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    Also, I think by offering the Analyst Position, it does not trigger the buyout provision from his previous contract, like a coaching position would.

    I am pretty sure they can be in the box, but dont think they can be on the headset

    Here is an article about what "analysts" can do
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    Butch Jones made $35k as Analyst last year from Alabama. He was still receiving buyout money from Tennessee.

    "Jones collected $2.81 million in buyout payments through the end of 2018, according to records obtained by The News Sentinel via a public records request. He’s due more than $2.4 million in buyout payments throughout 2019, according to the terms of his contract and taking his analyst salary into account."
    Former UT Vols coach Butch Jones still a buyout anchor after remaining an analyst at Alabama
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    This is from Anwar Richardson of Orangebloods --

    " .... Typically, analysts do a lot of dirty work. They break down film, chase kids around campus and make sure players are in class, making playbooks, etc. Just think about what your first job looked like.

    Fedora is going to do way more than that.

    As a former coach, Fedora’s skills will be utilized more during the regular season. That is why he will be asked to do advanced scouting by always staying a week or two ahead. Some of his tasks will involve self-scouting. He will also have the task of scouting opposing teams.

    I asked a source to give me an example and was given a scenario.

    Herman could approach Fedora and say he heard Oklahoma is really good at running counter plays. Fedora could be asked to pull all the counter plays Oklahoma has run and analyze why the team is successful. After completing that task, Fedora could be asked to present his findings to Herman, or the entire staff.

    Fedora will also need to compile scouting reports on opponents. Not a game plan, but a scouting report that entails the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent. Basically, share with the staff everything he sees on video.

    The advantage for Texas is having a veteran coach share his expertise with Herman’s staff. Instead of getting that information from a young person who is learning on the job, Herman can hear an analysis from a former coach who is an expert in his profession.
    * * *
    Additionally, Fedora will receive a break from the pressure of recruiting. Fedora can help Texas recruit players on campus (he is not allowed to travel). However, anything thing he contributes will be viewed as a bonus and not a requirement...."
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    I really enjoyed that. I wonder how Bru wouldnhave done.
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    Brandon Jones will miss spring training after ankle surgery.

    Here is an interview with him on things like why he came back
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    Longhorn Foundation fundraising

    2014: $5.6 mil
    2015: $8.0 mil
    2016: $8.3 mil
    2017: $16.8 mil (CDC hired Dec. ‘17)
    2018: $95.7 mil
    2019: $58.2 mil (year to date)

    Numbers per 247
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    Freakin’ astounding. JF, how does that compare (if you know) to other Blue Blood schools?
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    Our back end’s gonna be sick this year. Can’t wait.
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    aggy says ....
    Oh wait, you wrote Blue Blood.
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    Speaking of aggy, here is some Randolph Duke on them

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    On another subject, I live in SoCal and in speaking with one of my customers who is an alum, he told me that Gary Paskewitz, his friend who started and ran one of the premier USC boards, weareSC.com, passed away several weeks ago unexpectedly. He was 52 I believe. Many USC celebrities attended the funeral.

    Quite sad. And boy is that program fighting the issues, not the least of which being massive lawsuits related to their medical school.
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    Something about ou's OL next season - might be all-time jumbo size

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    Wonder how much 2017 was due to Herman being hired Nov 2016
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    Those are some BIG boys JF!
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    I don’t think I have a problem with this tweak. After all, all possible ejection calls (or at least most) are reviewed in the booth. A full game suspension for a 2nd offense seems about right. The speed of the game and size and skill set of the players has forced these types of rule changes. I just hope it’s not abused by corrupt officials and booth analysts. But that’s a different discussion.
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    Again, people making rules and setting policy that have never participated in the activity. My dad called them "Aggie engineers" - "they can tell you how to do anything but can't do I damn thing themselves".

    The intent of the rule is really good, but the horrific subjectivity by pathetic officiating is intolerable.

    If it is intentional, ejection is appropriate. So many of the calls appear to be players lowering their shoulders and the head to head is accidental, but someone in NYC or wherever decides differently.
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    Half of targeting calls are against players who committed targeting accidentally. Like when a running back lowers his head to brace for impact and a defender can't stop in time. New rule would have players sit out up to two full games (16.7% of the regular season) because they couldn't change direction in less than half a second.

    I like the idea that multiple offenses means stiffer penalties, but let's go in the opposite direction. 1st offense: 15 yard penalty, no ejection. 2nd offense: Sit out 10 minutes of game clock. 3rd offense: Sit out next two halves (same as 1st offense now).
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    Nicely stated, SabreHorn. I agree totally - officiating is horrible on the field, and the TV replay doesn't seem to help a lot. Too many of these calls look to be accidental helmet-to-helmet - guess the next step is flag football (or two-below touch!).
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    In today’s society, two below would be considered a personal foul, sexual harassment if not sexual assault with a statute of limitations of 50 years.
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    Here is something from TFB on what to look for from the LBs in 2019 --

    MIKE: Ayodele Adeoye (6’1 250) RS Freshman OR De’Gabriel Floyd (6’1 240) Freshman
    ROVER: Jeffrey McCulloch (6’3 250) Senior

    Projected Backups:
    Mike: De’Gabriel Floyd (6’1 240) Freshman OR Ayodele Adeoye (6’1 250) RS Freshman
    Rover: Caleb Johnson (5’11 225) Sophomore OR Marcus Tillman (6’0 220) Freshman

    What We Know: Texas comes into the spring light on numbers and experience at the Linebacker position after losing its two leading tacklers from 2018 when 2nd team All-Big XII selection Gary Johnson (90 tackles, 16.5 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 2 FF, 1 FR) and Anthony Wheeler (87 tackles, 8.5 TFL, 4 sacks) graduated from the program. Texas has a tall task in front of itself in finding replacements for those two with a group of players behind them that are talented, but lacking virtually any experience at this level outside of Senior Jeffrey McCulloch. Early enrollees De’Gabriel Floyd, Caleb Johnson, and Marcus Tillman all arrive on campus with opportunities to earn immediate playing time. Junior LB Demarco Boyd is still with the program but appears to remain suspended pending the outcome of his trial and is unlikely to participate in spring practices. Senior LB Cameron Townsend appears to be moving on from football.

    What We Hope: Jeffrey McCulloch arrived on campus as a consensus National 100 recruit. McCulloch has had to wait his turn behind some talented players (Malik Jefferson, Gary Johnson) but has been productive when he has had the opportunity for extended action. McCulloch enters 2019 with an opportunity for a breakout season statistically and will be relied upon to be the leader for the Linebacker unit. Ayodele Adeoye generated a lot of excitement last spring as an early enrollee before suffering an injury in fall camp that would limit him to 4 games of primarily Special Teams duty during the 2018 season. The expectation is that he or Floyd can take the reins in the middle of the defense.

    What to Watch For: One of the most interesting position battles to watch this spring will be the one for the starting MIKE position opposite Senior ROVER Jeff McCulloch. While his physicality isn’t in question, there are some concerns about Adeoye’s ability to play in space in the pass-happy Big XII. De’Gabriel Floyd was a standout at the All-American Game in San Antonio and appears to arrive on campus much more comfortable playing in coverage than Adeoye did as a recruit. JUCO transfer Caleb Johnson, who has 4 years to use 3 years of eligibility, will be limited in the spring due to him recovering from shoulder surgery that he underwent in the fall while at Fullerton College. He was already going to have his hands full competing with Freshman Marcus Tillman, a converted Safety out of Orlando, Florida, even if he were 100% healthy. Both Johnson and Tillman’s calling cards is their speed as they are both considered undersized by prototypical metrics. It will be fascinating to watch it all sort itself out on the field

    Open Post | Weekend, March 1st - 3rd - The Football Brainiacs - UT Edition
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    So what do they call Ossai or Vaughn? B-backer or something.
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    Must be - and clearly these guys are treating it as a DE
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    Duverney has some hands...

    I just don't get this. I don't think the infractions are taking place because people don't take it seriously. It's that it's physically hard not to do it and still play tackle football. I don't know what increasing the penalty is going to accomplish here.
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