Report: Chris Warren meets with Seattle Seahawks at NFL Combine

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by moondog_LFZ, Mar 2, 2018.

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    To me Warren’s time at Texas is enigmatic. I actually thought he had the skills to make a run at the Heisman, and looking at that film clip, I’m scratching my head.

    We all saw the power, the ability to break tackles, and the speed for a big back. What the heck happened? Did he gain too much weight? Was the line that terrible? Was the blocking scheme off? Was there a problem with Drayton? I just don’t get it, and I do expect for him to have a productive pro career.

    Like I said, an enigma.
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  3. moondog_LFZ

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    My sentiments also.
    In that clip he lowers his pads and runs with power.
    The main things he is criticized for.
    I will continue to believe it was a combination of poor O-line, and misuse by the coaching staff. (and I believe said misuse can be claimed by just about every RB on the team)
    And I'm sure his attitude suffered, as well.
    I too believe he will make a team and contribute.

    What will it say about our coaching staff if he becomes a better than average back in the NFL?
    If anything.
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  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    Only that they didn't get the best out of him.

    And that, in coaching circles, translates as "failure".
  5. zuckercanyon

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    I think it’s injuries. I always thought he ran kind of “rumbling/bumbling”/clumsily and never was as much a finished/complete product as Foreman. He went down on a tackle against Tech. This year there was a concussion protocol early on. Whatever he had going well, he lost it after that Tech injury and wasn’t the same since. I’ll say that if he doesn’t make it to the nfl or if he does make it and doesn’t do well, some on this board will blame a coach or a team rather than admit what others have seen.
  6. moondog_LFZ

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    And what if he goes to the NFL and kicks ***?
  7. zuckercanyon

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    Then all of his supporters will be in the right.
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  8. Pomspoms

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    I doubt if he kicks *** in the NFL. I think he has a "soft" mentality. There have been many physical specimens that just couldn't make it in the pros. He's just not tough enough but I don't hate him. I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. moondog_LFZ

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    I think you are mistaken.
    Did you watch him run Strong's last year?
    If anything he needed to avoid contact more.
    He always took on the hit rather than being more elusive.
    I think he's plenty tough.
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  10. zuckercanyon

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    I think what Poms is saying is that he doesn't run tough, that somewhere in his head he forgot he is bigger than the person that is trying to tackle hard as I've been on him on these threads, I do sincerely believe that he's gotten his bell run a couple of times and is running with "what if" in his mind....which I don't blame him for, considering what could result in later years....
  11. Joe Fan

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    Da Raidas

  12. Horns11

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    He's Henry Melton minus a couple pounds.
  13. Dionysus

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    It would be cool to see a Warren Seahawks legacy do well. Go Chris!
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  14. moondog_LFZ

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    Make it work Chris. :hookem::bevo::yippee:
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  15. ViperHorn

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    We will find out real fast if he has it (which two Texas coaching staffs were unable to release) or was just a great HS guy.
  16. moondog_LFZ

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    Wasn't Foreman still here Strong's last year?
    We'll never know if Warren may have blossomed as a starter in Gilbert's system.
    Was he given a fair shake under the new coaching staff?
    Again we may never know.
    He may become the next UT RB to become a great defensive lineman. :)
    Or perhaps he'll make that move to TE.
    I hope he makes it as a RB because that's what he wants to do.
    But any success in the pros will be great.
    Wish him all the best.
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  19. Seattle Husker

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    Check out this interaction between Warren and Marshawn Lynch.

  20. bystander

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    Sounds like Lynch was giving him a big-time message.
  21. bystander

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    Pad level. So that's all Gruden says and suddenly it's glory hole? That easy?
  22. LAGA4

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    I wish Warren well whatever happens, but the reality is both Texas and Warren would have been better off if the coin flip would have come up Washington Huskies.
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    Part that it’s being said by Gruden, part that the NFL is the last stop. He has to make it whereas at Texas he could tell himself he’s still got the NFL to go to.

    Anyways, I just posted this because I was right
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    Good God I love Marshawn

    He’s smart as hell and funny as sh*# too
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  25. dukesteer

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    I watched CW in the game against the Rams yesterday. Even though it’s the preseason and not against the starters, Warren exhibited all of the potential we had expected to see at Texas. He ran with power and purpose. My expectation is that he will be competing for the starting job and, if healthy, that he pushes the 1,000 yard mark this year.

    I believe that the coaching staff completely mishandled him last year. True, he ran upright and couldn’t see the holes particularly well, but to have him running behind # 21 was a joke.

    If he prospers at the next level, won’t it be a bit of an indictment on our offensive coaching staff?
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  26. Sangre Naranjada

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    No. He didn't do jack **** with the chances he had here in 2017.
  27. dukesteer

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    Sangre, I don’t know. Warren had 71 carries last year. That works out to less than 6 per game. I’m not saying Warren was a world beater but 71 carries? By contrast Kyle Porter had 83, and gained 1.1 less per carry...
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  28. Mr. Fiesta

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    A few years ago, didn't CH get hurt after being pulled down from behind in Stoolwater after he had already scored (there was not a penalty for what I thought was an extremely late hit)? Before that, he was pretty unstoppable but pretty mediocre afterwards and lost the starting job to Foreman. Maybe he just lost confidence, it's easy to do when you're 19 or so and now he's getting it back.
  29. ViperHorn

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    Bottomline Warren had plenty of opportunities to help Texas and, with the exception of the Tech game 2 years ago, didn't for whatever reason. He was a head case from the time he first reported with the coaches having to put up not only his pouting but also with both parents.

    If (and it is a big if since preseason in the NFL means nothing) he makes in Oakland - good for him. However, under any type of rating, he was a bust under two different coaching staffs at Texas.
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  30. zuckercanyon

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    I watched the highlights against the Rams. There were some pretty big holes he ran through and when there was not, he looked pretty similar to his Texas days. Also noted that a particular DB finished him off a couple of times while he was going down after gains. I predict he'll see much more of that when the regular season begins..and the big holes to run through will not be there...
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