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  1. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    As an adjunct to JF's Bond movie. I saw Knives which has Daniel Craig with a semi irritating southern accent. I have known many from Ala and Ga with same accent but still find it affected.
    But it is a very entertaining movie, funny and quirky and well just entertaining if you got to movies to be entertained without thinking too much.
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  2. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I too liked this movie but found the accent a little irritating. I didn't notice it about 30 min into the movie.
  3. Chop

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    Star Wars — Rise of Skywalker

    Better than the last few Star Wars movies. It ties up everything and puts to bed this chapter of Galactic history.

    I think they gave Kylo Ren and Rey some serious acting lessons between the last movie and this one. Both of their acting skills have gone from atrocious to a bit below average. If you like the franchise, you’ve got to see it. But don’t expect too much.
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  4. Joe Fan

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    CSI: KFC
  5. Joe Fan

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    Sometimes I still get surprised when Hollywood keeps throwing good money at bad ideas like all these woke remakes. Do something original, you lazy nitwits.

    An example I would point to is "Dark Zero Thirty." If you feel like you must make a feminstic movie, this is the way to do it. There was some argument about this film, it's accuracy and so forth, but I say it is impossible for any 2 hour film to ever portray the historical depiction of a real event to be perfectly accurate. So If you like film, this is something you just have to be willing to accept.

    That said, Jessica Chastain was fabulous in the lead role. She battles for years to get the job done. Her character arc overcomes inexperience, staggering bureaucracy and even an Administration change in the WH. She is a likeable character and the movie succeeds not because she is female but because of her commitment, wits and dogged determination. She has no time to waste whining about feminism or vagina-respect or the patriarchy or white people or pay scale.

    The movie was well-crafted. It is a good story. I even love and remember certain lines -- especially when she said to the Leon Panetta character “I’m the motherf*cker that found this place.” And again when she tells the special operators,"“Quite frankly, I didn’t even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullsh*t. I wanted to drop a bomb.” What a great line. She earns the SEALs' respect in the story, as too the viewers. And by the end, the velcro and dip guys had earned her respect too.

    This movie stands out to me because it flipped the usual woke Hollywood thing. And it was made by a female filmmaker too. Instead of the having the Chastain character portrayed as a victim of sexism, Karen Bigelow had her as the sexist doing the stereotyping. Hollywood needs more storytellers like Bigelow.

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  6. Chop

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    IT 2

    Dumb, repetitive, and not scary. Don’t waste your time. Thumbs down.
  7. Horn2RunAgain

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    Uncut Gems. Don't waste your time. Worst movie I've seen on many levels, was looking fwd to a good flick
  8. Chop

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    The Lighthouse—


    This is a dark and very strange black-and-white art film that will leave 95% of US movie goers walking out asking WTF was that??? It’s about two “wickies”, the guys that tend lighthouses. Willem Dafoe is a crusty old sea salt, a real Captain Ahab sort of guy. Dafoe also happens to occasionally wax poetically in a way you would not necessarily expect from this character. Robert Pattinson is a young junior employee, and together they take a tender out to a lighthouse far off the coast of late 1800s New England for a month long period, switching out with two guys who are there. They get cabin fever and it’s hard to always tell what is real and what is not.

    The acting is superb as is the cinematography. It’s very slow moving. Film schools will love this. So should the academy. This film should challenge Joker and Irishman for the big awards. It takes much inspiration from Greek mythology (a must see for students of the Classics), The Shining, HP Lovecraft, Moby Dick, Mutiny on the Bounty, Stranded, The Birds, The Bible, and possibly others. I found it fascinating, but it’s not for most folks.

    Spoilers below:

    1. If you run out of alcohol, don’t start drinking kerosene.
    2. Never intentionally harm a seagull.
    3. Despite what you’ve seen in Disney movies, mermaids are NOT good.
    4. If you treat your employees like dogs, don’t be surprised if they jump up and bite you.
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  9. Chop

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    JoJo Rabbit.

    A very silly film about the Hitler youth. It's a 3rd Reich comedy spoof roughly comparable to the Producers. The child acting is good, especially JoJo's friend (the fat kid with glasses), and JoJo's Jewish sort-of girlfriend. The mean fat lady Nazi was good for more than a few laughs as well, as was JoJo's imaginary friend (who just happens to be Adoph Hitler himself :rolleyes1:).

    It presents the Hitler youth as a sort of goofball club led by some real losers (in some cases almost lovable losers) and weirdos. It was good for some laughs, but this show is definitely not meant for people who are sensitive about that moment in history or who object to the very concept of laughing at/making light of the Nazis and Hitler youth. Mel Brooks would probably like it though.
  10. TheWalkingHorn

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    We saw Parasite a few weekends ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I still want to see Just Mercy, but haven't gotten to yet. Anyone seen that?
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  11. Dionysus

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    OK, I did some reading about this and it looks really interesting. It’s on Amazon Prime.
  12. Chop

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    Saw Ford v Ferrari on Amz Prime Video. I really enjoyed it, but it’s very, very long. It’s the classic David v Goliath story on the race track. Not only do Carroll Shelby (American car builder) and Ken Miles (British driver) square off against the arrogant anti-American Enzo Ferrari and his legendary machines, but they also have to take on an enormous amount of corporate bs from Ford. It would be better titled “Shelby and Miles vs Ferrari and the Ford corporate managers.”

    The engineers and builders are rightfully credited as much as the drivers. It champions the independent self-made man who makes his own path and has no master, over the dehumanizing massive impersonal corporate bureaucracy. I see a bit of The Fountainhead when you scratch the surface of this film. The arrogant Italian drivers and even Enzo Ferrari himself grow more gracious as they realize the Americans can actually beat them.
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  13. Chop

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    I saw it today. Good plot with lots of unexpected twists. It’s a dark comedy that just gets (much) darker as it goes along.
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  14. Chop

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    Now that I’ve finally seen all the ones in the running...

    Chop’s rankings for The Oscars best picture award:

    1. Joker
    2. The Lighthouse
    3. Parasite
    4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    5. Ford vs Ferrari
    6. The Irishman

    All of the above are good.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    This is probably just the start

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  16. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    They know how to make money.
  17. Chop

    Chop 2,500+ Posts

    This is a good idea. And now we can see the first run movies at home without having to wait.
  18. Chop

    Chop 2,500+ Posts


    Now available at home.

    This is very much a combat war movie with an underlying current of the bonds of friendship and brotherhood. It’s a good film for war movie fans. I haven’t seen any WW1 movies, other than Sergeant York. The trench warfare was horrendous, vermin and disease ridden, and filthy with corpses all around. Artillery was king. Charges against the enemy’s trenches were suicidal. All this was put into film in gritty detail. The plot was taken from stories told by a WW1 English veteran to his offspring, so it’s from the English perspective.

    The level of hatred between the English and the Germans was very strong. When you see English soccer fans singing “Bomb the Germans! Bomb the Germans!” when they play Germany, this is why (along with WW2). The Germans were depicted as the villainous and dishonorable Huns (as illustrated by a particular German airman). Although the German trenches were very clean, well built, and were like a high end hotel compared to the filthy English trenches. Despite their hatred of the Huns, there was an undercurrent of the English feeling overmatched by the Germans, and just wanting the war over as soon as possible regardless of the result.
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