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  1. old65horn

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    Got to give TH some credit. He stuck with Ingram as the No. 1 RB, he showed why he is No 1 today.

    Hats off to Johnson too. He has heart, ability and gave u it up for the team.
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  2. dukesteer

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    And JW didn’t take even one snap which surprised me a bit. But I suppose that every week he doesn’t play, he will get healthier.

    Let me add that Ingram had his best game by far as a Horn. He displayed patience and vision I hadn’t seen before.
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  3. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    And will be one game closer to qualifying for a redshirt.
  4. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    Herman said in one of his pressers that, in essence, because Whittington is so talented, he doesn’t expect for him to stay all four years. So saving the redshirt appears not to be a consideration.
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  5. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 1,000+ Posts

    It still doesn't make sense to play in 1 game to blow the resdshirt even if there's only a 20% chance he stays 4 years.
  6. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    exactly. We have 4 games left including the bowl game and he can play in three of them to get a redshirt. I bet he doesn’t play this week vs Iowa state and then he’ll finish out the year. We win either way. If he’s that good to leave after three then we got great production. If he feels he’s not ready then we get him an extra year because we can sit him one game.
  7. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    One of the four is now over and he did not play so he still has 3 to play in. However, you have to play the games backward. At this point, the biggest need will be the CCG and the bowl game (if Texas gets to the CCG and wins). That takes two games off the board. Of the remaining 3 regular-season games, one would have to assume that the coaches would be hesitant to expose him to the weather at Ames next Saturday, so right now the plan would be to hold him out until Baylor. Lose at ISU or Baylor and play him in the Tech game and the bowl game.
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  8. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    That’s what I’m saying. Whit played in the La Tech game so he is eligible to play 3 of our last four. Our last four games are Iowa St, Baylor, Tech and our bowl game. I said in my last post that I believe he will sit Iowa St and finish out the season playing the last two reg season games and then finish with our bowl game.
  9. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I35 you have to account for the CCG until that is off the table.
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  10. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    I'd play him next 2 games. If we win them both and he wants a chance at a shirt you sit him TT. We should beat them at home regardless. If we win the next 2 and a win against TT gives you the CCG you play him out and burn the shirt. Sure he'd burn the shirt if he could play in the CCG. Who wouldn't?
  11. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    That’s true. I hope that’s the case.
  12. Desperado

    Desperado 1,000+ Posts

    Would love to see what any of our RB’s could do running out of anything other than the shotgun. Every run starts out flat footed with no momentum. Line up in the “I” every now and then. Give them a chance to make something happen.
  13. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    Even if you don't run a FB you can run out of the pistol some.
  14. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Either way the RB is in the same place, and in the shotgun he gets handed the ball earlier, which if anything ought to help with acceleration, not hurt it.

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