Random things you've overheard at work...

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Smurfette, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Smurfette

    Smurfette 500+ Posts

    I never know what I'm going to hear walking down the halls at school.

    Today I hear...

    "I'm a *****???? YOU'RE a *****! You're pussier than me!!!!"

    Yes, that's right. Pussier.
  2. bevosayshi

    bevosayshi 250+ Posts

    One conversation where a co-worker was questioning another's faith/ religion (guy he was questioning is from India) and flat out told him that he needed to "rethink" his religion. That guy is no longer with the company. Odd dude really.

  3. Barton Hills

    Barton Hills 1,000+ Posts

    [dude taking a **** in a stall]"Yeah, I can talk ... go ahead and conference me in the meeting."[/dude taking a **** in a stall]
  4. GreenDragonSix

    GreenDragonSix 100+ Posts

    This should probably be in the "People of Walmart" thread but I overheard this, though I was not at work. It happened here in El Paso at a Walmart back around Halloween.

    "Holy suck a dick woman, I'm at work!!" The guy was not at work. He was wearing scrubs. He was a patron like me in the frozen entree aisle.

    I snickered and giggled!!!

    Never heard "Holy suck a dick" before! It was allsome! [​IMG]
  5. TexasSun

    TexasSun 25+ Posts

    A lady on the phone, "That's too much TMI."

    I laughed.
  6. X-Ray_Horn

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  7. Hornin Hong Kong

    Hornin Hong Kong 1,000+ Posts

    she was getting money at the atm machine
  8. TigerPride

    TigerPride 1,000+ Posts

    Two women talking about another.....................

    I can't stand her..............

    I know and she smell like vaginal funk.
  9. SunBurntOrange

    SunBurntOrange 500+ Posts

    Heard a guy in the bathroom stall snoring [​IMG]
  10. 77horn

    77horn 500+ Posts

    Three women talking to each other. The boss says to the others.....

  11. Smurfette

    Smurfette 500+ Posts

    Conversation between a student and my TA:

    Teacher: Have you heard from so-and-so lately?
    Kid: I heard he was turning blood on the street.
    Teacher: ....What? Is he OK?
    Kid: I mean I guess so, he just turning blood's all.
    Teacher: Turning Blood?
    Kid: Yeah, That's what I said.
    Teacher: What's turning blood?
    Kid: You know, Turning Blood.
    Teacher: Can you say that in White People please?
    Kid: I heard that, perhaps, he is selling narcotics.
    Teacher: Oh, OK.

    I love that kid.
  12. NBMisha

    NBMisha 500+ Posts

    Greatness, Smurfette!

    It channels me some Richard Pryor talking like a white dude: Black Dude cuts in line, White Dude says: Ok, buddy, ok, buddy!

    Black Dude, grabbing crotch: Buddy this!

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