Researching Longhorn Football from 1951 - 1953

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Brittainy Bryan, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Brittainy Bryan

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    This message board is amazing and I have already read some great stories that I would have never seen or heard elsewhere. I am researching this era in Longhorn football under coach Ed Price - specifically anything related to my grandfather, Carlton Massey, consensus All American in 1953. Any info, stories, etc. is greatly appreciated.
    Feel free to contact me or post here. Thank you!! : )
  2. Dionysus

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    @Brittainy Bryan your post piqued my interest in Carlton. I’m sure you have seen all of this before but I thought I would post a few resources on him that I found, maybe some others here will be interested in taking a look.

    He was a big guy, 6-4 / 220 lbs. Interested to see if folks here have any background or stories on him. I enjoy learning more about the history of the program and its players. Great stuff.

    Carlton Massey Wikipedia entry

    Pro Football Reference

    Fanbase entry

    In the 1953 TX-OU game he had three receptions for 59 yards and one kickoff return for 6 yards — Stats page

    Carlton Massey on the left in this photo.


    Carlton Massey and Harley Sewell.


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  3. Brittainy Bryan

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    Thank you for your response! I do have some of these original photos and artifacts, my grandmother was amazing at keeping programs from the games, game balls, photos, newspaper clippings and anything related to Longhorn football. I have the basics, but want to fill in some of the gaps with any real life stories. What a great era - it is so interesting, but research seems never ending!

    THANK YOU! It really has been a great journey with such a great response - if you come across anything else, let me know! : )
  4. Dionysus

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    Do you know where that top photo was taken?

    edit: Looks like Soldier Field in Chicago.

  5. Brittainy Bryan

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    The photo was taken when he won MVP for the Chicago All Stars Game against Detroit - he played in 3 of these games, one as a college player and then 2 while playing for the Browns (1954 & 1955) on their Championship team with Otto Graham as QB.
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  6. Brittainy Bryan

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    Thank you, again @Dionysus, I will add more of the research I have found soon. Glad I found this site.
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    You may want to write the Athletic Department, they may have additional photos or game films, possibly documents like scholarship papers, grade sheets etc. They have probably all been digitized by now and if you are a relative they should be able to release that information to you.....just a thought outside the box.....
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  8. majorwhiteapples

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    The college All Stars vs the NFL Champions were almost always played at Soldiers Field in Chicago.

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