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    We need to be realistic. Texas is not great. Texas has had great periods. The early and late 60s and the 70s....the 2000s.....but consistent? No. Nor do we demand greatness. A coach is mediocre like Tom.....and gets to stay. Tom represents Texas....great games, but no consistently great. And we accept it. He stays. And we have hope each year...and each year Tom coaches us back into mediocrity. We have watched Oklahoma stay on top and Aggie rise. We wave to them from the sidelines of mediocrity. Let's just accept our role in the college football landscape.
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    But we get to make fun of OU and A&M for being good but sucking in bowls and missing the CFP while being closer to it than Texas has been or will be for years.

    So, we got that going for us...which is nice.
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  3. TexasFight86

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    If we’re gonna accept mediocrity and 0 B12 Championships in a decade, count me out.

    Just scrap the football program if you’re gonna accept losing.

    i don’t have the $M’s to make a difference but if I did I would do what I could to pressure the powers that be to find a winning coach.
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  4. OrangeShogun

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    I read that OU has won six Big12 conference football championships in a row, seven of the last ten, and 13 of the last 20. Texas last conference football championship was in 2009. Let that sink in. Even in a mediocre conference with only ten teams, Texas is irrelevant.
    We're the entitled rich kid who thinks they should be recognized as great, but lacks any semblance of the hunger it takes to truly be great. The embarrassing reality is that Big12 football is OU and the nine dwarves.
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  5. dukesteer

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    On the field since 2009, I agree. Off the field, not so much.

    Texas is a financial behemoth and the primary power broker in the conference, notwithstanding our recent and very disappointing performance.
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  6. utempire

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    Aggy will add a 2020 national championship on pyle field.
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  7. OrangeShogun

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    A financial behemoth? Primary power broker? This sounds to me like more of the "we're rich and powerful, so we deserve to be recognized" mindset. IMO, on-the-field results are the only ones that matter.
  8. Duck Dodgers

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    Exactly, Texas has become Aggy - accomplishing nothing, and claiming to laugh at the lack of success of their rivals, who are playing for things (playoffs, New Years Day bowl games) that Texas isn't.
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  9. Statalyzer

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    If I didn't know better, I'd have thought you were talking about a 6-10 year period, not the last 2 seasons.

    3rd in all-time wins
    6th in all-time win percentage
    6th in all-time bowl wins
    8th in National Championships
    Only 6 of the 41 teams we've played 4+ times have a winning record vs UT.
    Most recent Big 12 team to win a National Championship.
    Most recent Big 12 team to play for one.
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  10. Giovanni Jones

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    "most recent" being 11 years ago, unfortunately
  11. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Texas has 3 conference championships in the entire 25 year history of the Big XII with the first one being probably the biggest upset in the history of the conference on roll left. One conference championship every 8+ years and one National championship every 35-40 years just doesn't cut it for me. As a Tennessee fan too, I'm telling you that Texas is quickly moving in their direction of irrelevancy. Based on the constant missed recruits, defections and terrible results we are already there, but the big question is how long will we stay.
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  12. dukesteer

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    This is indisputable. I hesitate to reopen this discussion — for the 1,000th time — but Mack’s record with respect to championships was (to be generous) subpar. Wins and loss records are important, but their significance pales if the team is unable to translate those 10-11-12 win seasons into championships. For the most part, Mack couldn’t.

    To me the program has had a run of poor decisions and just bad luck over the past decade. Strong was a poor choice. Herman wasn’t. Few could have foreseen the issues, virtually all created by Tom himself.

    I tend to believe — and choose to believe — that the next great Texas HC is out there, waiting for our call. I’m just not sure who that is. But consider this: How dominant was Alabama before Saban? Not dominant at all. What about Clemson? Same story.

    It’s mostly about selecting the right guy, no easy task. We’re due, and I tend to believe that happier days are just around the corner.
  13. SabreHorn

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    Nobody new Saban was moving to Tuscaloosa except the Sabans, the two alums who cut the deal, and Saban's attorney. It was all close to the vest and quiet. David Shula didn't cost that much to buy out, so we have to have multiple BMDs to make sure no big check writer gets his feelings hurt.

    CDC is not herding cats, he's herding piss ants.
  14. MajorRules00

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    Agreed. No doubt the B12 has been great financially. And we've accomplished some good things. But I have to wonder if we can't accomplish more elsewhere.
  15. MajorRules00

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    Yep. 2010-2020 was a lost decade. One good season and that's it. The good times are ahead of us. But we have to be deliberate with our decision-making.
  16. BevoJoe

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    True. We just don't have any recent skins on the wall to show.
  17. dukesteer

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    I suppose that there is one common denominator in our case, the BMD’s palpable dislike for Herman. His lack of political capital, unlike MB, translates into zero protection...I would think.

    Reading between the lines, it sounds like you are suggesting that there is unanimous (or near unanimous) support for Meyer, but a split decision beyond him.

    CDC’s job can’t be easy, but he never anticipated that it would be when he took it.
  18. AC

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    I remember having this exact conversation with my Dad and a recent grad in 1989 or so. I hope our turnaround is much sooner. I still think UM could come. I think Campbell could be a big step up circa 2023 or so. It’s coming, we don’t know when but it’s coming! :bevo:

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