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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I'm assuming everyone with a red "NO RS" played in at least a 5th game? Since the others who played in 4 games also couldn't have played more without redshirting, yet don't have that annotation?
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    From TFB --

    Prior to Manny Diaz being hired at Temple, I’m told Texas DC Todd Orlando was in the running for the head coaching position at Temple.

    With Diaz leaving to take the head job at Miami, we are again watching the situation at Temple. I’m told that a number of the other Temple candidates have taken jobs elsewhere and with his performance in the Sugar Bowl, I’d imagine Orlando is back in the running for the job at Temple.

    Should something happen on that front, I am told that Texas would likely pursue LSU DC Dave Arranda.

    Open Post | Wednesday, January 9th - The Football Brainiacs - UT Edition
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    Supposedly Kyler Murray leaning toward entering the 2019 NFL Draft
    I thought he would stick with baseball
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    He took the BO pic. I'm guessing he's going to try and force the issue
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    I’m guessing if he goes high enough to pay back that 4 million dollar check from the a’s he will go the football route
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    TFB definitely got a scoop on Herman going after Arranda since he was Herman's first choice last time and turned it down. Those guys either have great inside contacts or are really MENSA level smart.

    As for Kyler, he's doing the Hart Lee Dykes thing, and will get signing bonuses from both. Only difference is Kyler will get the larger bonus from baseball and Hart Lee got the larger one from the Patriots not the White Soz.
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    it's all relative now. 2-sport star getting bonuses and contracts from both sports means way more money in endorsement deals than in bonuses. if he can force the issue, it's big bucks from nike and wheaties.
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    They giving odds on transfers now

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    5'9" QB's don't have much of a shelf life in the NFL as they cannot see the middle of the field while in the pocket and cannot survive outside of the pocket.
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    Please make it so Kyler. I want to see you get hit by the any of the Cowboys LBs. You can pick.
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    Mark Schlabach at ESPN has a column listing 10 bold predictions for 2019.
    #6 Urban Meyer is the coach at USC in 2020.
    #8 We play the aggies in next year's Sugar Bowl.
    Food for thought.
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    I agree BT.... I think the Ags are a year away (or two) and Saban is just reloading. Ags have Clemson on the road, Alabama at home, and then at Georgia and at LSU to finish the year....they win two of those games and they're happy.....We're bringing back a lot of starters and our depth will start to emerge.....But, we shall see....
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    Listening to ESPN radio this afternoon, Petros Papadakis explained in detail the problems facing the USC program. Pretty serious issues like no University President at the moment, and apparently large recent payouts related to lawsuits. Add in Helton, the KK debacle and the fact that Swann has no background for his job. Sounds like a big mess.

    I do agree with the Meyer prediction to USC.

    The aggies might play in the Sugar Bowl but I doubt it. We won’t, but we might play in the “Super Dome” on 1/13/20...
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    So another 7-5/8-4 season and a 3rd/4th place finish for aggy = nothing has changed.
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    Now ou has lost both starting OTs to NFL
    And 4 of 5 total starting offensive lineman (OGs Ben Powers and Dru Samia were seniors, RT Cody Ford already announced and now LT Bobby Evans)
    That's a shame

    Oklahoma now losing both OTs to NFL draft
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    More bonus money in the 1st round of NFL Draft
    Also, only 66% of MLB first round picks ever make MLB at all.
    And just 46% of first round picks last three or more years in MLB.

    "If Murray is a first round NFL pick he’d earn 2-7x more money in football than baseball over next 5 years ...."
    Kyler Murray: Is The NFL A More Lucrative Option Than MLB for Oklahoma QB?
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    You need to cut the Ags some slack. They are trending upward. 4th place in the SEC West is a marked improvement from Sumlin finishing 7th and losing at home to the 8th place team in the SEC West.

    At this rate, the Aggies could contend for second in the SEC West by 2030 & possibly challenge for the SEC CG to celebrate the centennial of their one and only National Championship. Keep that quiet though, lest the Ags put the trophy & plaque in their new trophy room now.
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  20. X Misn Tx

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    He won't be all world, but that's what they said about Doug Flutie. He didn't enter the NFL until after his legs were not a strength, and he did alright.
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    Inside Texas thinks both QB Shane Buechele and S Brandon Jones will return.
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    I concede that is pretty bold talk (for a one-eyed fat man)
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    Tate Martell back in the NCAA transfer portal
  24. Joe Fan

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    Sounds like Temple found their guy and its not Orlando

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    This kid is such a turd.
    In other words, watch for him to transfer to OU.
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    He’s *** my dude
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    Hate to be THAT guy, but aggy finished 2nd in the SEC West this season...likely a high water mark for the near future...
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    John Burt's other squad

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    All the players with the solid red "NO RS" blocks were ineligible to redshirt, by rule. Otherwise they were eligible to RS.

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