himself? In any event, what they are saying its the Sugar Bowl improved a few attitudes.

    Seems like these new rules are going to make this a repetitive scene, every season, across all teams.
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    Makes sense. Who’s the coach on the bottom left hand corner he looks familiar?
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    Sterlin Gilbert is the head coach (was prior at USF w/CS)
    Matt Mattox is OL coach
    Cris Dishman (ex-Oiler) is DB coach
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    He will do well in Lake Charles, they'll get him a good summer job making $250-500 a day
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  18. Joe Fan

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    Tate Martell to Miami
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    Whittington is an electrifying playmaker. WR, RB, Wildcat QB, return man, wherever--just get him on the field and get him the touches. Good things will happen. You could also say the same about Jake Smith. We've needed this sort of explosiveness and it's great to have it!
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    Jalen Hurts to ou

    At the same time, ou is blocking Austin Kendall from becoming immediately eligible at WVU as a grad transfer
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  23. Joe Fan

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    247 says Thompson has told our coaches he will take his name out of the transfer portal and remain in Austin.

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    FWIW, Rising hosted Bru McCoy when he OVd to Austin
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    Looks like ou realized the bad PR from this block outweighed their strong desire to be petty

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    Wells .... another Chip Brown screwup?
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    Last I heard was from Herman back in early November on radio, said Porter hadn't decided yet and both options were possible. Have heard nothing sense.

    The weird thing here is that not much changed. If he wanted to be The Man, why did he choose a school whose two starting QBs were a freshman and a sophomore the previous year? Texas wasn't going to swap QBs all season for the 2nd straight year, and even if Shane started and did amazingly well, he wasn't going pro. So in coming to UT, Rising had to know that at the end of his freshman year, almost certainly one of the following would be true:

    1a) Texas would be set up to have a senior starting QB in 2019, with a very talented junior right behind him chafing at the bit.
    1b) Texas would be set up to have a senior starting QB in 2019, with his main backup transferring away.
    2a) Texas would be set up to have a junior starting QB in 2019, with a reliable senior QB as his backup.
    2b) Texas would be set up to have a junior starting QB in 2019, with his main backup transferring away.

    Of those, the "b" scenarios are much better for Rising's career than the "a" ones, and it looks like a "b" is what he got. So basically if he's transferring now, it means that he was only going to be at Texas for one year no matter what, unless he stepped on campus and beat out Sam and Shane both immediately.

    I really like how Sam manages to balance humility and confidence.
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    Agree - it is truly refreshing! :hookem:
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    I think the deal with Rising is he thought he could beat Sam out for the starting job and wasn't able to.

    He made the wrong choice. Probably should have stayed at OU.

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