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  1. fkubacak

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    Bought season tickets and was wondering if they were going to refund any of the price due to not allowing anyone in the arena? Haven't seen anything anywhere.
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  2. STHAustin

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    I had women's basketball season tickets and was wondering the same thing. I emailed the ticket office three times with no response. So yesterday I tried the women's basketball office. We'll see...
  3. fkubacak

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    Good point it affected the women's program as well as the men's.
  4. STHAustin

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    After three emails to the ticket office and two emails to the women's basketball address shown on the website, I finally got a response from women's basketball. In a nutshell, they don't know. Passed it off to the ticket office, and hope to learn something soon.
  5. fkubacak

    fkubacak 25+ Posts

    Thanks for the info, got a call late yesterday from the ticket office reminding me of the due date for football renewals. While on the phone asked him about refund for men’s basketball games. As he was directly involved with football said he wound check and email me the results. The following is the reply.

    For refunds on the cancelled basketball games, a decision has not been reached yet. But your information has been added to the list of people interested in refunds so you will receive updates on it later.
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    Very quick to request and accept your money.

    Not so quick to give It back. Unsurprising.
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