Recommend a Jeep Mechanic in North Austin area?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by ACuriae, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. ACuriae

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    Need to get my heater core and blend doors replaced on Grand Cherokee. Also passenger seat heat system needs to be checked. Warranty is now expired, so need a good non-dealership mechanic. Both dealers I went to estimated ~$1700 for heater core and ~$750 for seat.

    Friend has an ASE mechanic in Houston who will do the core and doors for $525, seat for $325.

    I'd rather not drive to Houston to do this.
  2. CleverNickname

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    Isn't there a strictly jeep mechanic shop somewhere? Personally I'd put the seat on the back burner for that much money. That's how it goes I guess. Love the jeeps, hate the repair bill.
  3. ACuriae

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    I knew it was coming one day.

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    2617 S. First

    It's not north but it's closer than Houston.

  5. ScoPro

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    "Just Jeeps", just south of Airport Blvd halfway between Guadalupe & N. Lamar.

    Reasonably priced - my son & I have been taking our Jeeps there for years.
  6. brntorng

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    Seat heaters in central Texas? [​IMG] Reminds me of the recent truck commercial I saw about the heated steering wheel on a Dodge truck (I think) by a competitor and the male driver's apparent manicure.
  7. brntorng

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  8. ACuriae

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    I'm not really interested in your home movies, just a mechanic who doesn't charge an arm and a leg.
  9. brntorng

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    Usually, when it comes to mechanics, you get what you pay for. What I've been doing when expensive parts are involved, is to purchase the parts online, and then pay my trusted mechanic to install them. I have found RockAuto to offer exceptional pricing, selection, and service. They'll also drop ship to your mechanic. The only thing I give up is if the part was defective, then I'd have to pay to have it replaced again rather than under my mechanic's warranty. Since I typically get OEM parts from RockAuto, that's never been a problem and a risk I'm willing to accept. The savings have been very significant for me. You might want to consider it in cases where the parts are a significant part of the overall cost.

    Sorry about the video...I thought it was pretty funny. I'll assume you take your Jeep to colder climates for skiing, etc. [​IMG]

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