Randy Shannon to DC?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Friday, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Evidently he spurned Kentucky when our job opened. Eric Winston has tweeted he's the next DC at Texas.
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    Please, please, yes. I've always liked him.
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    He'd be an awesome choice.
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    This doesn't make any sense. Mack was supposedly blindsided by this a few hours ago and now we already have another DC that we didn't even interview? The process should move quickly, but this is silly. They should at least be evaluating multiple candidates. This would be a move of sheer panic if it's already a done deal.
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    Maybe there is more here than meets the eye but its not in the way everone thinks. Maybe out of courtesy, Mack already knew Florida was coming after Will and Will had told Mack he was taking the job. Maybe Mack has been putting out feelers because he knew this was coming.
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    Randy Shannon was strongly being consider for the DC job before he took the HC at Miami. Mack knows him well, so it wouldn't surprise me if Mack offers Randy the position.
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    It moves quickly because Mack (and other coaches) always have a wish list for replacements. The quick moves are a result of preparation, not desperation.
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    Exactly, and don't think for a second through the year Mack wasn't getting prepared for this. He knew Muschamp's ego and ambition. He also knew the day he had to tell him "no, I'm doing this not that", Muschamp might bail.

    He's ready. Surprised but ready.
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    As noted above and in other threads, Randy Shannon was the top of the list or near it at the time of Muschamp coming over. He took the Miami job as he should have instead. If he was vetted by Mack and Co. then and established relationships with them they would know all about him. That he is available at this time would make it a fast decision.

    What gets me is Eric Winston tweeted. Winston the player, right? The Tight End? Eric Winston as in went to Midland Lee, played with Cedric Benson before playing at Miami and later the NFL?

    Last night Tebow tweets Will and now Eric tweets Randy? Bizarro world.
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    All kinds of retweeting going on right now from a recruitocosm tweet 20 min back that our recruits are being told that Shannon will be the DC. Take it for whatever it's worth.

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  13. Esmack

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    some of us here wanted Shannon originally...not Muschamp

    this would be great
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    Shannon would be the best choice.
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    Shannon, please, and ASAP.
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    The Link

    The Latest (as of 1:44 Sunday)
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    Names for defensive coordinator include:

    Randy Shannon - former Miami DC
    Kevin Steele - Clemson DC
    Everett Withers - North Carolina DC
    Jerry Gray - Seahawks DB coach

    Steele is the latest addition to the list and hasn't been talked about much. But Steele has a long-term friendship with Mack Brown, is a good recruiter and has pro and college experience as a LB and DC.

    Steele's most recently been at Clemson where he had the nation's 23rd-ranked defense this season for a 6-6 Clemson squad. Previously, he was DC for Nick Saban at Alabama prior to Kirby Smart.

    Shannon was on the brink of accepting the Kentucky defensive coordinator role yesterday before withdrawing his name from consideration.

    Still no word one way or the other on the futures of Major Applewhite or Duane Akina.

    The general impression that recruits had this morning was that they thought both were going to stay.

    But, as I've written in other posts, those are impressions and not definitive statements.

    They remain the RB and DB coach for Texas as of right now.

    Word out of Florida is that Will Muschamp also contacted Oscar Giles about possibly joining the staff.

    At this point, we have not confirmed that, but it is something folks are talking about in Gainesville.

    Mack Brown canceled a speaking event he was scheduled to give on Monday.

    With Muschamp gone and other assistants with offers, he has turned his attention entirely to the staff and recruiting players and recruiting staff.

    We expect a defensive coordinator hire within the next 24-48 hours if Mack gets the guy he is targeting. Wednesday would be the last day we would expect a defensive hire.


    For recruiting updates, please follow our thread on all of the recruits. Lots of news in there. Some guys are solid and some are waffling.
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    Soon, next 48 hours or less.
  18. Friday

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    More smoke...

  19. TexasGolf

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    Shannon Emerging As Top DC

    By Josh Harvey
    Recruiting Analyst
    Date: Dec 12, 2010The Link

    LonghornDigest.com has learned from sources that Texas has pegged Randy Shannon to the be their top candidate for the open defensive coordinator position.
  20. YoLaDu

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    sheess.. It seems Texas wants Randy, and it appears Randy wants Texas..

    most HornFan posters want Randy..

    Am i being set up for disappointment?
  21. majorwhiteapples

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    Akina, Applewhite and Giles will take pay cuts for basically lateral moves. Major, maybe if he is promoted to OC at Florida.

    For Akina or Giles to leave it would tell me there is something majorly wrong in Austin.
  22. TexasGolf

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    sounds like the recruits want those guys to remain in Austin
  23. mandingo

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    FWIW, Recruitocosm twitter reporting recruits are being told Shannon to DC.

    Also, saying Major is staying, and increased interest in Harsin.

    The Link
  24. TexasGolf

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    Shannon and Harsin would be tits
  25. l00p

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  26. Third Coast

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    Shannon and Harsin would be an upgrade on both sides of the ball.
  27. allweatherHorn

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    Totally agree, Third Coast. We go from disappointing losses to complete upgrade in one news cycle.
  28. rickysrun

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  29. allwhetherHorn

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    Totally disagree... Harsin benefits from Boise State's superior talent and from what my sources tell me, he's just Peterson's errand boy; Shannon took Miami from a BCS program to being a Bowl eligible program.

    This is only getting worse.
  30. mandingo

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    I agree completely, Third Coast and allwEAtherhorn..

    I've been pulling for Harsin for a while now, and as soon as I heard WM was gone, my first thought was Shannon. He's very good and very consistent.

    Everyone spouting all this chicken little "sky is falling" crap needs to stop being such *******.

    Nobody is irreplaceable.


    P.S. Allweatherhorn, did you know you have a stalker?

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