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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Assuming attendance is capped at, say, 25% capacity, with 6-foot distancing enforced...

    One would think at least a few students would be in attendance. At least if Belmont has any sense, or soul, or heart, any of the above.
    It'd be great if the band were there, as well as the cheerleaders, pom, Bevo, and Smokey, but I dunno how easy it'll be for some of them to rehearse or perform while maintaining 6-foot distancing.

    But with no more than 24,000 available seats, some of those going to students, and perhaps a few to visiting fans, at least a few rich donors are going to be told, "No."
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    I'm putting the over/under at 25 for LSU cramps.

    I think this speaks more about our need for a center than anything else. Kerstetter is a excellent player, but his biggest asset is his versatility, he is a Swiss Army Knife for the offensive line. As an OT he has a chance to be drafted, as a Center he will be drafted.
    This move does make me wonder who is going to man the Right Tackle and Right Guard spots.

    We have 5 players that have the opportunity to step up.
    Reese Moore
    Tyler Johnson
    Christian Jones
    Willie Tyler
    Isiah Hookfin

    I think these guys along with Cosmi, Angilau, Kerstetter, and Okafor will make up the depth of our offensive line. If Rafiti Ghirmai can develop we will have two complete lines. I think offensive line is going to be a strength for us over the next couple of years.

    If I had to pick a starting 5, I'd guess it would look like this.
    LT - Sam Cosmi
    LG - Junior Angilau
    C - Derek Kerstetter
    RG - Tyler Johnson
    LT - Christian Jones
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    Big Ed strikes me as the kind of guy who would do anything to win.
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    Six foot distancing will not be necessary for some. For example, families will be allowed to sit next to each other. Planning church services is equally complicated. My example was if I attend alone or with my friend, I take up five seats in one row, plus three in front and three in back of my seat. Hence, I occupy 11 seats, and have now recommended to the pastor that preference be given to young families since no childcare can be made available.

    So, in Memorial Stadium, my daughter, son, grandchildren will not have to "distance". Having the same people around us for this many years doesn't bother me, although I'm not sure about this guy a couple rows away because he plays a lot of golf around the country.
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    I heard last year that every QB in the Big 12 had Coronavirus, that is why our dline never got within 6 feet of them.
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    I hope we use the tactic of imaginary cramps if it helps us win, pride be damned.
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    Ramonce spotted playing flag football

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    I read a great piece the other day on RJs future at RB and why no one should sell him short as a "permanent" fixture there and with NFL potential even.
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    Our offense is going to be really tough to stop next year. I think we will end up with a run/pass balance of about 60/40. Mostly because we will be scoring so many pts that teams will be getting a heavy dose of our RBs in the 4th Quarter.

    I've said this before, our RB situation is better than it was in 2005 when we had a three headed monster of Selvin Young, Romance Taylor and Jamal Charles. We don't have as good a defense, and we don't have a Vince, but we do have enough to be on the level of our 2009 squad.

    This is why I keep saying, anything less than winning the conference and making a playoff spot is unacceptable.
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    I posted something above about this offense averaging over 500 ypg.
    Seems doable with a little bit of luck keeping certain players healthy
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    TV revenue probably gets them a lot more money than the bleachers do. Not sure how the luxury boxes will work but I imagine they are still raking in the money and they just limit the total amount of people who can be in one?
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    He was such a great story last season that I think got overshadowed by the 5 team losses
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    One thing worth mentioning...and something to watch...will be the potential for some NCAA athletes to not clear testing, etc and, therefore, not be able to compete. UT and others have already announced rigorous screens for returning athletes and it wouldnt suprise me if we see some programs missing some guys. This also raises the question of the integrity of programs, as some will enforce stricter guidelines and adherence to guidelines than others...including potential preferential treatment of "key" players.
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    So if a player tests positive, will he be able to self quarantine for 14 days and return? Get re-tested (perhaps X 2) after 14 days or whatever is established prior to joining weight lifting, drills, practices or games?

    Has this been clarified yet?
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    No, if he's a starter, you put a different jersey number on him and put him out there.
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    Especially if they play in Norman....or the SEC.
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    Ironic that it’s Gundy’s players. He wasn’t too concerned with the seriousness of the virus, should be interesting to see if that changes.

    EDIT: I’m referring to his quote about the state economy superseding, in essence, the health of his players. John Oliver even mentioned it on his show and made some good points.
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    lol yeah, that chinese virus
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    These athletes will test negative after 7 days.

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