Refugee Caravan Heading For U.S.

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Clean

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    An estimated 1,500 "refugees" from Central America are moving en masse through Mexico headed for the U.S. border (of course). Apparently they're getting lots of support from the Mexican people, if not from the Mexican government itself.

    Trump warns that they'd better be stopped. He says that NAFTA is in play for Mexico and foreign aid for the Central American states that are letting this happen.

    Too bad not one foot of border wall has been built since his election.

    I won't be a bit surprised if BO, Chuckie Shumer, and Nancy Pelosi join the caravan when it gets closer to U.S. Border. Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.
  2. nashhorn

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    Now that would be funny, I mean like price of ticket funny.
  3. Clean

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    Apparently they've heard that Trump is going to nuke them.

    I feel sorry for these people, many of whom are truly desperate, but if they succeed in getting asylum in the U.S., other caravans will immediately form. The cost of illegal immigration to tax payers is already crippling.
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  4. Clean

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    The caravan is at the border, traversing the last miles by train. Sounds like they got a lot of help along the way. Most will cross into California and request asylum.

    It will be interesting to see if ICE gets them or Gov. Moonbeam's National Guard whisks them away to safety first. There's plenty of room in Cali's sprawling, unsanitary, tent cities in LA and SF.
  5. Seattle Husker

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    They'll request asylum and go through the vetting process. Props to them for not trying to illegally cross the border.
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  6. Horn6721

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    They are exploiting our stupid immigration laws.
    These laws should be changed but likely won't be
    and millions more will get in.
    How stupid are we?
  7. SabreHorn

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    Stupid enough to elect Obama and to make Hillary & Trump the only choices for President.

    Needed Constitutional Amendments:

    1) All elected officials must work a minimum of five years in the private sector before holding public office - NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!

    2) Term limitations - 2 terms in Senate; 3 in House. You can move up the ladder but not down

    3) No healthcare benefits or retirement benefits for Congress
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  8. Joe Fan

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    Yet another caravan on the way.
    Who pays for them? Their food & water, their lodging, their need for toilets and showers? I think the funding apparatus and source should be exposed.
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  9. horninchicago

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    You've got it all wrong. These innocent Hondurans just somehow managed to organize themselves and start marching toward the US. There is no way that Soros or his ilk and/or the Dems are funding this and paying off Honduras for political gain.

    I expect the Left to summarily give a good tongue lashing to Honduras for not providing for its own people in short order.
  10. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    And perfectly timed to amp up the attention right before the mid-terms...hmmm?
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  11. Joe Fan

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    Oh, I am sure that is just a coincidence

  12. Clean

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    Laura Ingraham estimated it would cost $7,000 per person to make this trip. The average yearly income in Honduras is about a third of that figure.

    They don't exactly look like starving destitute people from the pictures I've seen. You don't think their all undercover CNN analysts do you?
  13. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    When Trump threatened to seal the border, Mexico all of a sudden decided to help. The U.N. is setting up "processing stations" on their southern border. Refugees will be resettled to "host countries", which may not be the U.S. or Mexico.
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  14. Horn6721

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    Since Honduras' new BFF is China maybe China will be a host country.:lmao:

    Of course the UN will want to send most of them to USA
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  15. Joe Fan

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    Technically, it is an invasion
    Thousands of people, carrying their native flag(s), marching towards your border with the intent of crossing it

  16. horninchicago

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    Proudly waving the flag of the place that is such a ********, they are leaving. Makes sense.
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  17. Joe Fan

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    Our law in this area is so stupid.

    In case its not clear, the current rules are set out in an old agreement. If I remember correctly, it was the ACLU that began the case in the 80s. It got bogged down in the 9th Circuit over the course of multiple administrations. When the Clintons took over, they settled it. It is those rules the Clintons agreed to that are now still tying the hands of the entire Executive Branch.

    I knew and was friends with many AUSAs back in the day, including those actively involved in some of these matters. The international border is divided into districts. I think there are 6 or 8 from Texas to California. The USAO for Southern District of Texas (Houston) covered the border from Brownsville to Laredo. The rest of the Texas border was handled out of El Paso (Western District) I think, if not them then San Antonio, maybe both. The Southern District of California (the USAO in San Diego) handled all the cases from that area. And so on for everything in between (New Mexico and Arizona).

    I've sat through a countless stream of motion hearings regarding the forfeiture of assets securing bail for the ones who skipped the country. It was both sad and tiresome. The folks those people left behind in the US got screwed even though they were not the bad guys. The point being that this entire system is messed up much more than just whatever makes the news.

    My memory is that the AUSAs handled first and second time apprehended border jumpers only. This level of the process was where "catch and release" came in, the parameters of which were set out in that agreement reached between the Clinton DOJ and the ACLU in that 9th Cir case. Anyone caught a 3rd time, or more, was handled by federal Immigration attorneys. I never had anything to do with those people so I dont know too much about that part of the process.

    Since the ACLU is never going to voluntarily re-open that settlement/agreement (indeed, they would fight any attempt), the only way for it to be superseded is for the Congress to act. We literally need an Act of Congress.
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  18. Joe Fan

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    They have reached the border with Mexico

    Los Federales did deploy some teargas

  19. Joe Fan

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  20. Joe Fan

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  21. Joe Fan

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  22. horninchicago

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    What is the Leftist justification for the lawlessness and fighting police to get into a country illegally I wonder.
  23. Monahorns

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    That is crazy. I am surprised the police haven't been more violent.
  24. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    I think lethal military violence should be directed at the organizers and financiers of this march more than the people marching themselves.
  25. horninchicago

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    I'd say all of them.
  26. Hollandtx

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    It's odd. Most of the people in this caravan appear to be able bodied men.
    If they are so scared of living in the Honduras, why leave the women and children behind?
    This must be stopped NOW. If they get through, it will be open season.
    I can't believe US citizens are actually rooting for them.
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  27. Clean

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    First they get into the USA and get settled in on the taxpayer’s dime and then they send for Mama and the kids. Voila, 4000 becomes 16,000 or more.

    This is a symbolic battle for our nationhood. It’s like the Alamo. It ‘s not that important a battle strategically, but it’s huge in terms of what comes afterwards.
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  28. Joe Fan

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    I read that they pushed women with infants into the front for checkpoints along the way and, of course, for photo ops

    Definitely seems like a lot of people.
  29. Horn6721

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    I did not realize that Trump had worked out with Mexico and the UN to meet with the horde in Mexico seeks ago.
  30. Horn6721

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