Remember Willie Williams?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Aragorn, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Aragorn

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    It wasn't hard to see this one coming. Hopefully he really has learned his lesson and gotten his life together, but somehow I doubt it.

    The Willie Williams Saga Continues

    Edit: Yeah, Willie Williams. Warren has got his own problems. [​IMG]
  2. KMed

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    I think you meant Willie Williams. Willie Warren is still at OU, and therefore any downward spiral would be swept under the rug.
  3. SL_Horn

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    One of my pet peeve's is athletes (or others) saying they are going to give 110%. Looks like Willie is prepared to give 185%.
  4. ptownhorn

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    Is this the same guy bragging about all the lobsters he ate on his recruiting visits.
  5. allweatherHorn

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  6. Booyakasha!

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    Down with tha Pilgrims.
  7. horn section

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    so far what a wasted talent. Hopefully he can stay on the right path no matter if he gets his shot or not.
  8. Remo go krazy

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    I was living in South Florida his freshman year and I saw a number of his games on TV. When he was on the field, it seemed like he was making more plays than anyone else on the Canes' defense. The guy looked pretty darn good. I guess it was attitude issues or some conflict with the coaching staff but based on what I saw, he should have been starting at the U.

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