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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Thinking of our CBs brings out the worry wart in me. I'm hoping for the continued improvement of Boyce.
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    Cook and Boyce have game experience. These are not green freshman. They will be fine. Plus, we have backups to push them hard.
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    Was it Davis or a returning guy that is also suspended with cook for a hit in the sugar bowl
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    kicking a pass is a perfect execution!
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    I'm not worried about our CB'S at all they are so athletic and hungry to prove themselves. I feel good about our whole secondary.:yes:
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    Don't judge. It was war and he's a soldjah...
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    Summer OL and DL depth chart as projected by BON

    LT Sam Cosmi /Reese Moore /Tyler Johnson /Isaiah Hookfin
    LG Parker Braun /Junior Angilau /Tope Imade
    C Zach Shackelford /Rafiti Ghirmai
    RG Derek Kerstetter /JP Urquidez /Willie Tyler
    RT Denzel Okafor /Christian Jones /Javonne Shepherd

    DE Malcolm Roach/Moro Ojomo /Jacoby Jones /Peter Mgapi
    NT Keondre Coburn/Gerald Wilbon /D'Andre Christmas-Giles /T'Vondre Sweat
    DE Ta'Quon Graham /Marqez Bimage /Jamari Chisholm /Daniel Carson /Myron Warren

    BLB Joseph Ossai /Byron Vaughns
    Here are the notes from the article for these positions
    — The undersized Isaiah Hookfin has the best feet of the tackle options joining the program, so he gets the nod at left tackle.
    — Inside at left guard, former Georgia Tech standout Parker Braun will immediately get first-team reps, as redshirt freshman Junior Angilau struggled in pass protection in the Orange-White game. Of course, that’s a question for Braun after playing in Paul Johnson’s triple option offense in Atlanta, but Braun’s motor and maturity give him the edge over Angilau.
    — With the lack of interior offensive linemen, junior college transfer Willie Tyler, who is listed at 330 pounds, is projected here to move inside after JP Urquidez struggled to make a similar transition during the spring. In fact, as long as Tyler’s 6’7 height doesn’t cause major leverage issues, Tyler has a decent chance to become the fourth or fifth guard on position coach Herb Hand’s matrix.
    — Javonne Shepherd has the athleticism to remain outside, but he’s raw and is likely a year away from pushing someone like redshirt freshman Christian Jones for the backup role at right tackle.
    — The defensive line is one of the most crowded positions on the roster with 13 players competing for only three positions. Like Shepherd, Louisianian Myron Warren is a raw player with high upside who looks headed for a redshirt season. However, he’s extremely talented and plays with an edge that could allow him to quickly pass older players on the depth chart as he gains strength and refines his technique.
    — Though Texas didn’t sign a true nose tackle in the 2019 class, T’Vondre Sweat was listed at 285 pounds by the school on Early Signing Day, so he’s the projected nose tackle of the group. It’s a deep position with two seniors ahead of him, so he’s got a difficult path to get on the field.
    Projecting the Texas summer depth chart
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  10. Joe Fan

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    Steve Patterson had him working in Austin for a little while
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  12. Joe Fan

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    Some notes on a few of the new guys --

    Isaiah Hookfin -- was only ~265 lbs in high school - already 300.

    David Gbenda - will play early (but is it him or our lack of LB depth?)

    Brayden Liebrock - they say he "moves well"

    Marcus Washington - "runs routes well"

    Jake Smith - “lightning fast … like fastest kid alive type fast” Compared to ou's Marquise “Hollywood” Brown (who was 1st rounder)
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    It's been a while since we've had this kind of quality depth on the lines. I agree with the author that Coburn moves into the starting position, at least by the OU game (and he's only a RS Freshman). While losing Ominihu hurts, this defensive front is stronger than last year. Same goes for this offensive front. Of the starters listed, only Okafor concerns me a bit, and he may put it all together this year after being shuffled around a number of positions.

    Great news on Hookfin.

    It all starts in the trenches, and I'm liking what I see.
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  16. mchammer

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    I just hope our offense is explosive so that the younger OL can play during mop-up duty.
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  17. Chop

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    Yep. Kill two birds with one stone. Get the young players real game experience, and keep them happy and out of the &$@# transfer portal.
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    LB Demarco Boyd has officially left the team. His plan is get his degree in Dec, then play somewhere else as a GT in 2020.
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    Either that or he farts a lot on the plane.
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    I was afraid it would come to something like this. I think Herman did the right thing with D. Boyd -- suspend him until his case works its way through the legal system (rather than kicking him off the team pre-trial, or letting him play). If he goes somewhere else as a GT, so be it.

    His problem was never on the field.
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  24. Sangre Naranjada

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    Agreed. We really haven't missed him much anyway.
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